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Recipe and Procedure for Bechamel Sauce

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  1. 1. Will Farrell2/24/13HOW TO MAKE BÉCHAMEL SAUCE
  2. 2. BÉCHAMEL SAUCE Béchamel sauce is the base or mother of all cream sauces. It can be used to make other cream sauces such as Alfredo (a parmesan cream sauce) or Carbonara (a cream sauce with bacon and egg).
  3. 3. MATERIALS Before beginning the cooking  One sauce pot procedure you must gather all of  One whisk the materials needed to make  One knife (size doesn’t matter) the sauce. Four cups of milk  One cutting board Three cups of all purpose flour  One tasting spoon (wash after each tasting) 1/5th of an onion  One scooping spoon One stick of butter  Two measuring cups One bay leaf  Three teaspoons One spice clove  A few small bowls or cups (to One teaspoon of salt make it easier o keep all four One teaspoon of pepper cups of milk together, or to keep One teaspoon of nutmeg the salt, pepper, and nutmeg from spilling)
  4. 4. PROCEDURE: STEP ONE Place the sauce pot on a stove burner, add the one stick of butter into it and turn it on. For quick preparation turn the stove on maximum high and use your whisk to stir so the butter melts quickly, just keep your eye on the butter to make sure it doesn’t burn. One the butter has melted turn the burner on the lowest setting.
  5. 5. PROCEDURE: STEP TWO Keeping your burner at low gradually add your flour into the sauce pot with the melted butter. Use your whisk to stir in the flour for each time you add more. This way you can determine if you will need all three cups of flour or if the mixture is thick enough with out it. For quicker preparation, add enough flour so there is more of it than there is butter. This way when you are stir all of the sauce ingredients together, the sauce will thicken quicker. This butter and flour mixture is called a roux.
  6. 6. PROCEDURE: STEP THREE On your cutting board, place the bay leaf onto your onion piece and stick the spice clove through your bay leaf into the onion piece. Then place it into the sauce pot with the roux (butter and flour mixture) and stir it so that the roux coats the onion with the bay leaf and spice clove. The burner still should be on low.
  7. 7. PROCEDURE: STEP FOUR Turn your burner to a high setting and gradually add your milk into the sauce pot. There should be enough milk in the pot that you can’t see the onion piece with the bay leaf and spice clove on it while the sauce isn’t being stirred. You may not need all four cups of the milk but it’s good to have extra just in case. Constantly be stirring the mixture until it is thick enough to coat a tasting spoon.
  8. 8. PROCEDURE: FINAL STEP Turn the burner back onto low and add you teaspoon of salt, pepper, and nutmeg to the sauce. Taste the sauce to make sure the there is enough of each seasoning for the sauce, if not feel free to add more. You are also free to remove the piece of onion, bay leaf, and spice clove from the sauce using your scooping spoon.
  9. 9. SERVINGS AND BEYOND This is probably enough sauce for a box of pasta, which contains eight servings. So feel free to reduce the recipe to the amount you need based on the number of servings you need to make. Usually béchamel sauce is not served just as it is with pasta, an easy sauce to make from it is Alfredo. To make it add a cup or two of parmesan cheese when you adding the milk to the sauce pot.