One Year of Mobile Marketing operations - Carrefour


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One Year of Mobile Marketing operations - Carrefour
Mobile Marketing Seminar
Euromed Management 2012

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One Year of Mobile Marketing operations - Carrefour

  2. 2. MARKETMarket share in France for the year 2011
  3. 3. CARREFOURFrench groupCreated in 1959 by the Fournier family in AnnecyLeader in the french retailing market1302 hypermarket/ 2919 supermarket Turnover : 91,5 K€ ( +0,5%)
  4. 4. One Year of Mobile Marketing operations
  5. 5. MOBILE MARKETING Objectives Cognitive Affective Conative function function function (Attract the target) (Create the need) (Motivate selling) - To get the purchase- Be innovated - To Create a new need easier- Be recognized - To create a long term -To Increase market- Attract new consumers relationship share (new target) - To make customer -To stimulate loyalty compulsive purchase
  6. 6. Concept Concept : Create a virtual store in the subway The consumer can scan the QR Code of the product in the virtual window with the Carrefour mobile application and receive your purchase at home or pick them at the store (« Drive ») Target : urban people using public transport, busy people, PSC+ , Women Where ? Main cities (Lyon, Paris, Marseille) Technology used : 2D Code (QR Code) & Electronic Payment Potability : IOS (Iphone) and Androïd Be the first one in France like Tesco in Corea
  7. 7. TV PRINT PRESS TV commercial Billboards on public transport Newspaper articles in: (subway and train station, buses) - « Urban Newspaper » (20 minutes) - Magazines (Le Figaro, Les Echos) DIRECT MARKETING - E-mailing Multicanal PUBLIC RELATION - SMS Press conference platform (360°) EVENT Organized an event for STREET MARKETINGlauching the virtual store M-couponing Hunt in the subway stations SALES PROMOTION DIGITALHostess and animations - Social Network : create a special page / activation to guide customers - Internet : Website, blogs, displays on other websites - Mobile: create a mobile website, app, displays on other website
  8. 8. Carrefour’s Application Download the app though flashing the QR Code: On place : on the virtual window On the newspapers On billboards On SMS and E-Mail : by a link Integrate this concept through the main Carrefour’s application : « Mes courses » Obj : don’t lost the consumer by creating an other application, growing downloads and thus : promote all Carrefour’s services
  9. 9. Map Payment platform Geolocalisation App mobile Pushnotifications Basket: Help services
  10. 10. Direct Marketing Send targeted SMS and e-mailing to Carrefour database (web services and drive users ) : Paris, Lyon and Marseille : Opt-in Ex: send SMS to promote the virtual store in Paris at Parisians and suburb’s people Create Push Notifications via the app Obj : Receive news directly on you phone to create interactions between consumers and the brand
  11. 11. M-couponing hunt in Paris ! Process: Step 1: Find m-couponing in various subway station of the city ! Step 2 : Take a picture of this QR Code couponing with your mobile Step 3 : Use the m-couponing for your next purchase!
  12. 12. Partnership with the RATP Activate the partnership on the RATP’s mobile application: Create a Carrefour tab Put the Carrefour’s virtual stores on the subway map Create a link to the Carrefour’s application and vice versa Obj : Create traffic on both application (increase download, facilitate customer access to information)  Raise customers number, promote cross-selling
  13. 13. Digital Promotion• Promotion on mobile websites & applications:Use of differents Displays:- On applications : Interstitial pre-home Flash & Video (to explain the concept)- On websites : Immersive player On applications and websites visited by our target (as 20 minutes,Le Monde,…) Create buzz Marketing to facilitate WOM
  14. 14. Referencing• Implement a Community Manager to manage Websites, blogs and Social Network• SEO :work on the natural referencing- On the website : using repetition of words- Via Social Network : tweet and comments on facebook during the events(ex: during the speaker in the press conference• SEM- Websites : by buying words- Application: by AppleStore and Androïd market
  15. 15. Timeline •Actions: •Web 2.0 : social network, blog ( during 1 year and linking the others actions). •Display : internet & mobile . •How & why: •Hiring a community manager for animating a the social newtorks in order to create a virtualc ommunity around Carrefour; Jan-april •Hiring a CEM & CEO manager for referecing at the best rank the websites ; •Manage the data base opt in. •Actions: •Launch the app; •Press conference; •Event for the opening of the virtual store; •SMS campaign; •Print. •How & Why: •Manage the data base: the opt in during the whole year;May- August •Creating a public relation by invitating opinion leaders (press…); •Identifying the opinion leader on the social newtork and manage them; •Partnership with a media agency for the print campaign (Publicis).
  16. 16. Timeline •Actions: •Partnership with Ratp; •TV; •M-couponing; •How & Why:Sept- Dec •Manage the data base: the opt in during the whole year; •Partnership with a media agency for the TV campaign (Publicis); •Partnership with Coupon in order to create the m-couponing campaign; •Partnership with Ratp in order to create the Carrefour & Ratp campaign.
  17. 17. Mesurement ToolsROO on these points: Marketing Study Cognitive Affective • Quantitative survey: function function 1) Sample Selection (Attract the (Create the ( 100 persons) target) need) - Innovation - New need 2) Selection method of data collection (by e- mail)- Recognition - Long term- Attract new relationship 3) Realisation and implementation of the consumers - Customer questionnaire (closed questions and 1 open (new target) loyalty question)
  18. 18. Mesurement ToolsROO on these points: Tools Conative function - Number of mobile application (Motivate selling) Downloads and where they download the application - To get the purchase easier (sms, billboard,press,…)- To Increase market share - Part dans le e-commerce - To stimulate compulsive purchase - Nombre de click… - Impact sur les ventes globales
  19. 19. BALANCE SHEET➪ A multicanal Platform permit to catch new customer and make customers loyal .➪ Concept is interactive, a revolution and feasible in the time➪  % of sales Carrefour is listenning to it’s customers• Risks : – Loosing customer because they have a problem of connectivity/ payment security – To be not willing to pay by mobile
  20. 20. RECOMMANDATIONS Create a link between the different carrefour app Find a solution to make people trust on this way of payment Create a Tablet app Enhancing the product range ( consumer goods) Have a partnership with SNCF and create a virtual window on the train