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Film 315 Slide Presentation on Facebook

Film 315 Slide Presentation on Facebook

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  • 1. FACEBOOK…
  • 2. Is all over the news and for good reason. It can be argued that its:
  • 3. This generation’s worldwide phenomenon
  • 4. And connects you with friends that you once thought lost
  • 5. Facebook is…
  • 6. Aggressive and everywhere! Mobile phones being a notable example
  • 7. Facebook is led by a new generation of entrepreneur
  • 8. So Generation X should do their homework and realize that…
  • 9. Facebook brings advertisers, consumers, and job opportunities together
  • 10. With a slick and easy to use interface, Facebook is intuitive and should be enjoyed from the comfort of your home
  • 11. With how-to’s and instructions so simple even a kid could use it
  • 12. Our natural tendency is to add people we barely know, to build up a repertoire of friends
  • 13. So beware of the Facebook stalkers and potential “haters”
  • 14. On the flipside, Facebook has the ability to…
  • 15. Bring two people together and craft long-term relationships
  • 16. So whether you are writing your very own, personalized status…
  • 17. Or trying to get the party started by using the Event option and inviting all your friends
  • 18. Realize that Facebook is both a blessing
  • 19. And a potential addiction
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