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Canpreneurs ~ Attributes of a successful entrepreneur


Attributes of successful entrepreneurs. I call them Canpreneurs.

Attributes of successful entrepreneurs. I call them Canpreneurs.

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  • 1. Can-preneurs
  • 2. Perspectives built from thetalk radio showGive Startups A ChancePart one
  • 3. These successful entrepreneurs are glass half-full, Yes-we-can people
  • 4. They are driven to be thevery best
  • 5. Attitude is everything
  • 6. There is a willingness to take risks
  • 7. These entrepreneursunderstand the need tofail fast.Each failure means theyare that muchcloser to success.
  • 8. To theseentrepreneurspivoting is secondto breathing.Being pushed to theedge is breathing.
  • 9. Theseentrepreneursforeverkeeptheir eyeson thetarget
  • 10. Relentless determination.They keep going Until the lock is cracked.
  • 11. It is notabouthaving afull house.It isabouthavingfullpassion
  • 12. It is about having a big idea that they love
  • 13. They Understandthe need to buildtheir network~to build theright relationships
  • 14. It is not about age.It is aboutchild-like curiosityand confidence.
  • 15. It is about courage andtaking the plunge!
  • 16. These entrepreneurs areCan-preneurs!
  • 17. CreditsImages from Flickr• Comedy_nose • Alaskan Dude• JanetR3 • Victor Bezukov• Nasa Goddard • Zeze57• Theilr • Blmurch• Randy Wick • ToniVC• Martinak15 • Amagill• Seth Mazow
  • 18. About Shirley Williams. Shirley Williams has had a dynamic and assertive management career that has led to a reputation of a visionary, result-driven and passionate leader with excellent strategic implementation and motivational abilities.Shirley has had 20+ years in the Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and Information Technology.Shirley is the CTO and owner at William Pearl and Social Media Pearls. Shirley consults in strategy, business transformation, team development and social media. Shirley is also a New Media Enthusiast and Advocate. She has her own Talk Radio Show on Social Business Environment, Rise of The Patient and Give Start Ups A Chance. Thank You www.socialmediapearls.com Follow Me