Innovation in Talent Attraction


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  • Survey of about 900 companies\n
  • 1st response... Get help from a headhunter...\nShould you rely on agency to source and supply your most critical asset?\n
  • Well... Do agencies have you best interest?\nI never saw this resume from the agency. \n\nThey will supply candidates to the higher paying client (more commission) or somewhere they have confidence with placement.\n
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  • Let’s talk about how to get started...\n
  • Who would you trust? Use your real name. \n\nDon’t publish emails or phones. \n\n*Note of caution: the internet never forgets. \n
  • Post - I am hiring for... Pls refer?\nOr ask a question on something you need researching...\n
  • Comment: I like your blog most. Or click “like” on FB.\nIf you tweet, retweet something you like and to share with others\n\nLet’s look at examples next.\n
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  • You need to be authentic. It’s about trust, community.\nThis is your brand of who you are (as HR) and who you represent. \nKeep your status up to date... \nLinkedIn profile - no names, limited professional data - might as well not have one\n\nAlso, as I interview candidates these days... They tell me that they have researched me...\n
  • These are the social media I use - I use each one for different purposes, reach a different audience.\n1st three (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) are fairly easy. Status updates, announcements\n\nThe blog requires some level of thought and insight. I write one blog a month. Slideshare - occasionally, when I present publicly. Keep those files for public consumption.\n\nIf you are still not ready... Spy (do a search of a colleague or a candidate).\n
  • The whole point of a social network is to connect with others - leverage others\nYour network is only as strong as your strongest links. Are you go further out, the weaker the link... Potentially weakest part of your community - but, none the less an important part. Maybe your friends may not be interested in a job... But one of their friends, may be available.\n\nSo, enlist your team to help with recruitment and getting the word out through social media.\n\nIt is no longer just HR’s job (it would’ve been... If you paid the job posting fee to job boards, or only HR has access to the HR resume database). With social networks, HR is no longer at the center... Connections can come from anywhere...\n
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  • Innovation in Talent Attraction

    1. 1. Innovation in Talent Attraction Social Media for Recruiting illiam Chin W ector Staffi ng Dir Qualc omm, APAC@ZoneCreative - Inspired by @jesseedee
    2. 2. Where are you?
    3. 3. Singaporeans #1 Spends the Most Time on Experian Hitwise© AVAVA -
    4. 4. 525,000 users930,000 users 2,500,000 users
    5. 5. © Ariwasabi - 1 in 5 Singaporean job seekers are using social media to look for job openings• Facebook is the most popular social media site for Gen Y (aged 18-29) respondents to look for work• LinkedIn is preferred by Gen X (aged 30-47) and baby boomers (aged 48-65)• 45 percent of Gen Y respondents say it is essential to be active on social media in order to advance their careers• compared with 35 percent of baby boomers and 34 percent of Gen X. 5Kelly Global Workforce Index Survey, May 4, 2011
    6. 6. © Stephen Coburn - Fotolia 6
    7. 7. © taka - Flotilla.com7
    8. 8. 400 forwards and50 resumes in hisinbox within 10hours.8
    9. 9. 3 Easy Steps id to getDo n’t b e afra st arted 9
    10. 10. @mvarroyo avatar 10
    11. 11. •Update your status•What you are working on today•Post an announcement 11
    12. 12. •Like•Favorite•Share / Retweet 12
    13. 13. No Activity No Updates No Posts No Identity No Friends/Contacts WHO ARE YOU?© Aleksandr Evseev - 13 © drizzd -
    14. 14. SocialCREDS 14
    15. 15. 15
    16. 16. 16
    17. 17. Police or Policies HR IT PR/Media Use Common Sense Boss Test Newspaper Test 17© Peter Kim -
    18. 18. What we do can quite literallymake or break a company. If wecan’t attract and retain the beststaff, then our company will loseground rapidly... “A Guide to Recruitment 3.0” by Matthew Jeffery (EMEA talent acquisition & global talent brand of Autodesk) and Amy McKee, (Global Director of Talent Acquisition of Autodesk) 18
    19. 19. A RECAP 1 Social media is here to stay (not a fad) 2 People using it to connect friends (and to search for jobs) 3 Get online, connect, share 4 HR leading to attract and recruit the best talent 19@ZoneCreative -
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    21. 21. Connecting with me!/@williamchin Presented at 4th Annual Talent Management Asia SummitInformation contained within is the opinion21 the author and not that of my employer. of