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How to be a Top Real Estate Agent: 5 Social Marketing Campaign Tips


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Real estate agents have to be competitive entrepreneurs in the best of times. And these days, the real estate market continues to be in the worst of times. …

Real estate agents have to be competitive entrepreneurs in the best of times. And these days, the real estate market continues to be in the worst of times.

So how can real estate agents get the edge, beat out their competitors, and offer the best services to their clients?

In this slideshare, we will show you how easy it is to add social media marketing to your mix. And you how you can create killer social promotions to make you the best real estate marketer you can be.

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Published in: Real Estate, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Real Estate Agents:5 Social MediaMarketing Tips
  • 2. Benefits of Social Promotions forReal Estate AgentsPromote your listings to new markets with little to noextra cost21Reach new customers, through friends and family ofcurrent clients3 Develop longer lasting relationships with your clients4 Obtain a deeper understanding of your prospective clients5 Generate more leads and sales
  • 3. Benefits of Wishpond Social Campaignson Facebook, Twitter, Website, MobileSocially share your listing to friends of fans on Facebook;followers on Twitter21 Easy to use: 5 steps to set-up3 Easy and fun to enter for participants4 No technical skills required6 Great ROI, including new emails5 3rd Party apps make Facebook contests legal
  • 4. 5 Social Marketing Campaign TacticsPhoto Contest on Facebook21 Vote Contest on Twitter3 Sweepstakes on Twitter4 Video Contest on Facebook5 Pinterest Tab on Facebook
  • 5. Vote Contest onTwitter1
  • 6. ● A Vote Contest isvery simple.● Entrants vote onoptions youprovide.● After an entrantvotes, a tweet issent to theirfollowers.● This spreads thereach of yourcontestexponentially.Vote Contest onTwitter
  • 7. Photo Contest onFacebook2
  • 8. ● Photo Contests aregreat marketing tools forrealtors.● Entrants upload a photoof the topic you provide.● With the right legal fineprint, you can reuse thisuser-generated contentin future marketing.● After an entrant submitstheir photo, a post issent to their Facebookstatus.● This spreads the reachof your contest to friendsof Fans.Photo Contest onFacebook
  • 9. Sweepstakes onTwitter3
  • 10. ● A Sweepstakes is verysimple.● Entrants submit theiremail to enter.● You can "follow-gate"the contest - that is,entrants must followyou on Twitter to enter.● You can "like-gate" thecontest thru Facebook.● After entering, a tweetis sent to theparticipants followers.Sweepstakes onTwitter
  • 11. Video Contest onFacebook4
  • 12. ● Video Contests have ahigher barrier to entry.● They have incredibleimpact to your marketing,as they can be videosabout your listing, yourneighbourhood, oranything related to yourreal estate sales.● Contestants upload avideo on your topic.● Entrants videos spreadto their friends onFacebook.● Tip: make the prizevaluable to entice moreentrants.Video Contest onFacebook
  • 13. Pinterest Tab onFacebook5
  • 14. ● Many realtors havePinterest Pages.● A Pinterest Page can beused to:○ show photos of yourlistings○ show photos of yourneighborhood○ show beautiful renoideas○ and more● Cross-promote it on yourFacebook Page byadding a Pinterest Tab.Pinterest Tab onFacebook
  • 15. Thank you for viewing!Contact us at for a personal social marketing consultation.wishpond.comPresented by:Krista BunskoekPR & Content Marketing ManagerWishpondT: @wishpondF: wishpond