Euro net italy- ii


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Euro net italy- ii

  1. 1. Par tner : Eur opean Coor dinator: Pr ojektbüro für innovative Sozialpolitik Graz - Austria WOMENTOR European Federation of Mentors for Girls and Young Women Action n. 2007-3756/002-001
  2. 2. Which is the problem?
  3. 3. A common problem Women generally find many difficulties in accessing credit, transport, positions of responsibilityand of managing their individual and family lives. These difficulties contribute to ex clude them from economic, labour and social activities This because: women face specific pr oblem that need specific solution by implementing a
  4. 4. Why women need a mentorThe starting point is that women have a particular approach to the world, especially when they have to face or create enterprise’s occasion. They often make questions different from those asked from men and the Operators (called MENTORS) supporting them in the implementation of their project must bear this difference in mind
  5. 5. Gender mainstreamingSo it is necessary to guaranty the genre dimension in all political decision as all European Institutionand many regions (including our Region Basilicata) are doing in the last yearsThis principle is deter mined by the concept of GENDER MA INSTREA MING
  6. 6. Main themesThe mentor , suppor ting the women, must take intoaccount the following things:1.Identifying a suppor ting appr oach addr essing anindividual pr oject in a compr ehensive way2.Paying attention to genr e dimension3.Car ing the need for r econciling daily timetables,women ofetn have to manage their family lives andbusiness pr ojects at the same time4.Taking into account the pr oblems r elated to equaloppor tunities between men and women, while beingawar e that the star ting point is acknowledgingdiffer ences r ather than ignor ing them
  7. 7. Organisationthat can give support to young girls/women
  8. 8. Support organisations In Italy and also in our regions we have a lot of organisations that cansupport women in the development of their plans: We can identify them in:1. Women organisations2. Syndicates3. Trade Unions4. Public A dministrations5. Other no profit organism that work in this field
  9. 9. Which kind of support is offeredThese organism try to offer the following mentorship:1. Give a remedy to the structural fragility of the women enterprises throughout a more organised and really useful tutoring process, according to the beneficiaries exigencies2. Create or promote new law that give new opportunities for respecting the genre dimension3. Offer mentors that can guide the women in their personal choices
  10. 10. A guide for mentorship A guide/manual for mentor ship was created by a local development Italian agency Società Consor tile Langhe Monferr ato Roer o Via Emilia, 13 – A cqui Ter me Tel. 0144.321897 – Fax 0144.356974The guide was created during the realisation ofthe project “ Supporting Opportunities for Family– friendly Initiatives in Employment – S.O.F.I.E.”, action developed under the European
  11. 11. Who is aMENTOR?
  12. 12. The mentorThe ter m “MENTOR” der ives fr om Gr eekmythology: it appear ed fr o the fir st time in the“Odyssey” (the gr eat poem by Homer , the Gr eekpoet).The or igin of the wor d is totally appr opr iate: atthe time of Ulysses’ voyage, the goddess A thenaoffer ed Telemachus and aid Mentor .Today the mentor is an exper ienced leader orconsultant we can count on because he or she hasalr eady made the voyage we ar e about to begin
  13. 13. The rule of a mentorThe “MENTOR” wor ks for :- Foster ing autonomy of the younggir ls/women- Fostering access to information- Developing self-esteem- Making a project consistent- Supporting women’ activities
  14. 14. Mentor’ skillsThe supporting activity calls for numer ousskill both in the technical field and in thefield of communicative skills aimed atmaking a person overcome his or her limits.The mentor’ skills are:- Rigour- A daptability- Good communicative skills- Technical skills
  15. 15. What theproject wants to realise
  16. 16. A necessary networkA t national level, as said, we have in Italy alot of organisms that work to help younggir ls and/or women giving mentor ingser vices, but a real network to exchangeexper iences and best practises does notexist at the moment. So the main idea of MENTOR pr oject is to create this sort of cooper ation at inter national (in this case European) level
  17. 17. The main objectiveSo the main objective of the project “ EuropeanFederation of Mentors for Girls and YoungWomen” is obviously to create and promote theWomendevelopment of a thematic network thatexchanging ideas, experiences and bestpractises could give a better impulse to the useof mentoring for women at European level,offering new approaches and new solutions forwomen and public administrations. This network should help young girls/women in finding employment or in their personal
