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Store solutions for merchandising loose nuts
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Store solutions for merchandising loose nuts


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Published in: Business

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  • 1. Food DispenseKnowing that everything we do is part of a circle we take responsibility for our economical, ecological and cultural footprint Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 2. Food Dispense Mission Allowing consumers to buy the amount they want while saving resources and reduce packaging as much as we can Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 3. Saving resources and reducing packaging is our business• We offer consumers the opportunity to buy exactly the amount they need saving resources and packaging• We offer retailers a highly profitable and hygienic merchandising system Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 4. Our customers are Retailers, Wholesalers andBrands Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 5. From a whole shop to one display Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 6. Why offer loose food? – A growing group of conscious buyers will be attracted by your offer – You contribute reducing food waste and excess packaging – It is one of the most profitable store departments – It creates a merchandising impact – It saves floorspace – It displays the food better – It is fun to do – It allows customers to buy what they needSave resources and reduce packaging
  • 7. What categories?• Hard candy/soft candy• Chocolate• Nuts and snacks• Coffee beans• Tea black, fruit, green• Baking• Dried fruit• Natural food, seeds, beans, grains, etc• Bio/Organic food• Breakfast/Cereals• Pet dry food dogs, cats, birds, rodents• Pasta• Other? Save resources and reduce packaging 4.
  • 8. Solutions for nuts, snacks and dried fruit Sell from a closed hygienic system Keep your product freshSave resources and reduce packaging
  • 9. Solutions, 50/60/75cmOn the shelf Counter top Action display Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 10. Solutions, 90 cmGondola Branded inline Custom made Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 11. Solutions, 100cm2 sections supermarket 4 sections hypermarket Do you want other another dispenser combination? No problem! Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 12. Solutions, 125cm3-tier display cabinet 4- tier display with scale 4- tier display with tubes Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 13. Solutions, 125cmHigh volume solution 4-tier gondola solution, 2 sections Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 14. 125cm solution plus service unit 26 facingsSave resources and reduce packaging
  • 15. Custom service unit Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 16. Your design?Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 17. Attract Tell your story, visualize it Give clear information about products, pricing, freshness and the way to operate.Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 18. Tell your storySave resources and reduce packaging
  • 19. On all sidesSave resources and reduce packaging
  • 20. Signage,60cm, 90cm,100cm, 125cm Buy loose, waste not, want not Buy no more than you need Save resources and reduce packaging Your message? Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 21. Take away• Logo/signage/story?• Will you offer bags or cups?• Do you need a “Save service unit? resources and reduce• How do you wish to packaging” present the bags or cups? Service unit Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 22. Cad designWe canprovideyou with a fullcolorCad designDepending onyour needs wewill design thebest solutionfor yourcustomers Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 23. What dispenser do you need? Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 24. Certified food bins Food Dispense dispensers are NSF/CE certified for food use;• No square corners inside• No glue used to assemble bins• Easy to disassemble and clean• First in, First out food rotation• UV protection in polycarbonate• Air tight lids ensure product freshness Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 25. Gravity dispensers Item 04107 04100 06108 06100 Capacity 8 ltr 13 ltr 13 ltr 19 ltr Height 46cm 61cm 46cm 61cm Depth 28cm 28cm 28cm 28cm Width 10cm 10cm 15cm 15cm06100 04100 06108 04107 Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 26. Gravity Plus bin for sticky candyThe gravityplus bin isan • designed with a moving floorinnovationfor sticky Item 04104- 06104-candy. When mbs mbsthe handle is Capacity 8 ltr 13 ltrpulled a Height 46cm 46 cmmoving floorwill agitate Depth 28cm 28cmthe productto help it Width 10cm 15cmflow. Iteither pushesor pulls. 15% of all candies cannot be sold from a gravity bin Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 27. Portion control binThe portion Item 04101 04102 04108 04109control onlydispenses a Capacity 13 ltr 13 ltr 8 ltr 8 ltrcontolledportion Height 61m 61cm 46cm 46cmThe portion Portion +/- 57 113 57 113 in grams* gram gram gram gramwill bearound 57 or Depth 28cm 28cm 28cm 28cm113 gramdepending Width 10cm 10cm 10cm 10cmon thedispenser * The structure and mass of the product will determine the amount dispensed Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 28. New Leaf Dispensers Item NL NL NL 6003 6005 6012 Capacity 11 ltr 19 ltr 45 ltr Height 46cm 69cm 69cm Depth 30cm 30cm 46cm Width 13cm 13cm 23cmThe difference between New Leaf and Trade Fixtures lies in the design, the productionmethod (NL is blow molded, TF is injection molded) and the way of dispensing. NLhas coated iron springs inside, TF uses elastic bands for strapless dispensing. Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 29. 08100 08108 0830808200 Scoop dispensers Item 08200 0810 08108 08300 0830 0 8 Capacity 12 ltr 12 ltr 17 ltr 18 ltr 27 ltr Height 25.4cm 33cm 33cm 33cm 33cm Depth 33cm 33cm 43cm 33cm 43cm Width 20cm 20cm 20cm 30cm 30cm Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 30. Residue bin The residue bin is specially developed to“Save catch sugar and nut crumblesresources that normally would build upand reduce on the bottom.packaging” It is a time saving dispenser for service and maintenance personnel. The drawer on the bottom can be pulled out and emptied. Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 31. New Leaf scoop dispensers2275 Item NL NL NL 1062 1072* 2275 1072 Capacity 11 ltr 19 ltr 45 ltr 1062 Height 20.3cm 20.3cm 61.9cm Depth 38.1cm 38.1cm 61.9cm Width 22.9cm 22.9cm 22.9cm *NL 1072 only in series of 2500 pcs All bins scoop sets not included! Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 32. TechnicalSave resources and reduce packaging
  • 33. Cross bars and brackets for gravity bins Crossbars: Brackets for Trade Fixture bins: Crossbars fo fixture 100cm Nr Width Suited for Nr Depth Width bins 65100 65mm 997mm 65101 120mm 997mm TF 1390 139mm 06100 65103 175mm 997mm TF 1391 139mm 06108, 06104 TF 8900 89mm 04100, 04107 Crossbars for fixture 125cm Nr Depth Width Brackets for New Leaf bins: 65125 65mm 1250mm 12125 120mm 1250mm Nr Width Suited for 17125 175mm 1250mm bins Other seizes on demand. Cross bars NL1370 137mm NL6003, will fit your system NL6005 NL2320 232mm NL6012 Standard color RAL 7015, other colours on offerSave resources and reduce packaging
  • 34. Crossbars and arms for scoop dispensers Cross bars Scoop dispenser arms Crossbar 65mm, 120mm and Arms to be mounted on cross 175mm to create a waterfall bar in the back of the fixture effect Arms for scoop dispensers: Crossbars fo fixture 100cm Nr Length Function Nr Depth Width 65100 65mm 997mm 33cm deep scoop bins 65101 120mm 997mm 312-130 33cm Intermediate arm 65103 175mm 997mm 312-132 33cm Right end arm 312-134 33cm Left end arm Crossbars for fixture 125cm Nr Depth Width 65125 65mm 1250mm 43cm deep scoop bins 1250mm 312-170 43cm Intermediate arm 12125 120mm 312-172 43cm Right end arm 17125 175mm 1250mm 312-174 43cm Left end arm Other seizes on demand. Cross bars How many arms do you need? will fit your system - Number of scoop bins on a shelve minus one is the number of intermediate arms you need. - Additional you need one left and one right arm for each row.Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 35. “Saveresources Easy fillingand reducepackaging” Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 36. Easy filling of gravity bins Swing down arm Nr suited for 703-101 15cm x 61cm grav. bin 703-103 15cm x 46cm grav. Bin 703-102 10cm x 61cm grav. bin (2 pcs) 703-104 10cm x 46cm grav. bin (2pcs)Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 37. Easy filling for scoop binsScoop bins are installed on plasticarms for easy filling reasons. Arms come inlengths of 33cm and 43 cm Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 38. CleaningSave resources and reduce packaging
  • 39. Inside cleaning • Cleaning frequency as needed. Clean bins at least every 60 days. Dry cleaning is the best as introducing moisture tot the inside contributes to an unfavorable environment. If wet cleaning is necessary please dry thoroughly.We recommend to • Empty binbuy a few extra • Take the dirty bin to the washing roomdispensers for cleaning • Take of the frontreasons. • Wipe out inside of false front and spout of the bin with cleaning towelIf you have no extra • Clean with water if necessarydispensers your • Bins can be disassembled completelypresentation will • Dishwasher proof (soft soap) 64ºshow an empty space • Let bin dry completely • Order extra bins for cleaning purposes Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 40. Outside cleaning • Dust bins and keep floors clean on a daily basis“Save • Remove, clean and vacuum around and underresources bins once a weekand reduce •packaging” Avoid direct sun light and equipment that expel heat • Keep temperatures down • Keep surroundings clean • Keep the bins clean Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 41. Stocking • Backstock is often a necessity and should be kept in the produce cooler • Note a receiving date on the back stock •“Save Try to keep backstock to a minimum • Stock the bins on a daily basis. Watch fast movers. Fill before theresources surroundings are cleanedand reduce • Anpackaging” index card will be used to document stocking dates and the weigh of the product • Move existing stock of scoop bins forward. Then fill from the top. • Gravity bins can be simply filled from the top • Items which sell through every 30 days or less are fine. 90 days or more are too slow. In between? … depends Save resources and reduce packaging
  • 42. Food Dispense Paderbornstraat 2 7418 BP Deventer The Netherlands Tel: 0031570744038 Fax: 0031570744039 Save resources and reduce packaging