Automate Employee Onboarding & Off-boarding processes leveraging SharePoint


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In an organization, there are several HR process workflows that impact the employee onboarding  process as it involves various actions that need to be executed by various departmental personnel before a new employee begins working. Similarly, off-boarding process involves various actions in order to reduce the risk of lawsuits and loss of confidential company information and assets. Many organizations still utilize paper-based or document-heavy processes for these critical workflows, slowing down a new hire’s potential time-to-productivity or relieving the employee.

This webinar will discuss how to implement a standardized business process for onboarding and off-boarding that involves various departments and roles. The session will also cover SharePoint - based solution from WinWire that focuses on core HR processes involved by integrating existing systems.

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Automate Employee Onboarding & Off-boarding processes leveraging SharePoint

  1. 1. Automated HR Onboarding and OffBoarding leveraging SharePoint Wired2Win Webinar Series @WinWire WinWire Technologies, Inc. Confidential © 2010 WinWire Technologies
  2. 2. Who We Are IT solutions company making information actionable for the enterprises in the mobile-cloud world Collaborative and Analytics solutions leveraging pre-built solution accelerators © 2010 WinWire Technologies Mobility, Cloud, Collaboration & Analytics Technologies
  3. 3. © 2010 WinWire Technologies
  4. 4. Agenda • Pain points of manual processes • Attributes of manual processes • WinWire Human Resource System (WinHRS) – Introduction • Technology stack of WinHRS • How WinHRS helps • Key advantages and features of WinHRS • Reports generated from WinHRS • WinHRS demo © 2010 WinWire Technologies
  5. 5. Manual Onboarding and Off-boarding Pain points Fragmented Onboarding and OffBoarding processes Less Control over the entire HR processes Manual interdepartmental Communication process © 2010 WinWire Technologies Timeconsuming and Error prone Process Paper-based HR processes
  6. 6. Attributes of Manual Processes Manual data collection Time consuming Challenges in statistical analysis Less productivity Unauthorized access Higher Operating cost Audit Compliance issues Missed deadlines Challenges in dissemination of employee data © 2010 WinWire Technologies
  7. 7. WinWire Human Resource System (WinHRS) SharePoint 2013 - based solution for core HR processes - Onboarding & Off-boarding Automates HR onboarding and off-boarding by integrating existing systems Cross-department (Finance, HR, IT, Admin, Operation, IS) and crosslocation collaboration Streamline the onboarding & off-boarding processes Top Features Real-time oversight and escalation mechanisms for managers Mobile-enabled business process flows and approvals Rich email based communication for approvals and task assignments Easier integration with LoB systems User-friendly data collection forms © 2010 WinWire Technologies
  8. 8. Technology Stack of WinHRS WinHRS SharePoint User Groups SharePoint Security Framework AD Authentication External Systems 3rd Party 3rd Party InfoPath Forms WinWire Human Resource System 3rd Party SP Authorization Lists and Libraries Active Directory Workflow Processes Email Notifications Trending Reports Workflow Manager Real-time dashboards BCS User Profiles © 2010 WinWire Technologies Exchange Server
  9. 9. How WinHRS Helps Business Process Automation Improves process efficiency Centralized data management Reduced cost Improved productivity Minimize compliance risks Real-time analytics and reports Prevents unauthorized usage of assets East of Inter departmental communication © 2010 WinWire Technologies
  10. 10. WinHRS - Key Advantages Ready-to-use portal solutions for onboarding and off-boarding Reduces errors, rework and overall employee dissatisfaction Minimizes IT and operational costs, allowing IT resources to focus on other strategic business priorities SharePoint group-based security implementation to avoid unauthorized content access Minimizes compliance risks Higher employee engagement levels Reduced administrative work and cost © 2010 WinWire Technologies
  11. 11. Reports generated - WinHRS Types of Reports Department wise Onboarding and Off-Boarding workflow status Employee Type wise Onboarding and Off-Boarding workflow status © 2010 WinWire Technologies Recent Joinees report by Employee Type Joining Soon Employee reports
  12. 12. Questions? Join us for our Next Webinar on Wired2Win Webinar Series! Going LEAN way for Better UX Date: 20 March, 2014 Time: 9 am PT WinWire Technologies, Inc. Confidential WinWire Technologies, Inc. Confidential © 2010 WinWire Technologies
  13. 13. Thank You Reach out to us at Visit us: WinWire Technologies, Inc. Confidential WinWire Technologies, Inc. Confidential © 2010 WinWire Technologies