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Chronic degenerative diseases are linked to nutrition and exercise.

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  • In fact, 95% of us are not getting enough of the right foods that promote health. Most of us are below the estimated average requirement for even basic, essential vitamins and minerals. Not only are we lacking the health-promoting and protective nutrients fundamental to our body’s biochemistry, we are loading it with foods that actually contribute to poor health. This nutritional gap robs us of our energy and vitality. Overflowing with processed fats, carbohydrates, and chemicals that are not part of the human food chain, the modern-day diet leaves us overfed, under-nourished, and needlessly exposed to health problems and chronic disease…
  • According to the World Health Organization, the incidence of chronic diseases is higher than ever before, and continues to develop at an alarming rate. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, respiratory disease, and stroke kill more than 35 million people each year. This is expected to increase to over 40 million by the year 2015.
  • The top-5 chronic diseases driving this crisis (heart disease, stroke, cancer, respiratory disease, and diabetes) kill twice as many people as all infectious disease, including HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, influenza, and pneumonia, combined. But here’s the good news: These chronic diseases are all largely preventable. The problem—and the solution—are largely in the food we eat. The World Health Organization states very clearly: The causes of the main chronic disease epidemics are well established and well known: #1 is an unhealthy diet. #2 is lack of physical activity, and #3 is smoking.
  • The American Heart Association’s strategy for prevention of heart disease (which accounts for nearly a third of all deaths and is the #1 killer of both men and women worldwide) is to: Increase the consumption of foods and fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids Increase the intake of fruit, vegetables and whole grains Control your weight and get more physical activity into your day.
  • Similarly, the US National Cancer Institute’s strategy for prevention of cancer, which is expected to grow by 50% by the year 2025, is that people eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains because they contain important phytonutrients that have been shown to reduce cancer risk Health authorities specifically draw attention to numerous studies that have proven the role that carotenoids play in preventing some cancers.
  • And finally, diabetes…171 million people already have the disease and the prevalence of diabetes is expected to double to 366 million by the year 2030. What’s more, twice as many people will be in a state of pre-diabetes. This totals to nearly 1 billion people world-wide impacted by the disease. According to The American Diabetes Association and the US National Institutes of Health, a sound prevention strategy should start with diet: Eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and omega-3 rich fish.
  • All of these leading global health authorities agree that the strategy for the prevention of chronic disease and promoting health is: weight management, physical activity and eating a diet rich in the whole food nutrients found in whole grains, fruits & vegetables and fish. The nutrients contained in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and fish are so strongly connected to preserving health that fixing our diets can improve our health and vitality significantly.  
  • The importance of whole foods and the miraculous nutrients they provide us is not a new idea. We’ve been hear about them being… “ Better than Vitamins” The “secret” to health… The “Best way to stay healthy”… Whole foods are the “Nature’s Blueprint for Human Nutrition”… The need for taking charge of our own health has never been greater, and population surveys tell us that more and more people are wanting to do this today unlike ever before. In fact the Generation ‘Y’ – people who are about 19-31 years old today are the most health conscious ever. They don’t want to get the illnesses that they saw parents or grandparents struggle with. They realize that ‘prevention’ is a whole lot smarter, and coincidently these are also the people who do not trust large corporations and advertising. They want to hear from friends and people they can trust. Not only are they incredible health conscious – they are also incredibly networked, though the power of the internet today. They also care about the environment and recognize the importance of whole foods.
  • Indeed, this is a message that has been at the core of GNLD’s philosophy for optimal health since the company began in 1958. These key food groups, along with physical activity and weight management, form the GNLD Wellness Pyramid and together contribute to a lifetime of health and vitality. But changing our diets is not an easy or convenient transition for someone living in the quick pace of the modern industrialized world…
  • This is what the typical lifestyle looks like for most people. We spend our days rushing from here to there, picking up, dropping off, getting things done – we are always on the go. We never seem to have enough time to exercise or eat properly. We even eat on the go! And we end up with too much of the wrong stuff—not enough of the right stuff. Instead of making whole grains the base of our diet, most of us eat less than one serving a day. Instead of eating lots of fruits and vegetables, we eat lots of sweets and unhealthy fats, and instead of choosing heart healthy fish, we are choosing burgers and pizza.
