Adopted 2012 rules & regs


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Adopted 2012 rules & regs

  1. 1. WHOA RULES AND REGULATIONS 1st infraction - $25.00 fine, 2nd infraction - $50.00 fine, plus loss of voting rights and the use of the common areas, as specified under Article II, Section A of the Declaration of Covenants. Step Five: If the assessed fines are not paid to the Association within 30 daysfrom the date of assessment, the fines shall bear interest from the assessmentdate at the rate of 15% per annum. In the event that the assessed fines andinterest are not paid within 90 days from the date of assessment, the Board shallbring an action of law against the owner obligated to pay the delinquent fines asper Article V, Section 7 of the Covenants. 4 of 4
  2. 2. WHOA RULES AND REGULATIONS 6.8.1 automobile-caused damage to HOA property, to other individuals’ property, or to persons, 6.8.2 children, animal, or guest damage to HOA property, to other individuals’ property, or to persons, 6.8.3 damage to another unit caused by negligence of the homeowner6.9 Owners shall be assessed and shall pay within 30 days of assessment the Unit’s portion of WHOA insurance determined by size of unit and presence (or non-presence) of a fireplace. The process of assessment shall be done by the Financial Manager with the aid of the Financial Working Group and posted in the mailbox communication area. Any owner may inquire about the assessment process first to the Financial Manager and then to the Board of Directors.Grievance ProcedureStep One: Any homeowner wishing to initiate this grievance procedure shallsubmit a written complaint to the Board of Directors including the specificcovenant, rule or regulation broken, the date of the alleged infraction, and thename of the owner responsible for the alleged infraction.Step Two: The Board shall inform the owner against whom the grievance hasbeen filed and shall schedule an arbitration meeting date and time satisfactoryto both parties; this meeting shall be held within 10 days of notification of thegrievance. The complainant may withdraw the grievance during this 10 day period and thus terminate the grievance procedure. A written, voluntary statement of intent of future compliance with the specific rule or regulation, signed by the accused and witnessed by one member of the Board of Directors prior to the arbitration meeting, shall terminate grievance proceedings. In the event that further infractions of the regulation are observed and reported to the Board within 60 days following the acceptance of the Statement of compliance, the Board shall institute Step 4 of the grievance procedure. Step Three: At the scheduled arbitration meeting, the Board shall hear the petitions of both parties, limited to 15 minutes each. The Board may ask questions needed. The Board shall render a decision within 5 days following the meeting. Both parties shall be notified of the decision, and the decision shall be binding upon both parties. Step Four: In the event that future infractions of the same rule or regulation are observed and reported to the Board, the following schedule of fines shall be instituted: 3 of 4
  3. 3. WHOA RULES AND REGULATIONS Regulations concerning children of homeowners and visitors include: 3.0 Homeowners are responsible for supervision of children at all times. All outdoor toys, including riding toys, shall be kept in the patio of the owner. Toys may not be abandoned on sidewalks, in the common areas, or on the playground. Regulations concerning animals owned by Willowbriar residents include: 4.0 All pets shall be licensed and sheltered according to city and county ordinances. 4.1 Pets in the common areas shall be under voice control of the owner or on a leash. 4.2 Defecation by pets shall be cleaned up immediately. 4.3 Failure to follow these rules shall result in fines of $25.00 per occurrence and/or summoning of Animal Control Regulations concerning refuse 5.0 All trash, garbage, and recyclables shall be placed in bins in enclosed areas per city regulations. 5.1 Fallen limbs shall be placed in the designated limb area. 5.3 Yard waste (no soil) shall be placed in the yard waste bin.Regulations Concerning Improvements, Maintenance, and Insurance 6.0 Owners, with Board approval, may redesign landscaping in front of their unit up to four feet from the building to the grass or the sidewalk, may install a screen / storm door that is Association approved, may place storage units on the patio that are below the fence top, may install TV dishes on the house, and may make other exterior changes (e.g., replace Plexiglas, install new skylights, etc.). Owners are responsible for all maintenance, repairs, and replacement of such improvements. 6.1 Interior redesign and rehabilitation shall meet the codes of the City of Loveland and the architectural control guidelines of WHOA. 6.2 Patio space, party walls, and optional rear patio wall are considered to be the homeowners property. 6.3 Homeowners are responsible for maintenance of all home owner owned property. 6.4 Willowbriar HOA is responsible for maintenance of all commonly owned property including the carports and for all areas beyond the buildings and beyond all patio fences. 6.5 Willowbriar maintains insurance on all common property, exteriors of all buildings, and coverage of directors and officers. 6.6 Individual homeowners are responsible for insuring all property, appliances, and structures within the home from wall –to-wall plus the patio and for all liability coverage on their real property. 6.8 The homeowner is financially responsible for repair of any damage caused by occupants of the unit and guests of the unit including: 2 of 4
  4. 4. WHOA RULES AND REGULATIONSRULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE WILLOWBRIAR HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION Located at 985 W. 10th Street, Loveland CO 80537Effective Date: May 1, 1985Revised Date: November 10, 2002Revised Date: September 23, 2004Revised Date: August 11, 2012This set of Rules and Regulations supersedes all other written copies of the Rules andRegulations, Amendments, and Additions. Where these Rules and Regulations conflictwith the original covenants of the Association, these Rules and Regulations shall prevail.These Rules and Regulations shall be recorded at the Larimer County Clerk andRecorders Office. All current owners shall receive a copy at the time of adoption. Allfuture purchasers / owners shall receive a copy of the original covenants and the currentRules and Regulations not later than the closing date of their purchase transaction. Allowners and their tenants are expected to abide fully by the Covenants and thesecurrent rules and regulations. Lack of knowledge is not an excuse.Vehicle Regulations 1.0 Each unit is granted use of one assigned carport and one space in the designated parking area. Carports remain the property of WHOA. 1.0.1 Except for six weeks following move-in and six weeks before move- out, no items may be stored in the carport area except in the storage closet or in closed containers neatly stacked on the raised shelf in the assigned area. 1.0.2 Parking in the designated parking areas is on a first come, first served basis. All other cars should be parked on 10th Street. 1.0.3 Fines for failure to abide by these rule include: improper use of carport for storage --$10 per day; improper parking --$10 and towing at the owner’s expense. Towed cars shall be impounded and can only be claimed by the owner upon payment of all fees for towing and impounding. 2.0 Other vehicle regulations include 2.0.1 Recreational vehicles, campers ,and boats may not be parked on Willowbriar property except for loading and unloading. 2.0.2 No washing or repair of vehicles may occur on Willowbriar property except for minor repairs lasting no longer than a day and occurring in the carport, 2.0.3 All areas with emergency access designations shall be kept clear of vehicles except for short-term loading and unloading. 2.0.4 Failure to abide by these regulations shall result in fines of $25.00 per occurrence. 1 of 4