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Online scholarly journal division of national forum journals brochure p. 1


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Online scholarly journal division of national forum journals brochure p. 1

  1. 1. Guidelines for Submitting a Manuscripts Should be Mailedto: How to Determine Your Manuscript for an Online Journal Professional Service Fee Dr. Mary Alice Kritsonis Manuscripts must be submitted in triplicate, National Manuscript Preparation Editor Manuscripts are assessed $25.00 pertyped double-spaced in a fixed-pitch font (ex: NATIONAL FORUM JOURNALS double-spaced page. There is also anTimes New Roman) and typically be 8 - 20 17603 Bending Post Drive administrative manuscript fee of $125.00 forpages, along with a rewriteable CD. The writer’s Houston, TX 77095 preparing a manuscript for publication andname, title, affiliation, telephone, complete global dissemination.address, and the date of submission should be on A Note to Authors For example, a 10 page manuscript would costa separate cover page, and only on this page to We believe academic fields have for too long $375.00.ensure anonymity in the national reviewingprocess. The author(s) should include on been stagnant. Many ideas have been lost because of excessive rigidities. Our national 10 pages @ $25.00 = $250.00 + $125.00 =separate pages an abstract of 75 words or less refereeing process is flexible and welcomes $375.00and on another separate page a briefbiographical sketch of 50 or less. The innovative approaches and ideas that seemauthor(s)is/are to submit manuscripts following promising. Your manuscript is part of a process Manuscript Release andthe technical specifications set forth in the most that is author-friendly without sacrificingcurrent edition of the Publication Manual of the scholarly standards. We believe in working with Publication FormAmerican Psychological Association. Rejected authors on manuscript details. If your The author(s) must sign a Manuscriptmanuscripts are not returned. manuscript shows promise, we won’t give up if Release and Publication Form after the The author(s) must provide documentation you don’t. Since founded in 1982, NATIONAL manuscript has been accepted for publicationtheir manuscript has been submitted through a FORUM JOURNALS have pledged to publish in NATIONAL FORUM JOURNALS. Theplagiarism software program to verify the articles and journals of the highest ethical author(s) stipulate(s) the manuscript has notmanuscript has not been plagiarized. It is integrity. been submitted, accepted for publication, orimperative the scholarly, intellectual, creative, published in another journal. The manuscriptand ethical integrity of NATIONAL FORUM Professional Service Fee submitted is the author’s/authors’ own work,JOURNALS be ensured. The author(s) shall sign and has been properly cited, using the mosta Manuscript Release and Publication Form This is NOT a publication fee. All current style of APA formatting. The author(s)prior to publication of their article. NATIONAL FORUM JOURNALS are shall verify the manuscript has been The NFJ editorial staff reserves the right to financially self-supported through library scrutinized through a plagiarism softwareadapt manuscripts for brevity, clarity, and subscriptions, individual subscribers, and program. The professional servicefee must beconsistency. All manuscripts shall undergo a donations. This allows us freedom from paid prior to publication.double blind peer-review process and must be intellectual bias. The professional service feerecommended for national publication by three helps us to cover expenses pertaining to the Disseminationmembers of the National Board of Invited national refereeing process, mentoring,Distinguished Jurors representing NATIONAL communicating with authors, escalating printing Authors are granted permission toFORUM JOURNALS In addition, any costs, domain name registration, website reproduce articles as long as credit is given tomanuscript published shall receive five hosting, webmaster fees along with other costs NATIONAL FORUM JOURNALS.NFJareaffirmative votes for dissemination nationally of advertising, marketing, and enhancing our indexed with many agencies includingand globally from members of the National authors and their literary works globally. Cabell’s Directories, ERIC, EBSCO, and withPolicy Board representing NFJ. Copyright Clearance Center, Danvers, Massachusetts.