  18. 18. Other objectivesThe “ Eur opean Feder ation of Mentor s for Gir ls andYoung Women”, of cour se, would like also to: Women- Evaluate the typologies of help given at Eur opeanlevel- Make a r esear ch/inter view on young gir lsexpectations- Find the possible women’ needs to be solved orpr omoted- Cr eate, if possible, a positive lobbying for womenIn our idea the Feder ation should be not focused inpar ticular women tar get gr oups but to all women in
  19. 19. An open network (1) For the moment the “ Eur opean Feder ation of Mentor s for Gir ls and Young Women” is composed fr om the following 16 or ganisations Women (that ar e par tner s of the Eur opean pr oject):A ustr ia:1. Pr ojektbür o für innovative SozialpolitikBulgar ia:2. People to People Inter national – Chapter Plovdiv3. Club Young ScientistsCzech Republic4. A ssociation FiliaEstonia5. ÖökullGer many6. Mädchenzentr um Café Dauer welle7. Deutscher Ingenieur innen Bund e.V.8. Die Komplizen: Mentor ing für Schüler gemeinnützige GmbH
  20. 20. An open network (2)Gr eece9. Gr eek Women’s Engineer ing A ssociation (EDEM)Italy10. EURO-NETLatvia11. Inter national Zonta Jelgava ClubPoland12. Stowar zyszenie Wspier ania Edukacji Dzieci i Mlodziezy Eur oszkolaPor tugal13. IEBA Centr o de Iniciativas Empr esar iais Beir a A guieir aRomania14. Regional Centr e for Sustainable Rur al Development – CEDERTur key15. Balkaya Youth A nd Spor ts Club A ssociateUK16. Inova Consultancy WiTEC UK But of course it is opened to new interested
  21. 21. Examples ofbest practises in our local dimension
  22. 22. The principle of "Equal opportunities"Dur ing the year s a pr inciple became ver yimpor tant: the gener al pr inciple of “ EqualOppor tunities for Gender and non-discr iminationand social inclusion”. inclusionThis pr inciple is a cor ner stone of R.O.P. (RegionalOper ative Pr ogr amme 2000-2006 and 2007-2013and it acts on the following 2 levels (between themr elated):1) mainstr eaming logic (it finds the needshighlighting the conditions of inequality);
  23. 23. The Authority for Rights and Equal OpportunitiesFollowing the pr inciple of “ EqualOppor tunities for Gender and non-discr imination and social inclusion” the inclusionRegion Basilicata has created theA uthority for Rights and Equal Oppor tunitiesthat coordinates, make the monitor ing anddoes suggestions or indications (ifnecessary), guarantees and contr ols the
  24. 24. Some results Most initiatives of R.O.P. Basilicata 2000 - 2006 have affected the unemployed women (60.3% of tar get gr oup). This gr eater effor t may ther efor e have favour ed a better dynamic employment of women than men of the population: womens employment between 2000 and 2004 has incr eased by 5.5% (compar ed to 1, 4% of male population). The R.O.P. was dir ected to:• Impr oving the living conditions of women• Impr oving access to labour wor ld and tr aining• Impr oving the condition of women at wor k and r edistr ibution of wor k• Pr omoting womens par ticipation in the cr eation of socio-
  25. 25. An example of initiativesIn the improvement of living conditions ofmen and women and the possibility ofr econciling work and family life we want tounder line the call for proposal for "Suppor ting for Reconciliation between Life Family Life and Work", Workr epor ted among the best practices to fosterr econciliation in the regions in the Objective1 on "Womens Per spective" a magazinespecialized on the Structural Funds "SouthNews."
  26. 26. The call for proposal“ Supporting for Reconciliation between Life Family Life and Work” The call for proposal promoted two types of inter vention : 1.The voucher conciliation, that was promoted to encour age the conciliation purchase of r eplacement care services and facilitate female par ticipation in the activities of tr aining and employment promoted with the help of EU funds under the ROP Basilicata 2000/2006. It was addressed to: unemployed women under conditions of having to assist family member s under 14 year s of age, disabled or elder ly (425 applications submitted - 365 women beneficiar ies) 2) The incentives aimed at companies, that could ask a public companies contr ibution of 75% of eligible expenditur e, up to a maximum of Eur o 100.000,00, to suppor t the investment costs, consisting in the acquisition of tangible and intangible goods aimed at activation of services for the har monization of times, ways of wor king and tr aining with the needs of a family (19
  27. 27. More informationFor more information on the specific call for pr oposal and/or the equal oppor tunities TA SK FORCE PA RI OPPORTUNITA ’ c/o Regione Basilicata Viale della Regione Basilicata, 8 85100 Potenza (Italy) Tel. 0971.668358 E-mail: par iopportunita@ r
  28. 28. Where youcan find our help
  29. 29. In our network web site http://www.womentor.euThe web site created for this pr oject contains:• pr esentation of partner s organisation• a blog for exchange of information and best practises• links to other website cr eated by or ganisations that are working in the field of supporting gir ls and young women
  30. 30. In our office EURO-NET Vicolo Luigi Lavista, 3 85100 Potenza Tel. +39.0971.23300 Fax +39.0971.21124 E-mail: eur o-net@memex.itWeb portal: