Ant hill


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Ant hill

  1. 1. Lessons from ant-hill Bangalore is famous for IT professionals, gardens, and good weather. But, one cannot miss anthills in the open fields.
  2. 2. In the anthill, life goes on. Anthill reminds us that we are co-creators in this world. It is hard to define the shape of the anthill. Each is special and unique. Aren't we special and unique children of God?
  3. 3. Every anthill looks aged. But, it is an example of integration. Broken parts are mended by white ants. They teach us the duty of hard work and perseverance.
  4. 4. Much of the structure of the anthill is deep inside the ground, unseen by us. So too, the reality of each of us is much deeper than anyone can imagine.
  5. 5. In the anthill, ants live in perfect order, and harmony. A lesson to all of us in community life, partnership and collaboration.
  6. 6. Inside the anthill, there is a well-planned structure. All work together without knowing the outcome. We are like ants, building the kingdom of God, not knowing the final outcome.
  7. 7. Contemplating anthill, one cannot forget the tiny ants. How God takes care of them! He takes care of even little, big, insignificant, significant creatures!
  8. 8. Anthills are inhabited by snakes only when ants are not in them. Evil grows when goodness is weak or absent.
  9. 9. At times, black ants enter the anthill and take away by force the simple white ants to kill and eat them. There will be always forces of evil trying to destroy the builders of Kingdom of God. It is hard to be good and do good. No good is achieved without struggle or pain.
  10. 10. If you break a part of the anthill, the ants will repair it promptly. They refuse to be defeated. Likewise, we should not surrender to negative forces. We must promptly repair dangers in time. We should not wait.
  11. 11. Deep down at the very depth of each ant-hill there is a queen. If the queen is killed, the whole colony of ants disappear. At the depth of everything there is life and goodness. The source of life, God Himself, dwells in the deepest sanctuary of our inner core in the soul of every baptised person.
  12. 12. The queen lays eggs, thousands everyday. She is the source of life. When she dies the ant-hill is inhabited by snakes and other creatures for whom it was not meant. When we are not aware of God dwelling within us, all kinds of things happen to us which are not meant for us.
  13. 13. points for reflection 1.How do I share in the creation of God? Read Genesis story of creation. 2. I am unique creature of God. Read Is. 43:1 3. How inclusive am I? Exclusive? Read Jesus’ attitudes: Lk5: 27-; 6:27- 4. What are my hidden treasures? How much I work at it to unearth it? Read: Mt.13:44-50 5. Is my life in relation to others? How well I use my role in the community? Read. Rom.12:3-21 6. Do I experience God’s providence in daily life? Read: Mt.6:25-34 7. Am I hospitable? Open to other’s ideas? Read.Lk.19:1-10 8. Do I look for easy way of life? How much I struggle to be a disciple? Read: Lk.9: 9. God is with us: am I with God always? When do I miss him? Read: Mt.28:16-20
  14. 14. This programme is the copyright of Fr. Gilbert Choondal, sdb. You are free to use ths for non-commercial purposes. If you use commercially (either in parts, full or changed format), please do get his permission. Fr. Gilbert Choondal, sdb Kristu Jyoti College, Krishna Raja Puram Post Bangalore – 560 036 Karnataka India Email: [email_address] Mobile: +91-9448833709 Website: