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    My-Mother-Is-One-Of-Those-Women-Who-Never-Gives-Up127 My-Mother-Is-One-Of-Those-Women-Who-Never-Gives-Up127 Document Transcript

    • My mother is one of those women who never gives upon something, even if she never achieves her aim. This has stood her in good stead throughout her life and she has managed to instil this determination into all of her children. None of us quit easily and we are all adetermined (or stubborn if you ask our spouses) bunch who take on each challenge life throws at us and usually manage to get what we want in the end.seo consultant
    • This practice applies in all aspects of our lives from deciding on ourcareer paths to learning new skills Thankfully we have been blessed withintelligence and we all have successful and fulfilling lives whichever pathwe have chosen
    • We owe a lot to our parents and the one thing for which I will always begrateful to my father for, is his encouragement in making sure we all readextensively and developed a life long passion for reading These days itis hard to find the time to read for pleasure but I always make sure that Ikeep a book in my bag so that I can catch up whenever I have a fewmoments to spare
    • For my work I need to do a lot of reading on the internet and so I spendquite a bit of time browsing websites to find the relevant informationwhich I need Whilst using the computer, I often sneak in some me timeand look at websites related to finding new books which I then order butdo not have the time to read
    • My bookshelves are crammed with books which I have opened only acouple of times and which I am determined to read at some point in thefuture Recently my nephew has started to take an interest in the internetand asked me about websites
    • I explained that a website is the place where you get the information yourequire after you type keywords into the search engine He wanted a littlemore detail so I told him that there are two types: Static Websites Theseare sites which will provide everyone with the same information and donot change
    • The seo consultant web pages are stored on the server in the sameformat and will provide details and documentation Dynamic WebsitesThese are further divided into two types; Dynamic Code and DynamicContent
    • Dynamic Code- this is concerned with the way the website is built and isinvisible Dynamic Content- this is fully displayed and is concerned withhow the website is displayed and changed
    • After this he started to ask me about Web SEO services and just what aSEO consultant actually did It seems that he had read a little about SEOservices and wondered if he could become an SEO expert when he grewup
    • I told him that by the time he actually graduated, there would be so manynew options for him to explore
    • seo consultant