#ThroneTime Digital (Lyrics) Booklet


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Digital (Lyrics) booklet for highly anticipated single from Rapper Ojonery

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#ThroneTime Digital (Lyrics) Booklet

  1. 1. #ThroneTime s DIGITAL BOOKLET sOJONERY
  2. 2. [Chorus] FUCK YOUR KING Butt Fuck Your King (x3) Cuz Niggas itz ThroneTime cuz Bitches itz ThroneTime (x3) Fuck. Your. King! [verse I] I-I-I-I-I-I feel like religion, when niggas believe in a nigga and give you they everything. You’s reckonin’ thatz a cross you can’t duck it. I say fuck it in a bucket, Take ma dick and you suck it Cuz I made it to the budget. Cameroonian to the blood Came up swimming through the mud. Half demented, a fuckin Judas, I betrayed my religion, But this world is for the taking So from here I’m going up I’m like Whitney Houston’s pussy, so you I don’t give a fuck. Back in high school, was a little bit enstranged, Y’all could not imagine ma pain What if I’d a father that was never to be blamed Maybe ‘never been a rapper, never hit them with the game. “Go kill ‘em, Ojonery! Kill ‘em go! You fuckin with they brain!” There’s some spirits in these lyrics and you know that I aint playin’ Niggas is shaken, they fuckin’ with the Devil The anti-Christ is born, so the world is in trouble. Ojonery tryina cheat death, so this money is my double Hope I done masturbated these hard debaters that itz ThroneTime. Itz the inaugural, the return of the KING!OJONERY
  3. 3. [Chorus] FUCK YOUR KING Butt Fuck Your King (x3) Cuz Niggas itz ThroneTime cuz Bitches itz ThroneTime (x3) Fuck. Your. King! [Verse ii] Football, cuz I’m just playin’ You fall for these games. Niggas is heartbroken. Them bitches will start chokin’ Itz only as far as spoken. But words could carry demons, they could carry evil power. When they ask me why I do this, I look ‘em strange and i reply: “Degeneratin’ this generation” Aint it crystal clear that I’m on one ? Itz contracdictory but contributory that hell is comfy, itz an A1. I’m startin’ to see the world Uncertain when I’ll see home Ready to sell a couple of souls as I reach up for the throne. Around me your ass aint safe like caucasian kids with a gay pa cuz demons they bother me, prayin’ stopped. I need a lobotomy ASAP. Tibet inaugural, believe in the dharma we’re livin a parody, Aesop’s. I don rap sotey ma lass don stand, ol’ boy na die! Before I wrote that “Many more minimal wages” song, I was already contagious Before “I got it on my own” I was already on the Throne. I’m on that Novo Ordo Seclorum: I’m everywhere! Even in your room. These ideas is Catholic, the ecumenical forumOJONERY
  4. 4. (c) 2012 #ThroneTime written and performed by Ojong Cuthbert Ayuk F. Recorded and mixed at StreetTalkz Studios by “Kay” for StreetTalkz Entertainment Artwork and Graphic design by @WilliamTakor Manyi Arrey for Zelig DesignOJONERY aceofdiamonds WilliamTakor