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Online-Games-Have-Evolved-Tremendously-Over-The-La222 Online-Games-Have-Evolved-Tremendously-Over-The-La222 Document Transcript

  • Online games have evolved tremendously over the last decade, new genres was developed to arouse young boys and girls mind and a sense of fashion emergedthrough dress up games. Many believe dressup games, the new online games genre, were design especially for girls, but through dress up games, future designers can be born as you can see in the next examples.
  • Princess Dress Up games Every girl loves a princess Even more thanloving a princess, she wants to be a princess Create a dress up gamerevolving around princesses
  • Sparkly dresses, shoes and tiaras are all part of princess costumes:gather plenty of these items for the dress up game Have each childcreate their own costume with the items to create their own princesscharacter To add interest to the game, begin with blank tiaras andrhinestones so the girls can decorate their own tiara to wear with theirprincess costume
  • Dress up games to Look Like Your Mother Mothers are an important partof girl's life Girls love to go into their mother's closet to try ontheir shoes and clothes Create an online dress up games where the girlsare supposed to dress up to look like their mothers
  • Using dresses, high heels and makeup, have the girls create a look thatmost resembles their mother Judge the girls creations; the girl who looksmost like her mother wins Super Hero dress up game A super hero is afun character for dressing up
  • Creating your own super hero costume is even more fun Have the boyscreate their own super hero costumes in a dress up game
  • Each boy should name the super hero they are creating and integratethe name of the super hero into their dress up game costume Once thefigures are created, have the boys model their figures and vote on whosecostume they think best illustrates a super hero
  • Favorite Actress dress up game Actresses are present in our everydaylives through media and pop culture Girls look up to their favorite actressfrom movies and television shows
  • Have the girls identify their favorite actress and design the dress upfigure to look like the actress Before the dress up begins, discuss theirfavorite aspects of the actress or what they feel are the most identifyingcharacteristics
  • Once the girls have created the looks of their favorite actresses, haveeveryone guess who the actresses are based on the design they havecreated within the dress up game