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Rosenberg's Rules. A checklist to success.

Rosenberg's Rules. A checklist to success.



Transcript of J. Rosenberg's keynote speech at CMC (Claremont McKenna College). Although dating from 2010, still valid to this day. Except maybe rule #13, which I personally would encourage in some ...

Transcript of J. Rosenberg's keynote speech at CMC (Claremont McKenna College). Although dating from 2010, still valid to this day. Except maybe rule #13, which I personally would encourage in some cases...
Credits of course go entirely to Jonathan Rosenberg.



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    Rosenberg's Rules. A checklist to success. Rosenberg's Rules. A checklist to success. Presentation Transcript

    • LAVA consult Rosenberg’s Rules
    • LAVA consult Rosenberg ?
    • LAVA consult Jonathan Rosenberg SVP of PRODUCTS
    • LAVA consult As SVP of Products at Google, Jonathan Rosenberg led the internal cultural transition by leading and creating an ‘open’ atmossphere. During a lecture at Claremont McKenna College, Rosenberg’s alma mater, he shared his 42 rules to lead by. Pure gold.
    • LAVA consult communication
    • LAVA consult #1. Be a broken record When you think you’ve communicated something too much, you’re probably just beginning to get through
    • LAVA consult #2. Share everything. Hide nothing We strived to empower everyone equally from an information standpoint. In the internet age, power comes from sharing information not hoarding it.
    • LAVA consult #3. Every word matters A leader’s words should always be thoughtful and precise - everything you say will be interpreted. “Be crisp & direct and choose each word wisely”
    • LAVA consult #4. Tell stories Narrative is how we learn. If you want to be a leader, you will teach and tell stories.
    • LAVA consult #5. Stop talking, already Listening makes you more humble, more intuitive and smarter. Talking does none of these things.
    • LAVA consult #6. But, if you know the answer... There’s a time for listening and there’s a time for straight talk.
    • LAVA consult culture
    • LAVA consult #7. Ditch the pecking order You shouldn’t be able to figure out a company’s org chart by looking at their product
    • LAVA consult #8. Avoid the HiPPO Highest Paid Person’s Opinion...
    • LAVA consult #9. Crush bureaucracy of all kinds The most important attribute in organizations is the ability to get out of the way.
    • LAVA consult #10. Crowded is creative Offices should be designed for energy and interactions, not for isolation and status
    • LAVA consult #11. You need strategy AND tactics There are people who are great at strategy, and there are those who are great at tactics. That’s why we have teams.
    • LAVA consult #12. On teams, think small Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
    • LAVA consult #13. Show up Working from home is a malignant, metastasizing cancer. Ban it.
    • LAVA consult #14. Be original Never ever suggest copying your competitor. Their products generally suck.
    • LAVA consult #15. Hope is not a plan It just isn’t.
    • LAVA consult #16. Doveryai no proveryai Trust but verify. (Russian proverb) The primary job of a leader is judgment and communication
    • LAVA consult #17. Value over costs Spend 80% of your time on 80% of your revenue. It’s obvious, but hard to do, because that other 20% will end up taking up an inordinate amount of your time.
    • LAVA consult #18. Beware of the green-eyed monster Where there is success, there is envy.
    • LAVA consult #19. Reorganisations If you must reorganize, do it in a day. Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead.
    • LAVA consult team building
    • LAVA consult #20. Interview well Great people not only make a great company, they also attract more great people
    • LAVA consult #21. Hire in committee All too often, companies allow hiring managers to call all the shots. We didn’t do that. The gate is a committee. Promotions should be a peer review process.
    • LAVA consult #22. You can’t teach passion When enthusiasm is real, everyone can feel it -- it’s a tangible energy that lights people up. When hiring, it’s important to spot passion.
    • LAVA consult #23. Don’t hire specialists the underlying pace of technology will transform the landscape so quickly that the specialist’s job will be gone
    • LAVA consult #24. Slow down Urgency of a role isn’t sufficiently important to compromise quality in hiring.
    • LAVA consult #25. Diversity is your best defence... …against myopia. People with different backgrounds see the world a little differently. That’s invaluable.
    • LAVA consult #26. Be selective Instead of laying off the bottom 10%, don’t hire them
    • LAVA consult #27. Life isn’t fair You shouldn’t tell people they’re doing a great job when they're not.
    • LAVA consult #28. Identify and purge There’s six pieces of sushi left. Your friend takes five. Bad egg. Get rid of bad eggs.
    • LAVA consult decision making
    • LAVA consult #29. Start with the right goals Goals drive behavior and conflict. Make sure you have the goals right. If they’re creating conflict, change them.
    • LAVA consult #30. Consensus does not mean unanimous If everyone is thinking alike, somebody isn’t thinking.
    • LAVA consult #31. Consider the customer If there’s a doubt about what to do, consider your customer’s perspective.
    • LAVA consult innovation
    • LAVA consult #32. Creativity can’t be managed Creativity can be allocated, it can be budgeted, it can be measured, it can be tracked and encouraged, but it can’t be dictated.
    • LAVA consult #33. Prepare to lose in order to win A leader’s job is not to prevent risk, but to build the capability to recover when failures occur.
    • LAVA consult #34. Lay off the kill switch To have a great idea, have a lot of them.
    • LAVA consult #35. Create a culture of ‘yes’ Organizations develop antibodies to change. That’s why big companies stop innovating. If you’re the innovator, you’re like a virus. The antibodies want to kill you.
    • LAVA consult #36. Good judgment comes from experience Errors shouldn’t be defended or buried. They are what make you smarter.
    • LAVA consult humility
    • LAVA consult #37. Never stop learning It’s never too late to learn.
    • LAVA consult #38. Grow up Humility is correlated with age. Arrogance is inversely correlated with age. Why? Because as you get older, you realize how hard it is to get things done.
    • LAVA consult #39. Delegate You get personal leverage through empowerment, delegation and inspection.
    • LAVA consult #40. Mean what you say Make sure you spend your time on the things that you say are important. Culture is set from the top, and once set, it cannot be changed.
    • LAVA consult #41. Watch people on their way out You learn a great deal about a person and your ability to judge them in that moment they resign and the manner they walk out the door.
    • LAVA consult #42. Know you’re not exempt It’s the only way to learn he says. Communicate, confess, and comply. No one is perfect – not even you.
    • LAVA consult @LAVAconsult
    • LAVA consult credits and thanks to Jonathan Rosenberg SVP of PRODUCTS Full keynote available on youtube: http://lav.ac/RosenbergRules