The Time Before Pregnancy


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If you've been pregnant or been an expectant father, had a baby, become a parent ... who were you before you got pregnant? You were someone. You experienced yourself as someone. Then you fell pregnant and you began to change didn't each of you?

During pregnancy did you sometimes have trouble recognizing yourself? What about The Birth ... did that change you? How about being a parent, were you changed?

One reason so many women and men feel so profoundly changed to the point they do not always recognize who they used to be or who they've become ... we lack skills.

No kidding. Without skills we often don't recognize ourselves when we are put in unusual situations. With skills we move through even the most unusual circumstances knowing who we are by using the skills we have.

There are skills to grow during the 5 phases of pregnancy. Then there are skills to learn to prepare the pregnant body to become a birthing body. Then there are birth and coaching skills to learn for use throughout the whole birthing journey you and your baby take.

So the time before pregnancy is the where the path of your life splits. With skills you'll have a Continuity of Self. Without skills you might not recognize yourself for years to come. Your choice.

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  • The Time Before Pregnancy

    1. 1. Pregnancy and Childbirth
    2. 2. Duty call: To meet the needs of the life inside
    3. 3. Parenting begins at Conception The adjustments, preparations, decisions and visions for a larger family are planned during the period of 9 months.
    4. 4. Childbirth: One of Life’s Gigantic Gateways Childbirth is a gateway involving parents. The arrival of a child is always life-changing for both.
    5. 5. A Woman: • Adjusts to changes felt in the body • At the middle part, the joy and excitement are felt for morning sickness almost passed • Last months, body and mind is focused on the birth. A Man: • Adjusts to partner’s changes physically, and emotionally • At the middle part, filled with joy and pride with the baby’s movement • Last months, mind and emotions are focused on the birth
    6. 6. It is also common that both partners have doubts because of overwhelming information and preparations needed. • Pick a birth provider • Birth Plan • Attend childbirth preparation classes • Talk to loads of people who’ve had babies • Go to appointments • Pick where you want to birth Some Common Rules for Preparing for Birth You are not alone!
    7. 7. The missing piece in childbirth is Skills.
    8. 8. Deconfusing a Confusing Word Responsibility includes ● Stop smoking, ● eat well, no alcohol, ● say yes or no to Medical care, ● Caesarean or home birth ● because baby is breech Take responsibility is to make choices and gather information Where? With Whom? Pain relief? "Knowing" what the jargon means Natural birth- or not?
    9. 9. Pink Kit defines Your Responsibility • Prepare the body for the birth • Learn birth skills during pregnancy • Learn the coaching skills the husband will use • Use your birth skills in whatever birth unfolds Pink Kit defines Fathers-to-be Responsibility • Help your wife to prepare her body to decrease trauma • Learn coaching skills to feel confident • Work with your partner throughout the birth process • Praise her efforts
    10. 10. Birthing Better Pink Kit Produced by Common Knowledge Trust