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Win Automation Cutting Edge Automation Features
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Win Automation Cutting Edge Automation Features


Published on - The powerful multi features of WinAutomation - A Cutting Edge Windows Automation Software - The powerful multi features of WinAutomation - A Cutting Edge Windows Automation Software

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. WinAutomation Cutting Edge Features Windows Process Automation: Automate Your Repetitive PC Tasks With Ease
  • 2. Featured In: WinAutomation Software Trusted By 50,200+ Users Around The World
  • 3. Famous Clients Of WinAutomation
  • 4. Winautomation Features
    • Visual Job Designer
    • Automate any task in minutes, no matter how simple or complex.
    • Combine predefined actions that act as building blocks for your tasks.
    • Select the actions you need from the vast build-in collection, move, configure them in the editor with simple drag and drop.
  • 5. Winautomation Features
    • 120+ Predefined Actions
    • More than 120 predefined actions that act as building blocks for your tasks.
    • Actions like mouse clicks, keystrokes or file operations , all the way to more complex ones that perform operations between variables, automate Excel, download files from FTP sites, take screen shots, send email, communicate with databases , etc.
  • 6. Winautomation Features
    • Macro Recorder
    • Record and replay all mouse and keyboard actions.
    • Record a task based on the currently active window , always sending the recorded mouse events and keystrokes to the correct window .
  • 7. Winautomation Features
    • Macro Recorder
    • Flexibility to fine-tune your macro , even by adding different actions between the recorded mouse and keyboard actions.
    • After recording a Macro, WinAutomation lets you set the playback speed of the macro.
  • 8. Winautomation Features
    • Flow Control, Conditionals, Loops
    • Full support for flow control structures is included, ranging from the simple GoTo action to IF/ELSE constructs.
    • And of course loops that can iterate a list, repeat a block of actions a number of times or until a condition changes.
  • 9. Winautomation Features
    • Variables
    • WinAutomation includes full support for variables that are used to pass data from an action to another .
    • Simple variables that can hold text, numerical, date & time or boolean values, lists and data tables (two-dimensional arrays) for implementing more complex logic and tasks.
  • 10. Winautomation Features
    • Integrated Debugger
    • Sometimes an automated job may not perform as intended and in this case you need a full-featured tool to help you identify the error.
    • Enable and disable actions , watch each action as it executes, set breakpoints to pause execution, execute the job action by action.
  • 11. Winautomation Features
    • Exception Handling
    • With WinAutomation you have the choice to catch those exceptions and implement additional logic into your jobs to handle them.
    • You can now build truly reliable jobs that you can depend on.
  • 12. Winautomation Features
    • Image Recognition
    • Image Recognition technology that " sees" what's on the screen and can either wait for a specific image to appear
    • This unique approach can handle tasks that are extremely difficult to automate and
    • virtually removes any limit on what you can automate using WinAutomation.
  • 13. Winautomation Features
    • Triggers
    • WinAutomation includes a complete set of triggers that you may set to constantly monitor you system and execute jobs at specific events .
  • 14. Winautomation Features
    • Task Scheduler
    • Powerful job scheduler that permits you to schedule when these tasks will execute in the most flexible manner.
    • You can easily set a job to run daily, multiple times a day, on specific days of the week or month , or you can simply specify the exact dates and times when you want your job to run..
  • 15. Examples of how you can automate your work
    • File Related Examples:
    • Batch rename files
    • Batch delete files
    • Batch move files
    • FTP Related Examples:
    • Download and Delete files from FTP server
    • Synchronize FTP sites
    • Macro Recorder Example:
    • Application Automation using Macro Recorder
  • 16. Examples of how you can automate your work
    • Text Files Related Example:
    • Remove comments from log file
    • Excel Related Examples:
    • Mail Merge using Excel
    • Copy Data from an Excel file to another
    • Examples with Triggers:
    • Automate Daily Backup
    • Monitor Server Uptime
  • 17. Screenshots – Visual Job Designer
  • 18. Screenshots – WinAutomation Console
  • 19. Screenshots – Triggers
  • 20. Examples of how you can automate your work
    • Set up blog
    • Install scripts
    • Setting up autoresponders
    • Broadcasting emails
    • Creating graphics
    • Blog Creation
    • Website Setup
    • Article Marketing
    • SMM
    • SEO
  • 21. Examples of how you can automate your work
    • Email Marketing
    • Analysis
    • Forum Scraping
    • Niche Research
    • Social bookmarking
    • Market Research
    • Problem Spotting
    • Website Testing
    • Alerting
    • Unique Content Generator
    • Login & Log off
  • 22. Who Can Use Automation In Their Work?
    • Corporate IT Staff
    • System Administrators
    • Systems Integrator
    • Educational Institutions
    • Researchers
    • Software Firms
    • IT Firm
  • 23. Who Can Use Automation In Their Work?
    • Home Users
    • Banks
    • News Agencies
    • Home Users
    • Banks
    • News Agencies
    • Publishers
  • 24. Examples of how you can automate your work
    • Health Care
    • Print Management
    • Government Agencies
    • Laboratory
    • Universities
    • Data Gathering/Management
    • Marketing