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Brand new Product is entering a US market. Take a look at this!

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Love Moon

  1. 1. “Love Moon” Sanitary Napkin The physical discomforts of menstruation experienced by every women is a vital sign of good health and fertility that indicates the body’s ability to reproduce - an amazing phenomenon of nature since the beginning of time that is vital for the existence of the human race. Hence, the women’s menstrual cycle is a very venerable and sacred affair!
  2. 2. Common symptoms of bacterial infections during menstruation: 1. Slight Fever 2. External Vaginal Inflammation 3. Itchy Skin 4. Vaginal Inflammation 5. Cervical Inflammation 6. Endometrial Inflammation 7. Excessive white discharge 8. Searing heat or pain in the lower abdomen Fever, nauseous, urge to urinate, urinal pain, sore waist, aching waist and fatigue are symptoms of bacterial infections during menstruation, which may lead to more threatening gynaecological diseases.
  3. 3. Why is it so easy for women to suffer from bacterial infections during menstruation? As much as 107 bacteria can reside on per cm2 surface of a common sanitary napkin, an excellent environment for the growth and multiplication of bacteria and harmful viruses, after a continuous use of 2 hours.
  4. 4. Common mistakes made in the use of sanitary napkins: 1.Use of unwashed hand throughout the whole process of handling the napkins 2.Storing fresh sanitary napkins in moist area, such as bathrooms 3.Using expired sanitary napkins 4.Selecting sanitary napkins without emphasis on the quality 5.Using medicated or deodorised sanitary napkins 6.Sanitary napkin is not changed regularly
  5. 5. Did you know? • The chances of matured women to be affected by vaginal infections are as high as 83%. • The use of poor quality sanitary napkins caused 62% of the women to be infected. • On the average, a woman needs about 3 to 6 days a month for the treatment of vaginal infections. • If a woman begins to suffer from vaginal infections at the age of 20, she will spend at least an estimated 6 years of her life on medical treatments.
  6. 6. What are some of the health risks caused by the use of normal sanitary napkins? Sanitary napkins, classified as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), are disposed right after use. Hence, some manufacturers will have the tendency to use recycle paper as raw material to save on the costs of production.
  7. 7. Large amount of chemical agents are required for the recycling process to bleach, sterilise and remove odours from these used papers. ATTENTION! The absorbents used in “Love Moon” sanitary napkins are made from gelatine, which is natural and safe! The absorbent material used in these sanitary napkins is chemical agents meant for industrial purposes, which will affect the reproduction organ of women. The bleached and processed recycled paper will be packaged as delicate looking sanitary napkins for the market and finally into the hands of consumers. Have you ever peeled a sanitary napkin to study its material contents?
  8. 8. Exciting discovery of the Century – 1. Free-flow of air without product is awarded with the The World’s First Patent- leakage, soft, dry and carefree. patented rights and the ISO ed Sanitary Product • Made from cotton-core material, certification from the Quality comfortably dry, strong liquid Management System (QMS). “Love Moon” absorbency, do not have feeling of 5. Hygienic, easy to tear and uses stickiness. air-tight packaging: Anionic Sanitary 2. Anionic Padding: • It will not be easily affected • No additional anti-bacteria by bacteria and fungus when Napkin! chemical agents; uses only anions unsealed. for natural sterilisation and removal 6. An advanced one-stop of odours without any adverse production centre: effects. • Using the state-of-the-art fully 3. Highly Absorbent: automated sealing technology in • Lock in liquid effectively without production to ensure non-exposure leakage and the feeling of to human hands. stickiness. It is carefree and easy for 7. Patented self-test kit provided body movements. free-of-charge: 4. Stringent compliance to safety • This kit enables consumers to levels: conduct their menstrual cycle test • Manufactured and produced at the comfort of their home. according to the national hygiene standard GB15979 – 2002. The
  9. 9. The Miraculous Anions Anions Every cubic cm. of the anionic padding in each piece of “Love Moon” sanitary napkin can release up to 5800 anions. The intensity of anions released will effectively suppress the survival and multiplication of bacteria and viruses on the sanitary napkin. Ani ons The anionic padding releases large amount of oxygen, has a balanced PH level and enhances hormonal balance that effectively improves incretion, strengthening immunity, reducing stress, eliminating bacteria, treating inflammation, eradicating odour, removing fatigue and etc. ns Anio Location No. of Anions /cm3 Residential Area 40 – 50 City Skyline 100 – 200 Rural Skyline 700 – 1000 Valley 5000 Love Moon Anionic Padding 5800
  10. 10. The Benefits of Anions to Health According to the standard of World Health If the air contains a low concentration of anions, Organisation, the concentration of anions in fresh symptoms such as lethargy, dizziness, migraine, air should not be less than 1000 anions per cubic depression and shortness of breath will occur. centimetre. When the concentration of anions reaches a certain level, the number of bacteria will eventually be reduced to zero. Nature’s Way of Eliminating anions Bacteria The anions present in the air possess s anion electrodes which easily attached to the surface of bacteria or viruses. This process will produce low electric currents that eliminate them and ns suppresses further multiplication, thus io achieving the effects of eradicating an bacteria and sterilisation.
