The Legrand Legacy Gen1 Part4


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The Legrand Legacy Gen1 Part4

  1. 1. Legrand Generation 1 Part 4- The Vipers
  2. 2. “They got a lamp. They got a lamp. They got a LAMP! Someone out there in the sims universe loves me.” I sang as I danced around. Finally I turned the radio off, and left the room.
  3. 3. “What should I do next?” I said as I passed through the kitchen. The door bell rang through the house. “Couldn’t one of you two get it?” I asked the old couple. They gave me no response.
  4. 4. Sighing I rounded into the living room. “Seriously, neither of you could be bothered with answering the door, even though your right there?” Once again I received no response. The doorbell rang again. “I’m coming!” I yelled and threw open both of the doors.
  5. 5. “NO WAY!!!” It’s… It’s…
  6. 6. …my sister. Keika glared over my shoulder at Anette and Phil, who quickly left the room. She then let herself inside.
  7. 7. “Rosie, your way behind.” Keika said, skipping the pleasantries. “Yeah, I’ll get to writing eventually.” I said sighing. “Eventually doesn’t cut it. You start catching up now.”
  8. 8. Now that Keika’s here, twisting my arm, I suppose I should start writing the legacy again. Ow, ow, uncle, just let go of my arm so I can type! *rubbing arm* So, the quads became teens last chapter and Anette had twin boys. That’s about it. And, here we go.
  9. 9. It was the twins birthday, once again. Man they grow up fast. Phil was happy to be surrounded by his children.
  10. 10. As soon as the newly aged toddlers were set down, Francois wrapped his tiny arms around is twin’s neck.
  11. 11. “Anton, guess what, we’re older!” “Brielle, it wasn’t our birthday,” Anton said smiling. Brielle laughed. “Silly, we can be a band now.” “Elle, I’ve been looking into bands, and we are short two more people.”
  12. 12. “That’s simple. We just have to get Aliens to help.” She nodded solemnly. Anton laughed. “I was going to suggest that we ask Desi and Charnell to be the missing members.” “Hmm…” Brielle thought about it. “Yeah, that is much simpler than trying to contact the aliens. And it sound like lots of fun.” “Okay, we’ll ask them tomorrow morning at school.”
  13. 13. “I wish we had more time for breakfast before the bus comes.” Desi told her sisters. “Yeah, eggs are yummy,” Brielle said.
  14. 14. “Hi guys,” Anton said. The girls looked up as their brother approached. “I managed to kidnap our friend Puck here from his sister.” “I heard that!” Bo called over the divider. Puck scratched his head nervously.
  15. 15. “Umm…” Puck said, “Thanks, but I gotta go do… stuff.” He winced at the patheticness of his own excuse. “You know, student council… stuff.” Desi’s ears perked up. “Student council?” She asked. “Yeah, Puck’s the president, so he’s always busy,” Anton replied.
  16. 16. Of all ridiculous excuses… Puck said to himself. Charnell watched him leave. “He always has to do stuff. We haven’t been able to hang out in ages,” Anton complained. “Maybe they’re building a rocket ship, and that is why it is so top secret,” Brielle said. Desi wasn’t listening.
  17. 17. “Oh yeah,” Anton said. “One thing Puck did help me with was reserving the music room after school twice a week. Now we have a place we can practice.” “I don’t need a room to practice singing, but it would be nice to practice with you guys.” Desi said. Anton rolled his eyes. Brielle saw and cocked her head.
  18. 18. Brielle folded her legs underneath her. “Do you think the aliens will come to our show?” She asked. There was an awkward pause in the conversation, which was soon ended by the bell.
  19. 19. Practice was soon underway, and going well.
  20. 20. When they were done, they piled into the hall to head home. “So I’ve been thinking, we still need to decide on a name for us.”
  21. 21. “Hey Puck,” Anton called ignoring Desiree. “You want to come hang out with us?” Puck’s eyes landed on Charnell, and he quickly looked away. “Sorry, I’m just waiting for Bo to finish her audition, then I have to go home and do … homework.” “Okay,” Anton said dejected.
  22. 22. On their way out of the building, Desi suddenly stopped, causing Brielle to run into her. “I just came up with the perfect name. ‘Cosmic Quads’.” “I think it should have more to do with Aliens.” Brielle said. “I think it should be something like ‘The Vipers’” Anton said.
  23. 23. “Honestly guys, ‘Cosmic Quads’ is perfect.” Desi said as they started walking again. “And Brielle, what is up with your obsession with aliens. They aren’t real.” “Yes, they are. I’ve seen them through the telescope.” “Oh, brother.” Desi said, rolling her eyes.
  24. 24. Edouard sniffed as the twins stood to grow up. “Is okay. They be here,” Francois said to him. He stared at the door, hoping they really would come.
