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SharePoint Insights Oct 28 2010


Slide deck from the SharePoint Insights webinar by Phil Hummel on 28th Oct 2010

Slide deck from the SharePoint Insights webinar by Phil Hummel on 28th Oct 2010

Published in Technology
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  • Key MessageSharePoint 2010 offers solutions across a range of business issues. Office SharePoint Server 2007 is already a leader in multi-requirement deployments, and SharePoint 2010 is taking it to the next level, without losing any of the existing strengths.Presenter NotesMicrosoft SharePoint 2010 enables organizations to connect and empower people through an integrated set of rich features. SharePoint 2010 facilitates business collaboration in its broadest sense and helps colleagues, partners, and customers to work together in new and effective ways.The key business challenges it addresses are: Site delivery Collaboration through communities Content development and management Searching for content Providing usable insights into business data Providing a platform for business solution development by business users and professional developersPresenter GuidanceDon’t go into lots of detail here, as the presentation reviews each workload later on.
  • Key MessageBusiness is all about making the right decisions. SharePoint 2010 provides the tolls and the interface to get the right information to the right people in the right format..Presenter NotesUse the slides to list the benefits of SharePoint 2010 business insights.Additional NotesEmpower Decision MakersEmpower users to collaborate better and make more agile business decisions by accessing the information they need, when they need it. With powerful self-service capabilities integrated into familiar tools, users can create and share the right information and drive the business forward by providing timely responses and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise.Improve Organizational EffectivenessManage, drive, and define organizational success by aligning to key metrics and strategy through context-driven dashboards. Measure critical success factors and empower everyone to create and analyze the information necessary to stay informed and move the business forward. Enable accountability and transparency across the company and remove barriers to productivity.Enable IT EfficiencyUse a complete, integrated business collaboration platform that can empower users to discover, analyze, and share the right information across unstructured and structured assets. With a platform built on standards, IT can address business requirements by putting information in the hands of users and focusing on developing, maintaining, and securing systems.Key features are the extended services:Excel Services Excel Services makes it simple to use, share, secure, and manage Microsoft Office Excel 2007 workbooks as interactive reports in a consistent way throughout the enterprise. Visio Services Visio Services in SharePoint 2010 provides the capability to render Visio diagrams and charts within the browser. Business users can use one of the existing out-of-the-box filter Web Parts to apply filtering criteria to a diagram to restrict what is and is not rendered. PerformancePoint Services, Dashboards and Scorecards PerformancePoint Services is a balanced scorecard and dynamic dashboard tool that allows power users/IT to create dynamic and highly interactive dashboards that display strategy to operations. Business Connectivity Services (BCS) BCS allows you to create SharePoint applications that bring external data into the Office system, extending the rich Office user experience and SharePoint collaboration capabilities to business data and processes. Presenter Guidance
  • This presentation is principally about showcasing SQL Server 2008 offerings. Use this slide to introduce the data (BI) platform and how it has been designed to integrate with other Microsoft offerings.Use this slide to introduce the three BI services and the relational engine, which in this presentation is usually referred to in the role of a data warehouse. In general, do not spend too much time talking about the relational engine improvements because they will be addressed in other presentations.Briefly describe each of the three BI services: Integration Services—typically used to perform ETL operations to populate data warehouses—can integrate, cleanse, and transform data from a large variety of data sources. Analysis Services, consisting of OLAP and data mining components, provides superior aggregated analysis over large volumes of data and the ability to perform predictive analytics. Reporting Services—which can source data from relational, multidimensional, and data mining data sources—can be used to present and distribute information.These BI services have been designed to work together but work just as well independently.Spend less time introducing the Office offerings. The important message to deliver is that the information-worker platform rests solidly on top of the SQL Server data platform to deliver relevant information to information workers (to support strategic, tactical, and operational decisions). In particular, define the role of Excel and PerformancePoint Server to help prepare for the upcoming demonstrations.


