Outrank Your Competition

Outrank Your Competition






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Outrank Your Competition Outrank Your Competition Presentation Transcript

  • OUTRANK YOUR COMPETITION Will Hanke6:30-7:00 Networking7:00-9:00 Learn + Q&A WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Thank You for Coming• Classes here every month• Always $10, only 30 seatsTonight You’ll Learn…• Why SEO is war• About a book I wrote• How to see what Google sees• Why I’m such a nice guy• As always - what not to do WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • But First, Quick Housekeeping WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Upcoming ClassesHow to Fail at SEOMay 17Pull No Punches - Live SEO Audits of Your SiteJune 21Secrets to Running a Successful AdWordsCampaignJuly 19 WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • WIMB Small Business Webinar SeriesUnderstanding Online Payments – May 1Save money on fees, setup steps, etcMaximizing Your Most Precious Resource –Time! – May 15Accelerate your results, make decisions quicker4 Webinar Combo Pack - $37Get Found Locally, Keyword Research, Link Building,Outrank Your Competition + FREE bonus webinar WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • These Slides Will Be Available WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Tonight’s Example WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Yeah Baby! WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Those Dang Competitors! THEM THEM THEM ME WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • This Means War! WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Gorilla Guerilla War! WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Move Over Sun Tzu WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Get 2 Keyword Ranking Reports WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Re-Audit Your Own Website WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Check Google Webmaster Tools WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Fix HTML WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Fix Broken Links WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • SEMRush.com WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • See What They’re Up To WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Note Other Competitors WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Compare Competitors WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Make a List of Potential Keywords WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • See Their Recent Link Strategy(or lack thereof) WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • See Their Overall Link History WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Gather Their Link List WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Gather Their Link List WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Check Out Their Website WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • See What Google Sees WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • See What Google Sees WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • See What Google Sees WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • See What Google Sees WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • “Swipe” Their Links WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Find Link Opportunity WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Contact the Webmaster WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Meramec Monitor WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Interesting… WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • I’m Such a Nice Guy…Dear Mr Web Guy,I am an avid floater of the rivers in Missouri. Irecently came across your website and was prettyexcited about the free wallpapers that you offered– thank you! I have one on my desktop now.I also wanted to let you know that I found a brokenlink to a site near the bottom of your page. It goesto a page that doesn’t exist – not sure whathappened there.If I may offer another resource that ties in nicely toyour site, check out FloatMissouri.com – great infoabout camping & floating along the Meramec.Might be a nice replacement for that broken link!Have a great day,Joe WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • The Plot Thickens WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Abandoned? WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Link Profile WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Domain Backorder & Redirect WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Trademarked Domains WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Negative SEO / Black Hat SEO WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Build Another Site WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Climbing? WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Rate This Meetup WhereIsMyBusiness.com
  • Thank You! WhereIsMyBusiness.com 314-496-8665 @WhereIsMyBiz WhereIsMyBusiness.com