Introduction to Retargeting with Petey the Pixel


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Fun and informative, this introduction to retargeting is guided by Wishpond's own retargeting guru, Petey the Pixel.

Take a walk with Petey as he introduces you to the wide world of retargeting.

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Introduction to Retargeting with Petey the Pixel

  1. 1. Introduction to Retargeting with Petey the Pixel
  2. 2. Hi! I’m Petey the Pixel, and I’ll be your guide through the world of retargeting. Are you ready? Follow me!
  3. 3. This is your business’ lead generation landing page. Nice job! I live in this page’s code in a cozy little div. Thanks for giving me a place to relax!
  4. 4. Ooh! And here comes your ideal customer now! He’s probably coming from one of your online ads.
  5. 5. Oh no! He saw your page but didn’t convert. He just kept walking! Whatever shall we do?!
  6. 6. I know! How about I jump onto his browser and follow him as he continues to browse the web?
  7. 7. He’s stopped! I wish there were some way for me to tap him on the shoulder and ask if he wants to re-engage with your awesome landing page!
  8. 8. Get 30% Off your Next Purchase! I know! How about I show him another of your business’ ads? Maybe that will jog his memory!
  9. 9. It worked! He’s heading back to your landing page from your retargeted ad! And all because I followed him! Oh, I’m so glad he ‘s going to re- engage with your business!
  10. 10. Hurray! He’s converting on your landing page! I knew he was interested, he just needed that little extra push! John Tophat 1-555-836-1522 CLICK!
  11. 11. Well! I think my job is done here. I’m going to go follow a few more of your bounced leads, helping them remember your business and how awesome you are! Seeya ‘round!
  12. 12. Oh! I almost forgot! If you have any more questions about retargeting or Petey the Pixel, head over to the Wishpond Blog. It’s chock full of awesome articles that I’m sure will answer any question you have!
  13. 13. Thanks Petey! Check out the Wishpond Blog or for more on Retargeting and to access Wishpond’s retargeting tool And if you want, you can share Petey with the world!