Product Information: Cloud Services


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Product Information: Cloud Services

  1. 1. Imagine accessing state-of-the-art,massively scalable IT infrastructure as youneed it. In the past, your only option wasbuilding out expensive, dedicated network,storage and server infrastructure. Now youcan provision resources on demand thatare flexible and agile, with highly availablehosting environments custom designedto fit your needs—from production, testand development servers to high-demandmission-critical application environments.Our solution allows you to rapidly deploycapacity without capital investments so youcan reshape your environment on demand.Windstream Hosted Solutions offers themarket’s most robust, enterprise-classcloud solution—dramatically improving theefficiency and availability of IT resourcesand applications in your organization. Thesesolutions are available in public, private andhybrid options.
  2. 2. What You Need Today. And Tomorrow.Windstream Hosted Solutions has partnered with market leaders such as VMware,EMC, Cisco, VCE, NetApp, F5 and Veeam to deliver an enterprise-class solution builton the industry’s most robust, scalable, fully redundant architecture. The result isunmatched performance and availability with up to 99.99% SLAs.With Windstream Hosted Solutions’ massively scalable, multi-tenant infrastructure,you can access a secure, enterprise-class cloud environment that features built-inhigh availability and automated resource balancing.Our solution allows you to respond to market dynamics faster and more efficientlythan ever before. We deliver resources, applications, even servers, when and wherethey’re needed. Instead of buying costly, cumbersome individual servers, you’ll haveaccess to our state-of-the-art infrastructure for processing, storage, networking andsecurity, which allows you to deploy infrastructure capacity on demand.Which Cloud Option is Best for You?Windstream Hosted Solutions offers three different variations of its cloudsolution—including public, private and hybrid options. Some are a better fit if youhave strict compliance requirements; some are a better fit if you require a lot ofelasticity. Each is designed tomeet the unique needs of yourorganization. Before you select acloud solution, it’s very importantto evaluate your existingenvironment to determine whatyou need in terms of security,scalability, flexibility and more. *In a high-availability configuration
  3. 3. Reduce the Cost and Complexity of ITWindstream Hosted Solutions provides a scalable and cost-effective way tooptimize the use of your current technology assets. With the cloud model, youeliminate the need for CapEx investment on infrastructure as well as OpEx on ITops and maintenance for computing equipment, software and staff. In addition,you gain access to production level, highly available four 9s computing power whileonly paying for what you need. Companies realize additional cost benefits from theincreased productivity of IT staff.Accelerate Time to Market to Drive RevenueWith a highly optimized cloud solution in place, businesses can implement andmodify infrastructure more quickly than ever before. The result? The ability tointroduce new products and services and capture new revenue streams sooner.No need to worry about “technology bakeoffs,” capacity constraints or setting upnew hardware prior to a new launch. Our solution rapidly scales with your business,allowing IT to lead the organization and never slow it down.Improve Efficiency and Allow Your Company toFocus on the Core BusinessCloud computing allows you to spend less time managing your IT infrastructurewhile providing enhancements and access to best-of-breed enterpriseinfrastructure not otherwise available. Serve the needs of your business withextremely fast provisioning to create test, development and staging environmentswithout additional hardware. Take advantage of dynamic allocation of IT resourcesin production to respond to changing business conditions.Protect the Data and IT Environments That RunYour BusinessOur cloud solution provides increased ability for redundancy, preventing businesslosses due to poor performance or infrastructure failures. Simplify your serverprovisioning for development and allow thorough QA testing without additionalhardware expense to avoid issues in production. Through advanced technologies,Windstream Hosted Solutions offers business continuity solutions for improveddisaster recovery, higher levels of availability and simplified backup and recovery.Protect your business as you provide greater security, improved responsivenessand increased resilience to your IT environment.
  4. 4. The Windstream Hosted Solutions Difference: Full-service cloud — Fully managed options on all configurations so you don’t have to worry about managing or maintaining on your Windstream Hosted own: managed storage, managed backups, managed firewall, managed load balancing. Solutions is committed to delivering infrastructure Managed disaster recovery — Whether your servers run in our solutions that are both cloud, in our colocation facility or at your office, we have you covered with energy efficient and turnkey disaster recovery solutions. Using our Disaster Recovery as a environmentally friendly. Service (DRaaS) technology, we can provide continual replication and fully managed recovery of your servers into our cloud environment. We require less hardware in fewer data centers, Best-of-breed platform — Built on the industry’s best infrastructure – which leads to significant VMware, EMC, Cisco, VCE, NetApp, F5 and Veeam. reductions in equipment Industry leading SLAs — Offering up to four 9s availability. and power consumption. Consultative, “hi-touch” approach — Our team will collaborate Windstream Hosted with yours to build the solution and infrastructure that best meets Solutions takes advantage your needs. of the latest “green” technologies, such as Support of all operating systems — We don’t limit support to a server virtualization, which single operating system. can further reduce power No customization of app to integrate with our cloud — usage, thus lowering the Many cloud platforms require custom hook-ins or app development prior carbon footprint required to integration. to run their centers. Let Flexibility — You may need a combination of colo, dedicated and cloud. Windstream Hosted Who else can deliver that today? Solutions advance your Experience & focus — Solutions from a proven provider with a decade green initiatives. of experience delivering complex managed hosting. We are not new to this space; we’ve been delivering enterprise solutions since our inception. Exceptional Customer Care — Windstream delivers 24 x 7 support to meet your needs. Delivering 24 x 7 Support to Meet Your Needs Give us a call today at 1.888.452.6825 or visit | 9815 | © 2012 Windstream | 5/12