Hankins & Anderson Benefits from Windws 7 Professional and Notebook PCs
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Hankins & Anderson Benefits from Windws 7 Professional and Notebook PCs



Hankins & Anderson Benefits from Windws 7 Professional and Notebook PCs

Hankins & Anderson Benefits from Windws 7 Professional and Notebook PCs



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Hankins & Anderson Benefits from Windws 7 Professional and Notebook PCs Document Transcript

  • 1. Windows 7 Customer Solution Case Study Engineering Firm Benefits from Agile Operating System and Notebook PCsOverview “Running Windows 7 Professional on my Dell E6400Country or Region: United StatesIndustry: Engineering consultancy gives me the most stable, reliable machine I’ve used. It’s sturdy, reliable, and intuitive—and that’s everythingCustomer ProfileLaunched in 1947, Hankins & Anderson is I could ask for in a system.”a full services engineering consulting firm Chris Underwood, IT Manager, Hankins & Andersonwith offices in Virginia and California. Launched in 1947, engineering consultancy firm Hankins &Business SituationHankins & Anderson needed to improve Anderson provides guidance in the areas of mechanical,productivity, enhance flexibility for electrical, life safety, structural, and civil engineering to federal,mobile workers, and boost security whileminimizing costs. embassy, military, and government markets. The company is renowned for innovation and impeccable service, havingSolutionWith Windows 7 Professional and the received a 2010 American Council of Engineering Companies ofDell Latitude E6400, Hankins & Anderson Virginia (ACEC Virginia) “Engineering Excellence Honor Award”provides employees with more intuitive,efficient ways to complete tasks, work on and the “Best Multidiscipline A/E Service Firms to Work For”the go, and protect sensitive information. distinction from ZweigWhite. To uphold this reputation ofBenefits excellence, the managers at Hankins & Anderson needed Enhances productivity and mobile efficient, high-quality solutions that maximize productivity. performance Boosts efficiency in the office and on When introduced to the Dell Latitude E6400 running on the go Windows 7 Professional, they found a combination of speed, Fortifies security, minimizes costs Discovers new opportunities performance, and enhanced security that aligned with the company’s vision. Works the way you want
  • 2. “I’m a high-powered PC Situation Anderson expects to gain the following At Hankins & Anderson, existing systems benefits:user, and I’ll work until were notorious for lengthy start and resume times that disrupted workflow. Enhancing Productivity and Mobilemy battery dies. With Employees also noted that older systems Performanceprevious systems, that drew a lot of energy, which often translated Third-party test groups found that the Dell into employees having to stop working— Latitude E6400 running Windows 7 startscould be just a few even in the middle of customer meetings— 10 percent faster and resumes 61 percent to recharge their notebook computers. faster than previous systems. Hankins &hours. But with Windows Anderson employees agree—pointing out7 Professional and my For mobile users, connecting to the right that this increased speed is in part due to network printer in disparate offices was the faster resume, shutdown, and standbyDell E6400, my battery tedious and frustrating. Because of this, times of Windows 7. many employees avoided bringing theirlasts much longer.” notebooks to remote offices altogether, “With Windows 7 Professional, my Dell Chris Underwood, IT Manager, which then posed productivity issues when E6400 powers up at least a minute or two Hankins & Anderson trying to locate pertinent files and folders. faster than previous systems,” Underwood states. “That adds up to hundreds of hours Creating training manuals was also of savings across the organization laborious for users who had to cut, paste, annually.” and reformat screenshots into new documents one at a time. Employees also Windows 7 Power Management, which found that encrypting files was tedious and conserves energy by using features such as time consuming. When they experienced adaptive screen display brightness, helps any IT issues, employees would call on the employees get more life out of their tech team for help, and then wait for notebooks. With the Dell Latitude E6400 technicians to run back and forth between long-lasting battery life, users get a more systems before being able to resolve PC reliable mobile solution that works for up issues—and resume work. to 19 hours. For example, the Dell Control Point Software includes All Day Battery Solution mode, which automatically powers down When Hankins & Anderson managers unused features for prolonged use. discovered the Dell Latitude E6400 running the Windows 7 Professional operating “I’m a high-powered PC user, and I’ll work system, they found a way to overcome until my battery dies,” Underwood states. these challenges.