  • 1. presentsSharePoint Insights with SharePoint 2010 and SQL 2008 R2
  • 2. Introduction to WinWire
    WinWire Technologies is a super-specialist consulting firm focused exclusively on Microsoft SharePoint and Business Intelligence
    WinWire’s focus is to help Enterprise customers realize their business goals by
    “Making Information Actionable™”
    HQ: Silicon Valley, CA
    Bangalore, India
    Hyderabad, India
  • 3. WinWire Core Competencies
  • 4. SharePoint Insights with SharePoint 2010 and SQL 2008 R2
    Phil Hummel
    Director – Business Intelligence Practice
    WinWire Technologies
  • 5. Microsoft SharePoint 2010TheBusiness Collaboration Platformfor the Enterprise and the Web
    Connect and Empower People
    Cut Costs with a Unified Infrastructure
    Rapidly Respond to Business Needs
    PerformancePoint Services
    Chart Web Part
    Web Analytics
    Reporting Services
    Excel Services
  • 6. SharePoint Insights: Key Benefits
    Data Interaction
    Advanced analytics
    Richer data visualization and easy sharing
    Incorporation of LOB data in data analysis
    Powerful Self-Service capabilities and visualizations
    Compelling dashboards to drive business results
    Rich reports with access to millions of rows
    Decision Making
    Organizational Effectiveness
    Drive accountability and alignment with scorecards
    Identify issues and opportunities with real-time access
    Improved API for richer extensibility and development
  • 7. Quick Poll
  • 8. Microsoft BI Clients and Servers
  • 9. Choosing Delivery Options
    What will the end users find the most intuitive?
    Matching the right users to the right delivery vehicle.
    Not all dashboard platforms have equivalent features.
    Must be able to prototype quickly and get early feedback.
  • 10. Delivery Options
    Reporting Services
    Publish and Subscribe
    Customize with parameters
    Best export and print experience
    Excel Services
    Supports end-user authoring
    Very flexible layout options
    Limited charting controls
    Great environment for prototyping
    Can be used as a multi-dimensional data source
    Performance Point Dashboards
    Mix and match elements from other tools
    Dedicated Score Card and Analytic Grids/Chart
  • 11. A Business User Created this… in 10 Minutes!
  • 12. Basic Reporting Services
  • 13. Dashboard with SSRS Reports
  • 14. Reporting Services Tablix
  • 15. Highly flexible layout options
    Stepped or Block grouping
    Nested controls
  • 16. Report Builder 3.0
    Powerful Query Designer
    Flexible Layout Options w/ rich visualizations
    PowerPivot as data source
    Familiar Microsoft Office Interface
    Powerful Wizards
    SharePoint list as data source
  • 17. Excel Services – Data Bars and Ranking
  • 18. Excel Services – Matrix Plots
  • 19. Excel Services – Simple Pivot Table w/ Filters
  • 20. Excel Services – Pivot Tables and Charts
  • 21. PowerPivot
  • 22.
  • 23. Performance Point scorecard and related views
  • 24. Performance Point analytic views and charts
  • 25. Delivery Options Recap
    Reporting Services
    Publish and Subscribe
    Customize with parameters
    Best export and print experience
    Excel Services
    Supports end-user authoring
    Very flexible layout options
    Limited charting controls
    Great environment for prototyping
    Can be used as a multi-dimensional data source
    Performance Point Dashboards
    Mix and match elements from other tools
    Dedicated Score Card and Analytic Grids/Chart
  • 26. Next Steps: Join us on the SP Insights Roadshow!
    SP Insights Roadshow
    Schedule 1-2 hour face-to-face meeting
    SPInsights@WinWire.com to reserve slot
    WinWire will
    • Assess what technologies match best with your end-user needs
    • 27. Data management infrastructure
    Microsoft @New York
    Nov 11th and Nov 12th
    Microsoft @Chicago
    Nov 17th and 18th
    Microsoft @SF Bay Area
  • 28. Questions & Answers
    FAQ #1: Can I get a copy of the slides? Yes!
  • 29. THANK YOU
    Fill out survey and you could win a $50 American Express Gift Card!
    For further information, please contact:
    Phil Hummel
    Director – BI Practice