  • Fortunately, we know that nutritional supplementation that is well-formulated and derived from whole-food sources actually found in the human food chain can fill in the gaps left by the modern industrialized diet. So turn your lifestyle pyramid the right side up with Pro Vitality, containing the exact nutrients from the exact sources that the World Health Organization and other authorities confirm we need more of.  
  • This newly enhanced Pro Vitality, now contains the nutritional legacy of the essential vitamin and mineral complex from Formula IV Plus to nourish your cells. Each packet of Pro Vitality provides *Tre-en-en Whole grain concentrates *Carotenoid Complex *Omega-III Salmon Oil Plus *And now, our Essential vitamin and mineral complex Good nutrition is convenient with our portable, on-the go packets. You can throw one in your purse, backpack or pocket and never miss out on these key protective nutrients again.
  • ESSENTIAL VITAMIN & MINERAL COMPLEX More Than Just A Multi – Nourish Your Cells  With the Essential Vitamin and Mineral Complex, both men and women of all ages can benefit from the 21 essential vitamins and minerals. Based on 50+ years of nutritional expertise with Formula IV®  and Formula IV Plus, this complete and balanced proprietary blend of 21 essential vitamins and minerals helps bridge the dietary gap prevalent in many of today’s diets. Vitamins are essential for normal body function, including protection of genetic material, and the growth, repair, and maintenance of tissues. Minerals play important roles in the human body and also work as catalysts in thousands of biochemical processes to activate enzymes, hormones and antibodies. The inclusion of exclusive plant-sourced enzymes helps support digestion and absorption of critical nutrients.
  • Furthermore, you get iron at a level (6 mg) that you would find in a serving of iron-rich foods, such as one cup of lentils, one cup of tofu, or 6oz of beef tenderloin. The added iron increases the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen to promote vitality. This is especially important because the World Health Organization estimates that up to 80% of the world's population may be iron deficient and that 25% may have iron deficiency anemia.
  • In addition to essential vitamins and minerals, Pro Vitality provides key protective nutrients in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and fish that are so valuable to our health. TRE-EN-EN GRAIN CONCENTRATES Feed Your Cells- Enhance Your Energy Lipids and sterols, natural constituents of whole grains are critical components of our cell membranes. Unfortunately, grain processing today strips most of these vital nutrients from the foods that make up our dietary staples. Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates is the world’s first whole food phytonutrient supplement providing the goodness of whole grain lipids and sterols that are missing from our diets. Derived from whole grains, rice and soybeans, this proprietary blend of whole food lipids and sterols can help assure good nutrition at the cellular level by optimizing membrane function. Research shows that when these key nutrients are deficient in the diet, cellular function becomes compromised. The ability of the cells to absorb nutrients, produce energy and eliminate waste becomes impaired….and if enough of our cells become sluggish like this…we do, too. On the other hand, when in abundance these nutrients have been shown to support healthy cell membrane structure and improve nutrient utilization efficiency; when your cells are efficient and energetic you feel more energetic too. This product is exclusive to GNLD, and it has been proven in a study conducted at Texas A&M University.
  • This is a cross section of a cell. You see the cell membrane, the lipid bilayer, one on the outside of the cell, and one on the inside of the cell. You also see the protein molecules. Our focus at GNLD is to enhance cellular nutrition, because it’s important that our cells are healthy in order to absorb nutrients into the cell, and transport waste out of the cell.
  • CAROTENOID COMPLEX Protect Your Cells – Optimize Your Immunity Carotenoid Complex provides protective antioxidant carotenoids, which are protector nutrients for the body. They actually take up residence in cell membranes and protect them from harmful biochemical events that can damage cells and set them on a course toward disease or premature aging. Derived entirely from a broad spectrum of fruits and vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, spinach, red bell peppers, strawberries, apricots and peaches), this patented formula is the result of over 10 years of research and development. It was clinically proven by USDA researchers that Carotenoid Complex can protect your heart, defend your cells and boost your immune capacity by 37% in just 20 days; all of which was published in prestigious scientific journals.
