Digital Marketing for Philippine Real Estate Professionals


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This event was about the possibilities of online tools, social media and how to use them most efficiently.

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Digital Marketing for Philippine Real Estate Professionals

  1. Digital Marketing For Real Estate Professionals
  2. Content i. Introduction: Why Digital Marketing? ii. Personal Brand iii. Social Media Strategy iv. Property Presentation v. Email and Blogging vi. CRM and Databases vii.
  3. i. Introduction Why digital marketing?
  4. i. Current Model VS Trending Model ● Word-of-Mouth ● Cold Calls ● Flyers ● Offline Marketing ● Online Marketing ● Videos ● Social Media ● Search
  5. It’s all about who you are and what you want to be known for. ii. Building Your Personal Brand
  6. ii. Developing Your Brand Mantra This is the “heart and soul” of your brand. It is not a mission statement, it’s a quick simple, simple, memorable statement who you are and what you have to offer.
  7. ii. Determine Your Emotional Appeal ● How do I make people feel? ● How do people benefit by working with me? ● What words do others use to describe me?
  8. ii. Determine Your Description ● What field am I in (or do I want to be in)? ● What are the words I would use to describe my work? ● Who is my target audience?
  9. ii. Determine Your Function ● What service do I have to offer people? ● What do I do that makes me stand out from everyone else?
  10. ii. My Personal Brand I’m William Pattison, a real estate innovator, who is passionate about improving the industry with the use of modern technology.
  11. iii. Social Media Strategy The Importance of Social Networking
  12. iii. Professional Linkedin Profile Step 1. Go to Step 2. Create an account or log in Step 3. Professionalism is the key
  13. iii. Linkedin Guidelines What to do with your Linkedin profile: ● Add your title/ position and company ● Pick a professional photo ● Feature Properties ● Your Blogs ● Join Philippine real estate professionals group ● Connect with everyone in this room through with the connection ● Add your client testimonials and get them from happy owners to show ● Recommend someone you have dealt with before.
  14. iii. Linkedin Guidelines What not to do with your Linkedin profile: ● Spam ● Having unprofessional or awkward profile picture or not having one at all. ● Quality, not quantity
  15. iii. Linkedin Profile Example
  16. iii. Linkedin Profile Example
  17. iii. Linkedin Profile Example
  18. iii. Our Linkedin group ‘’Philippine real estate professionals’’ home=&gid=6551643&trk=anet_ug_hm
  19. iii. Facebook Go to, create an account and page ● Use your page to connect and engage with your potential clients ● Maintain a consistent flow of communication ● Consider using FB ads ● Create and maintain a professional image
  20. iii. Facebook Examples
  21. iii. Facebook Examples
  22. iii. Google + 1. Go to 2. If you already have a Google+ account, sign in with your email and password. Otherwise, click on the Sign Up button to sign up with Google. Great way for you to be found via a google search
  23. iii. Twitter Make sure you have a good quality picture, description and great logo on Twitter. What not to tweet: ● Your frustrations about a vendor/buyer etc ● When you are angry or having a bad day. ● Every single property. What to tweet: ● Local Property Prices ● Unusual Properties ● Featured Property of the Week ● Tips on home improvements ● Include relevant #hashtag
  24. iii. Twitter Profile Examples
  25. iii. Pinterest Pinterest is a “virtual pin board” where users can “pin” images they find across the internet to categorized interest “boards” where they can find and remember them with ease. ● Create unique boards for your listing ● Create a board introducing yourself ● Pin from the page you want to lead customers to ● Create a board for DIY ideas
  26. iii. Expatriates Joining social networking sites such as will connect you to expatriates and create an opportunity to help them pick a home when they arrive. Use the ‘doctor approach’ instead of ‘sales approach.’ Listen, answer their questions and kindly assist with their home search instead of pushing and selling your properties.
  27. iii. Communications People who don’t have data or a local phone service may prefer using messaging and voice calling apps such as: ● Skype ● Whatsapp ● Viber ● Google Hangout
  28. iv. Property Presentation How to make your properties unique?
  29. iv. Importance of Photography and Videos VS
  30. iv. Copywriting ● Great copy writing should tell the story of your property ● What's it like to live there? ● What are they going to enjoy? ● Sell the lifestyle that comes with the property
  31. iv. Copywriting Example How would you sell this home? Studio Unit, 43.7SQM
  32. iv. Copywriting Example Discover this home with character and location! This large stunning studio unit on offer in the prestigious Perla Mansion is rich in character and designer style. If you are one that enjoys being close to the action then go home and relax in all in a comfortable setting this home is for you. This building has wonderful amenities such as pool and gym with amazing views of the city for the rooftop lounge.
  33. v. Email and Blogging How to market your properties through email and blogs?
  34. v. Blogging Personal branding is a consistent and disciplined approach to building your personal profile online. The content of your personal blog should consists of: ● Home DIY Ideas, Different Neighbourhoods and Communities ● Personal Finance, Local Market, Mortgage Solution, How to save money Real Estate Agents who blog once a week or more will boost credibility with potential buyers! Don’t forget to share your blog post on FB / Twitter / Google + / ETC.
  35. v. Email ● Emails are more valuable than mobile numbers if you know who’s using them ● They’re easier to respond to if you don’t know the person ● Headlines matter heavily - you need to get people to click and open ● Keep it short, sweet, and always actionable ● Use it to build a relationship, and NOT TO SPAM
  36. v. Email Tips for getting opens with great headlines: ● Reveal just enough and create curiosity ○ Is it something unique? ○ Of personal interest? ● Create a sense of urgency ○ Might people miss out? ○ Limited offer at a low price? ● Time it right ● Personalize if possible
  37. v. Email Tips for great content: ● Keep it simple and to the point. ● Be casual and relate to the customer. This is a line- by-line conversation which means you have to engage, and not be pushy. ● Have a clear call to action. What do you want me to do after reading this?
  38. v. Email Example
  39. v. MailChimp - Email Marketing Benefits: ● Reach a lot of people easily using email ● Create beautiful templates with useful content, including links, images, etc. ● Track opens, clicks, subscriptions to measure engagement - you can do A/B testing to see what works and what doesn’t
  40. v. MailChimp - Email Marketing Walkthrough: ● Go to and sign up ● Using Excel or any spreadsheet program, create a simple database of leads ● Create a list ● Create a campaign ● Test it and send!
  41. vi. CRM and Databases How to keep track of people, profiles, and information?
  42. vi. CRM and Databases A good habit you’ll have to develop ● Acquire emails and build databases ● Collect useful information about these leads so you can reach them as individuals ● Each one leads to profiles that you can group together later for email campaigns ● It’s as simple as organizing spreadsheets ● Use a CRM like highrise to make it easier
  43. vi. CRM and Databases Name Mobile Email Type Price Range Area Comments Walter Wong 0917539903 3 walter. wong@acti looking for place to rent < P10,000 Makati, BGC Works in Makati. Will Pattison seller > P100,000 Makati
  44. vii. ‘’Home search like a local’’
  45. vii. is a real estate portal that allows your properties to be seen 24/7 by active buyers and renters. This portal is different to most as it has rich information about a community and building to educate the user so they are more information to make a decision. Leads will be sent to you directly to your email follow by a text message alert.
  46. vii. Promo Normally PHP 8.888/per month for 350 listings is allowing brokers to upload for free for the month of march when you quote
  47. vii. Step 1. Go to Step 2. Go to list your space in the top right corner Step 3. Add your properties for FREE via the upload or for multiple properties please email to have the upload all your properties and remember to quote
  48. Thanks!
  49. Always Be Sharing