Is Foundation Repair Necessary


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Foundation repair is not a simple procedure that can be undertaken by an average handyman. This kind of work requires the knowledge of an experienced crew. Invest in a company that will explain what the problem really is and help find affordable solutions to make your home a safe place to live. Foundation repair is a serious issue that requires a serious professional company.

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Is Foundation Repair Necessary

  1. 1. Is Foundation Repair Necessary By
  2. 2. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryDetermining When Foundation Repair Is Necessary“This article is written by an independent resource notaffiliated with Ram Jack.”Foundation repair is an intimidating prospect as yourfoundation is the most important part of your home’sconstruction. Walls and roofs can be repaired or replaced with littletrouble. Your foundation, however, is the base for every element inyour home, from walls to carpet, to ceiling fixtures. If the foundationfails, and no foundation repair is made, the rest of the home willultimately crumble.
  3. 3. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryTypes of FoundationsThe type of foundation that your home has will vary dependinglargely upon geographic location.Basement style foundations, while common in northernregions, are unsuitable formany southern areas of thecountry due to floodingcaused by shallow sources ofground water. Foundation Repair
  4. 4. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryWhile slab foundations are popular in the South, someareas require use of piles due to steeply sloping, uneven,or unstable soil conditions. If a foundation is not chosen to meet the environmental demands of that area, it is destined to fail, needing often- costly foundation repair. Crack in Foundation
  5. 5. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryBasement style foundations are very common throughoutthe country.Basements are obsolete in states such as Florida.The reasoning is that the watertable is so high that floodingwould be inevitable.Basements provide greatstorage, but also increasebuilding costs substantially. Foundation Piers
  6. 6. Is Foundation Repair Necessary98% of basement homes in North America feature somekind of concrete construction. Clearly wood is an unsuitable choice underground due to its lack of resistance to moisture, rodents, and termites. Additional attributes of concrete are that it does not rust, warp, or provide an environment favorable for mold to grow.
  7. 7. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryPile foundations, also known as pier and beam are also apopular foundation choice.The piles are constructed of wood, steel, or concrete.They are driven into the ground orplaced in excavated holes. The pilesreach down into the earth to a stablelayer of soil or rock. The piles extendabove ground level in a linear mannerto provide support for the walls andfloor of the structure. Foundation Repair
  8. 8. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryConcrete slabs are quite common for homes in the South.Slab on grade foundations are easy and affordable toconstruct. A poured layer of concrete about 4 inches thick is applied to compacted soil or crushed gravel. This base helps to improve drainage.
  9. 9. Is Foundation Repair NecessarySteel rebar or reinforcing rods are placed before theconcrete is poured to make the concrete stronger.The edges and interior weight-bearing locations aretypically poured to a greater thickness of 8 to 12 inches.Though popular in the South, thisfoundation is not recommended forareas that experience frequentfreezing temperatures. Crack in Foundation
  10. 10. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryUnlike the slab on grade style, a t-shaped foundation canbe used in geographic areas prone to ground freezing. This method is also known as a spread footing or continuous style. An inverted T shaped footing is first constructed beneath the frost line.
  11. 11. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryThis added support spreads the load over the sub-soil.Walls are built on top of the T.A poured concrete slab thenconnects the walls.Unfortunately, this 3-step system isone of the most costly availablemethods.
  12. 12. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryFrost protected foundations can withstand freezes, butcome with a significantly lower price tag. The structure is built using a single step process, but is only suitable for heated structures. This means that it can be used for homes and businesses. Foundation Piers
  13. 13. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryIt is not appropriate, however, for an unheated barn,garage, or storage shed.It utilizes 2 layers of polystyreneinsulation to minimize heat loss.This keeps the heat generatedfrom the above structure in theground to prevent ground freezeeven in freezing temperatures.
  14. 14. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryWhy Foundations Go BadThere are several reasons why foundations can fail,needing foundation repair. Typically, these reasons boil down to an improper foundation being laid for the home’s location and climate.
  15. 15. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryReasons for damage include the following:• Water damage. Even if water cannot directly impact your concrete foundation, it can impact the surrounding soil. Soil can be washed away leaving the concrete exposed and unprotected. The soil can also shift due to heavy rain, causing the structure to shift or sink. Foundation Repair
  16. 16. Is Foundation Repair Necessary• Difficult soil type.Some soils are better suited for building than others. Ideal soils are hard and compact, providing support for the foundation. Others are sandy and easily washed away. Soil type can change over time, as well, leaving a once solid foundation in need of help. Crack in Foundation
  17. 17. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryReasons for damage include the following:• Compaction and expansion. One of the largest issues facing houses is the problem of soil settling. Some settling is normal, particularly in the first few years after a home is built.
  18. 18. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryReasons for damage include the following:• Compaction and expansion. (continued) Repeated contraction and expansion of the ground beneath your structure, however, can cause problems requiring foundation repair. This is a more common problem facing older homes. If the soil is packed properly on new homes before the foundation is laid, excessive settling can be avoided. Foundation Piers
  19. 19. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryOlder homes often suffer from problems associated withimproperly laid foundations, and they require foundationrepair. These issues need to be addressed to prevent serious damage to the home and risk to its residents.
  20. 20. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryWarning Signs of a Bad FoundationsFoundations commonly have shallow cracks that do notnecessarily affect the structure.Due to normal post-constructionsettling and concrete shrinkage allhouses will have some cracking.These harmless shrinkage cracks areless than 1/8 of an inch thick and runvertically.
  21. 21. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryThe crack should be limited to the foundation withoutextending into the above structure.Settling cracks are usually a result of short-term settling of anew home. If the crack is small (less than ¼ inch), it is probably caused by short-term settlement. If the crack has been repaired and re-cracks or seems to change over time, it may be caused by ongoing settling—a more serious condition.
  22. 22. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryOngoing settlement cracks areserious, and foundation repairwill require professionalattention.You can also spot ongoingsettling by examining the crackitself.If the edges of the crack do notline up like puzzle pieces, youhave a shear crack. Crack in Foundation
  23. 23. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryA shear crack is a big problem and will require serious helpas the home’s structural integrity is at stake. For these types of crack, the quarter- inch rule is of no merit. Any horizontal cracks in the foundation are also a red flag to homeowners. Regardless of the size, horizontal cracks generally mean foundation repair will be necessary.
  24. 24. Is Foundation Repair Necessary What Can Happen If a structurally compromised foundation is left unattended, the problem will quickly manifest itself in the aboveground structure. Your home may develop cracking in the walls, leaking or collapsing of sections of the roof.
  25. 25. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryYou may also notice your floors becoming uneven andunstable. If you have a basement foundation, you might see bowing and cracking of those walls. If you spot a significant or unusual crack in your foundation, you should investigate foundation repair as quickly as you can.
  26. 26. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryThe Right CompanyFoundation repair is not a simple procedure that can beundertaken by an average handyman.This kind of work requires the knowledge ofan experienced crew. Invest in a companythat will explain what the problem really isand help find affordable solutions to makeyour home a safe place to live. Foundationrepair is a serious issue that requires aserious professional company. Foundation Piers
  27. 27. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryYou may have just bought a 50 year-old home, and nowhave a failing foundation on your hands. You might also have realized that the budget homebuilder you hired was cheap for a reason. In any case, foundation repair issues are of serious concern.
  28. 28. Is Foundation Repair NecessaryAddressing these problems quickly will save you moneyand keep from any additional damage being caused toyour home itself.Foundation repair soundsexpensive andintimidating, but you canfind reasonable solutionsto save your home.
  29. 29. Thank You Is FoundationRepair Necessary For more information please visit