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Position Questionnaire
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Position Questionnaire


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This checklist helps guides the recruiter and the hiring manager in describing the role.

This checklist helps guides the recruiter and the hiring manager in describing the role.

Published in: Career, Education, Business

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  • 1. Position Questionnaire By William Chin Position: Why is the position opened/created?  Is this a newly created role? Why?  Is this a replacement role? Why? o What has happened to the current incumbent? What candidates, if any, have you considered?  Are there internal candidates suitable? (Local, expats, etc) o Have you reviewed your succession planning/bench player list?  Are there external candidates that you know of who might be a good fit? Successful Incumbent Criteria  What is the incumbent attribute gap you are trying to close (knowledge, skill, competencies, abilities, inter-personal, etc)?  Describe the last 3 incumbents who were successful in this role. What made them successful? Position Specific  What are the day-to-day areas of responsibility?  What are the strategic areas of responsibility?  Who does the incumbent need to interact with to get the work done?  What are the education, training or certification requirements for the role? Management  What are the management responsibilities for this role?  Describe the team members? What are their areas of responsibiltiies? o Describe the strength / weakness of the current team?  Are there matrix reporting responsibiltieis?  What managmenet quality are you looking for in the incumbent? o What are the top 3-5 requirements? o What management style works best in this organization?
  • 2. Leadership  What are the leadership responsibilities for this role?  What leadership quality are you looking for in the incumbent? o What are the top 3-5 requirements? o What leadership style works best in this organization? Indicators  What are the KSI (key success indicators) for the role? o 6-12 months o Next 1-3 years  How are they measured? Who measures them?  What are they 3 key indicators upon hire? How long does the incumbent have to meet these indicators? Career Development Career Path  What is the career path for this role?  What is the career outlook? What are the major opportunities and barriers for this role?  Is this an in-country or regional role? Accomplishments  What are the must-have accomplishments for the successful candidate?  Name the top 5 areas of focus?  Are you willing to make trade-offs in the candidate’s accomplishments?  What might those trade-offs be? Development Areas  Besides the trade-offs areas, what are areas you are willing to provide training? o How quickly must the person learn those areas? o How critical are those developmental areas?
  • 3. Organization/Culture: Describe the organization and culture.  How does work get done both formally and informally?  What makes this organization unique? What are the underlying values, beliefs, norms of your organization?  What is the vision and mission of the organization?  Consider how the candidate’s personal set of values matches with that of your organization. What are those personal values that align well to your organization? Describe the department.  Describe size of team. Is this a management role?  How does this department role fit within the organization? Orientation and Integration  Describe the orientaiton process.  Describe the integration plan.  Will a mentor be provided? Marketing Points  What the key selling points for this role? For the Organization?  What are the key challenges facing this organiaiton or team? Other Logistics  Who will be involved in the interview? o Who are required interviews? Who are courtesy interviewers?  Will travel be required for the interviews?  How long do you expect this interview process to take?