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  • 2. Why Social Media? • Millions Of Users • Gain Your Fans/Followers Trust• Word Of Mouth Marketing Is Powerful • Any Business Can Use Social Media• You Are Expected To Be On Social Media 2
  • 3. Twitter Basics• 140,000,000+• 340,000,000+ Tweets everyday• Free account• 140 Character limit• Picture uploads• MSC Username = @MSCMobility• Current Stats 16/09 = 3
  • 4. Twitter Lingo 101MentionOnce youve signed up and chosen a Twitterusername, you and others can mention an account inyour Tweets by preceding it with the @ symbol 4
  • 5. Twitter Lingo 101RetweetWhen you see a Tweet by another user that you wantto share, click Retweet below it to forward it to yourfollowers instantly. 5
  • 6. Twitter Lingo 101HashtagUsers often prepend # to words in their Tweets tocategorize them for others. Think of hashtags as thetheme of your Tweet. Users can then click on ahashtag to see other similarly-themed tweets and findyours in search. 6
  • 7. Twitter BasicsWhat do I Tweet?• News Articles• Quotes• Thoughts• Product updates• Events (Tweeting live from conferences etc) 7
  • 8. Twitter BasicsNo more than 10 tweets per day – no less than 2At least 30 minutes between tweets (Not Spammy)Good CONTENT is reTweeted and shared.If you wouldn’t read a link – don’t post it.Be sure to link and reTweet as much as possible 8
  • 9. Twitter ResourcesShorten Links = https://bitly.com/https://business.twitter.com/en/basics/what-is-twitter/MSC USERNAME = @MSCMobility 9
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