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How User Testing Makes Your Website More Awesome

How User Testing Makes Your Website More Awesome



Various ways to test your website for optimal performance

Various ways to test your website for optimal performance



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    How User Testing Makes Your Website More Awesome How User Testing Makes Your Website More Awesome Presentation Transcript

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    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com Awww Ain’t It Cute?
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com So Much Work!
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com So Many Leads!
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com But…
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com I Thought We Really Had Something
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com What Happened?
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com Maybe You’re Too Far Away from Reality
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com or Maybe You’re Too Close
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com or Maybe It’s Not You at All
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com All You Know is…
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com Three Ways to Test Your Site & Users
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com Free is Good
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com Test Two Nearly Identical Pages
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com Define a Goal
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com Test Two Nearly Identical Pages
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com Cool Results Graph
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com CrazyEgg
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com No, Not This.
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com Yeah, This.
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    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com ScrollMap
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    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com Pricing
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com User Testing
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com Just Keep Smiling
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com You Need An Honest Review
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com My Favorite
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com User Testing
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com Real People
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com Ouch!
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com How it Works
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com Four Parts to User Testing 1. Set the Scene 2. Set Your Requirements 3. Set the Tasks 4. See the Results
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com 1. Set the Scene… “Imagine you have a small woodworking shop in your garage. You like to make cabinets, tables and various small wood projects. Today you’re looking for a few new tools to add to your shop.”
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com 2. Set Your Requirements… Age Gender Income Specific Location Web Browser Operating System Average Internet Usage/Day (in hours)
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com 3. Set Your Tasks (4-7)… Sign up for our newsletter… Find x product… Imagine you need to return an item… Find today’s interest rates… Visit x competitor’s site Go to Google and search for… Find directions to our shop in Arnold…
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com Deliverables
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com Cool Video with Note Taking Ability
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com Just 60 Minutes
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com 4. Be Prepared for…
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com Video (play video, Will)
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com Pricing Less than 10 tests: $49ea 10+ tests: $39ea Tier pricing from there…
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    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com And the Winner Is…
    • WhereIsMyBusiness.com Thank You! Will Hanke 314-496-8665 @RedCanoeMedia