The 10 Ingredients of an Optimized Landing Page


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Spring is in the air. It's time to get in the kitchen, throw on your A/B testing apron and bake yourself up a deliciously optimized landing page.

This recipe for success gives you the 10 ingredients of a high-converting landing page.

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The 10 Ingredients of an Optimized Landing Page

  1. Wishpond Recipes: The 10 Ingredients of an Optimized Landing Page
  2. 1 A Dash of Imagery w
  3. ➢ Blend together your landing page image with the page itself ➢ Make sure your image “goes well” with your USP ➢ The best image this season is of a smiling woman w
  4. A Tablespoon of Value 2 w
  5. w ➢ The taste of your landing page’s value should be enjoyable and obvious ➢ We recommend delicious dollar values and scrumptious percentage signs
  6. A Cup of Unique Selling Proposition 3 w
  7. ➢ Your USP needs to be fresh and unique to your supermarket ➢ Try three or four different USPs before deciding on the ripest ➢ Consider using the whites of your USPs in Part 5: Benefits w
  8. 4 250 Grams of Call-to-Action w
  9. ➢ It’s essential that your call-to- action stand out from the rest of the ingredients ➢ Your CTA should be delicious but not too strong a flavor that no one will taste anything else w
  10. Three to Four Large Benefits 5 w
  11. ➢ Add your benefits in short, tasty bullet-points so as not to overwhelm the recipe ➢ If necessary, add an explanation sentence to taste w
  12. Three Teaspoons of Customer Testimonials 6 w
  13. ➢ Customer testimonials are one of the key ingredients to your landing page recipe, as they ensure people trust your cooking ➢ Make your customer testimonials even more sublime with the addition of a headshot and full name w
  14. A Pint of Trust Symbol 7 w
  15. ➢ Trust symbols add spice to your recipe, giving that little kick of authority to the rest of the bowl ➢ Like customer testimonials, trust symbols also increase the chance of someone biting in the first place w
  16. A Half Pound of Details 8 w
  17. Though optional, details can really send your baking over the top... ➢ Throw in some eye-direction from your image ➢ See if a riper (red) CTA tastes better than one more tart (green) w
  18. A Pinch of “You” 9 w
  19. ➢ Personalize your recipe with a pinch of “About Us” ➢ Ice your landing page with a “Live Chat” popup ➢ Zest with a personalized video w
  20. 10 Entry Form to Taste w
  21. How much entry form you put into your recipe is up to you... ➢ Do you get results with three to four teaspoons of phone number, zip code and company name? ➢ Or just a full tablespoon of email address? w
  22. Baking Instructions: ➢ Mix well in a large bowl of multivariate testing. ➢ Preheat oven to 95% statistical significance. ➢ Bake 72 hours until optimized for conversions. ➢ Eat! w
  23. Bon Appétit! w
  24. Thank you for viewing! Wishpond One Easy Tool for All of Your Online Marketing create online ads, contests, landing pages & email automation campaigns Did you like this presentation? Check out for more! w