F&T Marketing Case: ASWJ Project

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1: First Part …

1: First Part
- Competiton & Brand Analysis
- Facebook and Twitter analysis (Customer Care index, Index of Active Conversation ....)
- Google & Twitter Trends analysis
- Conclusion & Recommendation
2: Second Part
- Creating a new brand: American Street Wear Jeans
- Implementing a Digital Strategy
- Creation and management of Facebook,Twitter & Google + account
- Contents creation (Social, Music, Fashion & Art topics)
- Animating and infotainment the community with editorial line

By William BELLE , Antoine BAZIN, Jérémy BAUWENS & Sarah ARPHI
Février 2013

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  • 1. F&T Marketing : E-référencement Msc.2 Entertainment & Media Management / 2012-2013Sarah Arphi. Jeremy Bauwen. Antoine Bazin. William Belle.
  • 2. SUMMARYI. Brand PresentationA. History and creationB. Main figuresII. BrandingA. Brand ValuesB. Brand IdentityC. Capferer PrismD. PositioningE. Marketing MixIII. Online StrategyA. Digital strategyB. Presentation & strategy of social mediasC. Editorial linesIV. Results
  • 3. BRAND PRESENTATION A. History and creationFounded in 1999 by four students at abusiness school, the aim of the ASWJ brandis to bring, to young active, quality clotheswithout forgetting the style.Inspired by the look of Los Angeles,collections of clothes are both dynamic andclass to be worn at all times.The name A.S.W.J means AmericanStreetWear Jeans but also the initials of thefirst name of the founders : Antoine, Sarah,William and Jérémy.
  • 4. BRAND PRESENTATION B. Main figures 480 stores, principally in USA and Europe Turnover Present in1,3 Billion $ 23 countries
  • 5. BRANDING A. Brand Values Opened communication Price Awareness for earthBrand equity Quality products
  • 6. BRANDING B. Brand IdentitySimple logo, with only one color. This helps integrate seamlessly on all clothing is still identifiable. Basic font Youthful spirit and Easily recognizable logo elegant style for the name and the logo
  • 7. BRANDING C. Capferer Prism Physical Personality  Hightech Authenticity mobile SprucenessRed or silvery Modern CultureRelationship Stylishness Direct Youthfulness Artistic Quality Reflection Young boys Self Image and girls DynamicFashion people Innovative
  • 8. BRANDING D. Positioning Bring toProduct of great young active, quality and quality durability. clothes.Offer clothes in line with the brand in Be inspired by haute their manufacture couture and styles and price. present in California.
  • 9. BRANDING E. Marketing MixProduct Price Place Promotion Maximum useQuality of rail for the Very little transport of advertising but a lot of Style goods. Any type of communication, price especially Young ASWJ Stores through social networks andDynamic Streewear digital means. shops
  • 10. ONLINE STRATEGY A. ObjectivesTo create an online community around ASWJ, which isgoing to be engaged and loyal.We chose to be active on : Facebook, Twitter, Google + YoutubeWe chose not to be present on Pinterest & Instagrambecause we prefer to centralize our community in thebiggest social media in order to be more efficient andclose to them.
  • 11. ONLINE STRATEGY B. Presentation & strategy Allows diversity1 056 billions FB users Facebook in the content= we can touch a lotof people. Google indexation : visibilityFree People can spreadGive us statistics our contents =>on the page’s Good visibility, easy access fans are actors inperformances from our website our success.
  • 12. ONLINE STRATEGY B. Presentation & strategy Opinion leaders+ 500 Twitter are present on itmillionsusersPossibility to combine it with Less than 140 lettersother social medias Spontaneous per message(Youtube, Facebook) opinions
  • 13. ONLINE STRATEGY B. Presentation & strategy To relate music Youtube and fashion+ 900millionsusersVisibility Entertain the Brand awareness E- Reputation community and fans management
  • 14. ONLINE STRATEGY B. Presentation & strategyBenefit of Google + + 400 millionsgoogle + usersservices Being well referenced Interaction with on Search engine other social media (youtube)
  • 15. ONLINE STRATEGY C. Editorial line All social medias Thanks to social medias, we want to inform people on our brand and = entertain them in the same time. Product Brandcommunication communication Infotainment content
  • 16. ONLINE STRATEGY C. Editorial line FacebookSo, our strategy on FB is contained in a editorial line : Weekly DailyDepends of the week & the news With hours of intervals :to spread : Trendy pic of the day (to 1 article on corporate social show the personnality of theresponsibility of ASWJ (models brand)sizes, work condition, fur...) Streetstyle we liked 1 song we liked (to show the Outfits of our collectionpersonnality of the brand) 1 infotainment (Games, contest,survey, models recruitment...) Random post (Wish of a goodweekend, good day...)
  • 17. ONLINE STRATEGY C. Editorial line Facebook Weekly (exemples) A song we likedArticle on corporate Random post Infotainmentsocial responsibility
  • 18. ONLINE STRATEGY C. Editorial line Facebook Daily (exemples)Pic of the day Outfit from our collection Streetstyle of the day
  • 19. ONLINE STRATEGY C. Editorial line Facebook ZARA vs ASWJ Daily & weekly Lack of infotainment = intotainment dynamic & simpatic imageCSR post to Complaintshow our on the CSRengagement Posts with content diversity : Only product & entertain the fan brand posts
  • 20. ONLINE STRATEGY C. Editorial line Twitter, Youtube & Google+ In order to create a strong, engaged and loyal community we chose to implement a weekly editorial. Weekly editorial : Share news about music Social topics
  • 21. ONLINE STRATEGY C. Editorial line Twitter, Youtube & Google+ Weekly editorial : Fashion events Sports: create sports related to ASWJ
  • 22. ONLINE STRATEGY C. Editorial line Twitter, Youtube & Google+ Weekly editorial : Art: relate ASWJ and Art
  • 23. RESULTS Facebook Likes StatisticsWe made a good start but after the rise has been stabilized.
  • 24. RESULTS Facebook Demographic StatisticsOur principal target are people between 18 and 34.
  • 25. RESULTS Facebook Posts StatisticsTotal Posts Vidéo Pictures Text 32 6 19 7 Engaged Talking about Reach Users this Virality 205 17 5 2,92 %Brand’s posts Comments Likes Shares Average 0,27 3,6 0,12
  • 26. RESULTS FacebookPosts and Comments Analysis
  • 27. RESULTS Results Twitter in less than 2 weeks @American_SWJVideos: 14 Text: 10 Pictures: 4 RT: 3 Total tweets: 28 Favourite: 3