* “Running Windows 7 “With previous systems, that could be just a Professional on my Dell E6400 gives me the few hours. But with Windows 7 Professional most stable, reliable machine I’ve used,” and my Dell E6400, my battery lasts much says Chris Underwood, IT Manager at longer.” Hankins & Anderson. “It’s sturdy, reliable, and intuitive—and that’s everything I could Boosting Efficiency in the Office and on ask for in a system.” the Go Location Aware Printing, a feature included Benefits with Windows 7 Professional, automatically By deploying the Windows 7 and Dell detects when an employee changes to a Latitude E6400 solution, Hankins & new network and connects to the appropriate network printer, saving hours Works the way you want
  • 3. “Once we found out over the course of the year. “Location performing a task and create a simple step- Aware Printing is saving us time, of course, by-step account that they can thenabout Windows XP because our systems automatically annotate. While originally designed to help recognize the right network printer,” says IT technicians better understand andMode, we knew we Underwood. “But more than that—it’s resolve technical issues, the Hankins &could benefit from the completely eliminating frustration.” Anderson training team has discovered that they can create robust training manuals inpower of Windows 7 For businesses considering the switch to less time. Windows 7 but are concerned that legacyProfessional while still applications may be incompatible, ”Problem Steps Recorder is the ultimatebeing able to use Windows XP Mode, a benefit of Windows 7 technical solution for us,” says Underwood. Professional, provides the solution. Hankins “It saves time in terms of helpingexisting programs. Every & Anderson uses this feature to run older employees solve PC issues, and our training programs while still taking advantage of team can create rich manuals in half thebusiness can make the the power and performance of Windows 7 time.”switch without worrying Professional.about compatibility.” “Once we found out about Windows XP * As part of the solution deployment Mode, we knew we could benefit from the through the Windows 7 SMB Evidence Chris Underwood, IT Manager, Hankins & Anderson power of Windows 7 Professional while still Program, the customer received being able to use legacy programs,” complimentary notebooks and technical Underwood says. “Every business can make support from Microsoft and Dell. the switch without worrying about compatibility.” Fortifying Security, Minimizing Costs Protecting sensitive client information is a top priority for Hankins & Anderson employees, but they found that previous file encryption systems were difficult—and time consuming—to use. With the Windows Encrypting File System, users can protect important information faster and easier than ever before. ”Data theft is always a concern, but the solutions out there can be complex and costly,” says Underwood. “With the Encrypting File System, it’s so easy to protect critical information.” Discovering New Opportunities The company has found an unexpected benefit through the use of Problem Steps Recorder, a feature of Windows 7 Professional that enables users to record their actions while using a system or Works the way you want
  • 4. For More Information Windows 7For more information about Microsoft Works the way you want: Windows 7 willproducts and services, call the Microsoft help your organization use informationSales Information Center at (800) 426- technology to gain a competitive9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft advantage in today’s new world of work.Canada Information Centre at (877) 568- Your people will be able to be more2495. Customers in the United States and productive anywhere. You will be able toCanada who are deaf or hard-of-hearing support your mobile workforce with bettercan reach Microsoft text telephone access to shared data and collaboration(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234. tools. And your IT staff will have betterOutside the 50 United States and tools and technologies for enhancedCanada, please contact your local corporate IT security and data protection,Microsoft subsidiary. To access and more efficient deployment andinformation using the World Wide Web, management.go to:www.microsoft.com For more information about Windows 7, go to:For more information about Dell www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7products and services, call (800) 456-3355 or visit the website at:www.dell.comFor more information about Hankins &Anderson products and services, call(804) 285-4171 or visit the website at:www.haengineers.com Software and Services Hardware  Windows 7 Professional  Dell Latitude E6400 Partner  DellThis case study is for informational purposes only.MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS ORIMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.Document published September 2010 Works the way you want