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This is a presentation intended to give basic training for counterfeit currency. Most of the content has been obtained from the Secret Service website.

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Counterfeit Presentation

  1. 1. Counterfeit Detection Compliance Direct Title 31 Compliance
  2. 2. Introduction The United States Secret Service works closely with the gaming industry to protect U.S. currency and businesses. Title 31 Compliance
  3. 3. Introduction The increasing volume of currency passing through casinos raises the possibility of encountering a fake. Title 31 Compliance
  4. 4. Introduction Therefore, the U.S. government wants to be sure this industry is well- prepared. Title 31 Compliance
  5. 5. Authentication Video Title 31 Compliance
  6. 6. Knowingly Passing Counterfeit A counterfeit note cannot be exchanged for a genuine one, and it is illegal to knowingly pass counterfeit currency. Title 31 Compliance
  7. 7. Employee Training There is an incentive for businesses that handle cash to train their employees about the security and design features in genuine U.S. currency. Title 31 Compliance
  8. 8. Security Features Any team member who comes in contact with or handles currency should know about the security features. Title 31 Compliance
  9. 9. Familiarize Yourself Familiarize yourself with the security features, so you can easily spot a fake. Title 31 Compliance
  10. 10. Indicators Title 31 Compliance
  11. 11. Microprinting Microprinting is very small text that is hard to replicate due to its size. Title 31 Compliance
  12. 12. Border The border of a genuine bill are clear and unbroken. On the counterfeit, the lines in the outer margin and scrollwork may be blurred and indistinct. Title 31 Compliance
  13. 13. Paper United States currency is one-fourth linen and three-fourths cotton and contains red and blue fibers. Title 31 Compliance
  14. 14. Intaglio Printing The surface of the note feels slightly raised, while the reverse side feels slightly indented. This process is called intaglio printing. Title 31 Compliance
  15. 15. Serial Numbers Genuine serial numbers have a distinctive style and are evenly spaced. The serial numbers are printed in the same ink color as the Treasury Seal. Title 31 Compliance
  16. 16. Treasury Seal On a counterfeit, the serial numbers may differ in color or shade of ink from the Treasury seal. The numbers may not be uniformly spaced or aligned. Title 31 Compliance
  17. 17. Federal Reserve and Treasury Seals On a genuine bill, the saw- tooth points of the Federal Reserve and Treasury seals are clear, distinct, and sharp. The counterfeit seals may have uneven, blunt, or broken saw-tooth points. Title 31 Compliance
  18. 18. Security Thread A security thread can be found on the redesigned $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 notes. Title 31 Compliance
  19. 19. Illumination Security thread on each denomination and each denomination’s security thread will glow when illuminated by UV light. Title 31 Compliance
  20. 20. $100.00 Security Features The redesigned $100 note is the latest denomination of U.S. currency to be redesigned with enhanced security features. Title 31 Compliance
  21. 21. Blue ribbon • Blue ribbon. • Bells change to 100s as they move. • The ribbon is woven into the paper, not printed on it. Title 31 Compliance
  22. 22. Franklin United States Founding Father Benjamin Franklin’s portrait is on the $100 note. Title 31 Compliance
  23. 23. Bell in the Inkwell Tilt the note to see the color-shifting bell in the copper inkwell change from copper to green. Title 31 Compliance
  24. 24. $50.00 Security Features Title 31 Compliance
  25. 25. Grant • Security Thread • Color Shifting Ink 50 • Portrait Watermark • President Ulysses S. Grant ($50 note) Title 31 Compliance
  26. 26. $20.00 Security Features Title 31 Compliance
  27. 27. Jackson • Security Thread • Color Shifting Ink 20 • Portrait Watermark • President Andrew Jackson Title 31 Compliance
  28. 28. $10.00 Security Features Title 31 Compliance
  29. 29. Hamilton • Security Thread • Color Shifting Ink 10 • Portrait Watermark • Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton Title 31 Compliance
  30. 30. $5.00 Security Features Title 31 Compliance
  31. 31. Lincoln • Watermark: Column of three smaller numeral 5s • Security Thread • Watermark: Larger numeral • President Abraham Lincoln Title 31 Compliance
  32. 32. Portrait Watermark Hold the note to light and look for a faint image of President on the bill in the blank space to the right of the portrait. Title 31 Compliance
  33. 33. Suspect a Counterfeit? Turn it over to Security. If the note is genuine, it will be returned as soon as possible. Title 31 Compliance
  34. 34. Suspect a Counterfeit? If the note is counterfeit, you will not be reimbursed. It is against the law to knowingly pass a counterfeit note. Title 31 Compliance
  35. 35. Contact Information William Owen Logan Compliance Direct 716-990-5860 Title 31 Compliance