  25. 25. They were soon two happy boys, with there family surrounding them. Francois looked around. Their mom was missing. He clumped out the door to find her.
  26. 26. He just barely saw her. “Mom, I’m older.” He called. When she didn’t answer he just called, “love you.”
  27. 27. Desi looked at herself, looking for an imperfection, daring it to show. Could Charnell really be better than her?
  28. 28. Charnell seemed to draw people to her. Girls laughed with her, and guys looked at her. What am I missing?
  29. 29. She smiled. Just perfect Desi in the reflection. Of course she was better. She just had to show everyone else that she was. Then there would be no question about who was best for heirship.
  30. 30. That next morning the group was hanging together, and the bell soon wrang. “Stupid bell.” Brielle said. “Always interrupting our fun.” She wined. “Well, I have to go to my locker,” Charnell said, “So I’ll see you later.” They all nodded and headed off to their respective places, not too quickly though.
  31. 31. Desi walked down the hall, and spied the person she was looking for.
  32. 32. “Umm… Hi Puck.” Desi said, awkwardly. She figured it was because she hadn’t really talked to him since they got into high school. He was just so busy. “Uh, hi.” He said.
  33. 33. “Well, sorry, but I have class, and I probably shouldn’t be late.” “Wait!” Desi grabbed his arm and spun him around to face her again.
  34. 34. She kissed him before either of them could back down. She pulled him in to try to make the kiss last as long as possible, and he didn’t pull away.
  35. 35. The sound of books crashing to the ground echoed through the hall.
  36. 36. “Wow, I didn’t know Desi liked him,” Anton said. Out of the corner of his eye he saw movement. “Why is Charnell running?” “She likes him, and I’m pretty sure Desi knew.” Brielle whispered. As this information was added, Anton suddenly felt a burning sensation fill his chest. He booked it to Desi.
  37. 37. Anton reached her just as Puck entered his class. The burning sensation continued to well up inside of him. “Desi, that was low and cruel.”
  38. 38. “I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about.” She replied. “Ha. Charnell was right there,” he said pointing. “You knew she liked him.”
  39. 39. Desi smirked. “Yeah, and what if that’s one of the reasons I kissed him?”
  40. 40. Anton reached up and slapped her. It felt good to wipe that smirk off her face. “I can’t believe you!” He said. “You are her sister, her quad, and you hurt her on purpose. If you’re going to be this big of a jerk, then you aren’t welcome in the band.”
  41. 41. “What? You need me.” She called as he left. “No. We don’t.” Anton flicked his hand in her direction and headed down the stairs to find Charnell. Meanwhile, in the bathroom…
  42. 42. Tears streamed down Charnell’s face, splattering on the tile floor. How could she do that? I liked him. I really liked him. Desi gets everything.
  43. 43. Brielle came in. She wrung her hands not sure what to do. “Charnell?” She finally asked. “Desi gets everything.”
  44. 44. “No. she doesn’t have to.” Brielle said sitting on the floor. Charnell sat up, and looked at her. “She only gets it if you let her. I’ve watched you guys. You let her do whatever she wants. You need to be your own person instead of doing everything she tells you to.” “She’s better, though.” Charnell sniffed.
  45. 45. “Charnell, No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Shove her face in a whipped pie, and show her that you are you. Besides, you’re making a puddle.” Charnell smiled and rubbed the tears from her face. Brielle stood and helped Charnell up.
  46. 46. “Can I help? I want to see Desi covered in whipped cream.” They both cracked up, their voices echoing throughout the room.
  47. 47. After school… “I’m taking Charnell’s bed. She won’t be sleeping here anymore.” Anton pulled and pushed it out of the door. Desi didn’t even acknowledge his presence.
  48. 48. When he had it situated in his and Brielle’s room, he plopped on the ground, exhausted. Charnell slid onto the bed and fluffed the pillow. “Thanks, but you really didn’t need to do this.” She said.
  49. 49. “Of course I had to do it. I can’t let you be that close to her. She is a real jerk.” A smile twitched at the edge of her face. “Maybe, but you need to stop treating me like a porcelain doll. I’ll be okay.”
  50. 50. Downstairs… “Hey, kid, come dance with me.” Brielle said. “I don’t know how,” He said. “Me neither.” She replied.
  51. 51. “You can feel it, too, the turmoil in the air.” Brielle said. Edouard nodded. “I like to think of it as my duty to fix it when I feel it. Maybe it’s yours too, kid. If you need help, feel free to ask.” He nodded again.
  52. 52. “Being older sucks.”
  53. 53. Maybe some air will clear my head. Francois thought as he tromped down the stairs.
  54. 54. “Do you want you’re family’s attention?”
  55. 55. That about wraps up this part. I had intended it to be longer, but that will have to be the next chapter. Till then!