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A2 02 112011_pshop1

  1. 1. Digital Editing Part One A2 Photography 06/10/2010
  2. 2. Digital EditingLearning Aim.Recognise the potential of Photoshop as a tool forediting/manipulating images Learning Objectives • Brainstorm potential uses of digital editing. • Produce edited images • Review learning progression to date • Respond to the changing Times brief by prodcing work relevant to the assignment • Prepare for an interim critique on the project (09/11/2011) Objective 2 (another session) Learn more creative techniques for image manipulation.
  3. 3. Digital EditingTask 1. 2. Brainstorm potential uses of digital editing. 4. Identify through own research three manipulated images and discuss how the affects were achieved.
  4. 4. Digital EditingWhat is Photoshop?Image editing software often used to manipulate the capturedimage to an extent determined by the artist/retoucher. Colour balance, contrast, cropping. Retouching, airbrushing. Compositing.Arguably Photoshop can be used in a similar way to Dark roomprocessing of prints. The artist can however manipulate imagesfar beyond the capabilities of conventional dark room techniques.
  5. 5. Digital EditingIs photo-manipulation new?Nikolai Yezhov, an NKVD leader photographed alongside Stalin in at least one photograph, was shot in 1940 andsubsequently edited out of the photograph.
  6. 6. Digital EditingIs photo-manipulation new?Two ways of Life: Oscar Rejlander, 1857
  7. 7. Digital EditingIs photo-manipulation new?
  8. 8. Digital EditingTask 2.Photoshop exercise •colour space •Image size •Preparing print ready images and web ready images. •Saving files jpeg, tiff, psd. •Working in layers •Copying •Curve adjustment - (contrast control) •Histogram •Colour balance •Hue saturation •Clone tool •Healing brush
  9. 9. Digital EditingPotential of Photographers in the Digital age.Photoshop Images.David Tweedie.
  10. 10. Personal Investigation.Potential of Photographers in the Digital age.Photoshop Images. •Todd Antony
  11. 11. Digital Editing.Potential of Photographers in the Digital age.Photoshop Images. •David Hockney
  12. 12. Digital Editing •David LaChappelle
  13. 13. Personal Investigation.Potential of Photographers in the Digital age.Photoshop Images. •David Hockney
  14. 14. Digital EditingMarilyn – David LaChapelle Marilyn – Andy Warhol
  15. 15. Digital Editing Gisele Bundchen
  16. 16. Digital EditingExercise• Change the working space of your document to adobe RGB 1998.• Create an image layer copy.• Retouch the skin surface removing blemishes and skin imperfections, describe what tools you have used.• In the layers pallete create a histogram adjustment and a curves layer.• Resize your image create one image at 72 dpi and 10 cm long• Create a second image at 300 dpi and 10 cm long• Save your output files as psd and jpg’s describe the advantage/disadvantage of these type of file formats for your sketch books.