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In-house legal counsel on a flexible basis.

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Brunel Contracts Leaflet

  1. 1. at the heart ofevery projectwhy Brunel Contracts?At Brunel Contracts, we understand that at the heart of every project is a maze of complexcommercial, technical and legal issues which are tightly intertwined. The ability to make soundtechnical/commercial decisions will therefore require careful understanding of and regard to theunderlying contractual and regulatory issues.We recognise that important contractual rights or entitlements can be lost because of a single unconsidered amendment,concession, decision, stance or sentence. Independent advice or assistance is often required urgently and it may not bereadily available or even if available, accessible because of various constraints.Brunel Contracts stands ready to provide our clients with “as and when needed” access to personnel who is able toimmediately advise on a wide range of issues arising in the course of IT, engineering or construction projects. Ourservices can be provided in a variety of ways to suit our clients’ convenience: on-site, off-site, secondment, project orpiecemeal basis.And our cost structure is very competitive and particularly suited to provide “in-house” type services where:– due to the structure or size of a corporation, full-time in-house advisory personnel is either not called for or budgeted;– there is an anticipated short term or temporary demand for experienced project personnel (for example, to tide through a particularly busy period or challenging project development)– a particular project or projects place demands upon a business that cannot adequately be met from its permanent resources.
  2. 2. At Brunel Contracts, we have highly qualified and experienced professionals who are able toprovide immediate assistance with excellent commercial awareness to corporations by offeringreasoned perspectives in a variety of matters facing project personnel.Our personnel is familiar with all forms of project procurement and is able to:• Review and advise on contract documents including the ambit, risks and implications of key contract/tender terms and “red flag” issues• Review, update and prepare in-house project and contract templates• Engage in or devise strategies for tender and contract negotiations and preparation of tender or contract documents• Work with project personnel (as and when needed) on important contract administration decisions• Assist behind the scenes by “ghost writing” particularly important or key project correspondence or site documents• Assist and advise project personnel in “paper trailing” exercises to achieve defensive objectives or rights enhancement or preservation• Assist in the preparation of claims/defences in adjudication proceedings under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act• Advise on strategies for settlement negotiations and implementing dispute avoidance strategies• Understand, evaluate and advise on the management of claims• Understand delay issues and prepare delay analysis support and evidence• Assist in document management and formal discovery exercises• Collate evidence (including statements) for review, evaluation and where needed, use in legal proceedings• Carry out key aspects of work in preparation for mediation, litigation and/or alternative dispute resolution proceedings• Advise on legal issues arising upon commencement of arbitration proceedings• Assist in the management of external solicitors, experts and other counsel• Advise and assist in the management of professional fees for professionals engaged for formal dispute resolution proceedingsOur personnel has experience advising developers and contractors on numerous projects regionally.Notable ones include:• Singapore Circle Line• Changi International Airport (Singapore)• Hong Kong International Airport• The Tsing Ma Bridge (Hong Kong)• The Ting Kau Bridge (Hong Kong)• Shell petrochemical facilities in an ASEAN country• BASF chemical facilities in an ASEAN country• Bakun Dam in Malaysia• Kowloon Canton Railway Corp’s railway development projects (Hong Kong)• Deep Tunnel Sewage System (Hong Kong)• Hong Kong Housing Authority projects• Major commercial and residential building projects in Singapore and Hong Kong• World renowned engineering facility (for tourism industry) in ASEAN country• Mobile telephony network infrastructure project in Malaysia• Mobile telephony network infrastructure project in Sydney, AustraliaFor enquiries about our services, please email orcall us at +65 6532 2480Our personnel will be on hand to address your queries or arrange a meeting todiscuss your needs.The contents of this document are subject to copyright protection under the laws of Singapore and throughinternational treaties. The copyright in the contents is owned by Brunel International S.E.A. Pte. Ltd. Nopart of the contents may be reproduced, licensed, sold, published, transmitted, modified, adapted, publiclydisplayed, broadcast (including storage in any medium by electronic means whether or not transiently for anypurpose save as permitted herein) without the prior written permission of Brunel International S.E.A. Pte. Ltd.License to use the contents of this document is not exclusive to the licensee and Brunel International S.E.A.Pte. Ltd. reserves its right to use the contents of this document without reference or notice to the licensee.