  11. 11. adopts the advanced The company established its own production base occupying a land area of 100 thousand sq.ft. Equipped with the most advanced industrial production plant and R&D laboratories. technology for the betterment of the human race A fully automated one-stop production furnished with the most advanced technology with more than 60 production lines. Produces 3 billion pieces of sanitary napkin annually, ranking it as the world’s top sanitary napkins manufacturer. The company has received ISO9001:2000 certification from QMS, and its product is recommended by the “World Federation of Chinese Medicine Institute” as a high-tech product. An outstanding product development team that has received numerous accolades, such as the “Most Emphasized and Protected Innovative Brand in China” by the “Brand Management and Evaluation Centre”
  12. 12. Awards and Accolades Honoured with numerous awards and certifications: • Anion Patent No: ZL200420064658.0 • Test Card Patent No: CN99109875.7 • International Quality Management System (QMS) Certification • Product Safety Evaluation • Corporate Business License • International Brand Authenticity Award • Most Emphasized and Protected Innovative Brand in China • CN99109875.7ISO9001-200
  13. 13. 2010 Annual Sales Comparison Chart Health Products 55 billion Sanitary Napkin 150 billion Women’s sanitary product is one of the world’s biggest consumer markets in this century.
  14. 14. The 5th Wave that is generating the World’s Wealth Consumption Volume of Women’s Sanitary Products • Consumption volume is constantly rising, estimated to reach 150 billion in year 2010. Consumption Volume of Health products
  15. 15. Illustration 1: Comparison of Packaging 2. 3. 1. “Love Moon” Brand: 1 - Adopts the premium aluminium packaging, an uncommon practise in the market. 2 - A hygienic and re-sealable packaging design, for the protection against bacteria, fungus and moisture. 3 - A fully automated one-stop production process which does not expose to human contamination. Every sanitary napkin is protected with air-tight packaging. 4. 5. Other Brand / Brand A: 4 - Commonly uses plastic to pack the sanitary napkins, unable to re-seal once it’s opened. 5 - Individual sanitary napkin is packed with triple-folding method using manual labour, which is exposed to human contaminations. Packaging is not totally air-tight.
  16. 16. Illustration 2: Surface Comfort Ability “Love Moon” Brand: Run your fingers through the surface of “Love Moon” sanitary napkin to experience the softness, thinness and comfort. The speed of absorption is double that of normal sanitary napkins. Other Brands / Brand A + B: Normally made from recycled paper and cotton material have a rougher surface which is abrasive to women’s sensitive part.
  17. 17. Illustration 3: Absorption / Leakage / Rewetting: 2. 1. 3. 1. Injects 50ml of coloured water into the three brands of sanitary napkin respectively. 4. 2. Press a piece of tissue on Brand B sanitary napkin (right) – tissue is totally soaked. 3. Press a piece of tissue on “Love Moon” sanitary napkin (centre)– tissue remains comfortably dry. 4. Press a piece of tissue on Brand A sanitary napkin (left) – tissue is partially wet 5. 5. This simple test has proven that “Love Moon” sanitary napkin has the highest rate of absorption and will neither cause leakage nor rewetting.
  18. 18. Illustration 4: Raw Material Used in Production The 7 Layers of Protection Unique to “Love Moon” 1st Layer: Soft cotton surface, double absorbency. 2nd Layer: Exclusive patented “Anionic Padding”. 3rd Layer: Sterilised and dirt-free packagin. 4th Layer: Premium water absorbents with strong liquid-retention power. 5 Layer: Sterilised and dirt-free packaging. th 6th Layer: Breathable cotton base that allows free-flowing of air. 7 Layer: Easy to peel off, folded-lines adhesive design. th Incorporates the miraculous FLZ organic padding that releases natural hygienic and healthy defence mechanisms to the fullest.
  19. 19. Illustration 5: Breathability of Sanitary Napkin 2. 1. 1. The outermost layer of “Love Moon” sanitary napkin is made of a breathable underlying film with folded lines. 2. Peel off the underlying film of a Brand “A” sanitary napkin and use it to cover the top of a 3. glass of hot water (right). 3. Peel off the underlying film of “Love Moon” sanitary napkin and use it to cover the top of a glass of hot water (left). 4. Place two transparent glasses on the two 4. glasses of hot water separately. 5. After some time, the glass with “Love Moon” underlying film (left) shows a distinctive haze caused by the hot water vapour, but the glass 5. with Brand “A” underlying film has no sign of water vapour.
  20. 20. The Most Convenient Self-Test Kit Exclusive Invention Patent: CN99109875.7 Free self-test kit for women worth RM6 with every purchase of “Love Moon” sanitary napkins Use the “Complimentary Colour Card” to gauge your state of fertility The colour indicator can help you to gauge: 1. State of health before and after the use of “Love Moon” sanitary napkins 2. Periodic analysis of menstrual health It is easy to use, safe and reliable!