  • OMEGA-III SALMON OIL PLUS Balance and Regulate Your Cells– Maximize Good Health GNLD’s Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus is derived entirely from fish and is the first Omega-3 supplement to deliver all 8 members of the Omega-3 family involved in human nutrition including EPA, DHA and DPA. Research shows that a deficiency of Omega-3 fatty acids biases your body toward inflammation, accelerating aging and increasing risk of disease. Conversely, an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids provide the building blocks needed for the anti-inflammatory forces to balance your body for health and longevity. Not only is this product your strongest protection against heart disease and inflammation, that seems to be the underlying cause of so many other diseases, it can also help improve the appearance of your skin, hair and nails. And since we use the proprietary molecular differentiation process, this is the world’s finest ultra high potency fish oil, complete with standardized amounts of all eight omega-3s. Clinically proven to support heart and cardiovascular health and screened for over 200 potential contaminants (including heavy metals such as mercury and lead) with an allowable detection limit of ZERO.
  • Good nutrition begins at the cellular level. Pro Vitality provides you whole food based nutrition that nourishes, protects and regulates your cells for lifelong health and vitality. Just one packet a day can help bridge the nutritional gap between what we need and what we actually get from our diets. From abundant energy to antioxidant protection, heart health, healthy vision, brain function, flexible and health joints, lifelong cellular health, immune strength and even more youthful skin, hair and nails, Pro Vitality offers you a whole host of benefits. Build your health on core nutrition from multivitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega-3s, and whole grain based cellular nutrition activators. Make some time in your day to take care of yourself and your family with the nutritional assurance of Pro Vitality from GNLD.
  • Build your health on core nutrition from multivitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega-3s, and whole grain based cellular nutrition activators. Make some time in your day to take care of yourself and your family with the nutritional assurance of Pro Vitality from GNLD. Pro Vitality with whole food nutrition, provides the perfect solution to the nutritional challenges of our modern lifestyles to keep you feeling healthy and energetic every day, and enjoying good health even in the longer term.
  • Take the essential first step towards empowering your diet to fight chronic disease and maximizing your day-to-day vitality with Pro Vitality. Then, you can add personalized GNLD targeted solutions to help meet your specific health needs.
  • New Pro Vitality

    1. 1. GNLD PRODUCTSBased in Nature – Backed by Science
    2. 2. Nutritional Gap
    3. 3. Global Health CrisisChronic Diseases 35 million impacted → Over 40 million by 2015
    4. 4. What are these Chronic Diseases?• Heart disease• Stroke• Cancer• Chronic Respiratory Diseases• Diabetes
    5. 5. Global Health Crisis – Heart Disease Cardiovascular Disease, 30% • #1 Killer • 17 million • Both men & women
    6. 6. Global Health Crisis – Cancer E !!! INC REAS 50%
    7. 7. Global Health Crisis – Diabetes> 1 Billion People 100% Increase
    8. 8. Strategy for Prevention
    9. 9. GNLD Wellness PyramidOur DietImpacts ourHealth & Vitality
    11. 11. What Can You Do? + =Turn Your Pyramid Right Side Up
    12. 12. Pro Vitality – Convenient Packets
    13. 13. Pro Vitality – What’s in it? ESSENTIAL VITAMIN & MINERAL COMPLEX Nourish Your Cells– More Than Just A Multi• Complete and balanced• Proprietary blend• Exclusive plant-sourced enzymes
    14. 14. Pro Vitality – What’s in it? ESSENTIAL VITAMIN & MINERAL COMPLEX With Iron to Support Healthy Cell Function• Equivalent to a serving of iron-rich foods• Promotes vitality The WHO estimates that 66% to 80% of the worlds population may be iron deficient
    15. 15. Pro Vitality – What’s in it? TRE-EN-EN GRAIN CONCENTRATES Feed Your Cells – Enhance Your Energy• Enhances cellular energy• Optimizes cell membrane function
    16. 16. Nutrition at the Cellular Level
    17. 17. Pro Vitality – What’s in it? CAROTENOID COMPLEX Protect Your Cells – Optimize Your Immunity• Clinically proven by USDA researchers• Patented
    18. 18. Pro Vitality – What’s in it? OMEGA-III SALMON OIL PLUS Balance and Regulate Your Cells– Maximize Good Health• All eight Omega-3s in high potency• Clinically proven• Ultrapure
    19. 19. Pro Vitality – Benefits
    20. 20. Personalized Nutrition• START: Pro Vitality – Nutrition foundation• ADD: Personalized targeted solutions for specific health needs
    21. 21. GNLD PRODUCTSBased in Nature – Backed by Science
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