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Dr. William Kritsonis - Distinguished Alumnus, Oxford Round Table, TX NAME Honoree, Hall of Honor

Dr. William Kritsonis - Distinguished Alumnus, Oxford Round Table, TX NAME Honoree, Hall of Honor



Dr. William Kritsonis - Distinguished Alumnus, Oxford Round Table, TX NAME Honoree, Hall of Honor ...

Dr. William Kritsonis - Distinguished Alumnus, Oxford Round Table, TX NAME Honoree, Hall of Honor

In 2004, Dr. William Allan Kritsonis was recognized as the Central Washington University Alumni Association Distinguished Alumnus for the College of Education and Professional Studies. Dr. Kritsonis was nominated by alumni, former students, friends, faculty, and staff. Final selection was made by the Alumni Association Board of Directors. Recipients are CWU graduates of 20 years or more and are recognized for achievement in their professional field and have made a positive contribution to society. For the second consecutive year, U.S. News and World Report placed Central Washington University among the top elite public institutions in the west. CWU was 12th on the list in the 2006 On-Line Education of “America’s Best Colleges.”



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    Dr. William Kritsonis - Distinguished Alumnus, Oxford Round Table, TX NAME Honoree, Hall of Honor Dr. William Kritsonis - Distinguished Alumnus, Oxford Round Table, TX NAME Honoree, Hall of Honor Document Transcript

    • Faculty Vita 1Faculty VitaFaculty: William Allan Kritsonis, PhD Department: Educational Leadership and CounselingAddress: P.O. Box 519, MS 2420Rank: Professor (Tenured) Phone: 936-261-3530Email: wakritsonis@pvamu.eduEducational BackgroundPh.D., 1976, Educational Administration and Supervision, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IowaM.Ed., 1971, Educational Administration and Curriculum, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WashingtonB.A., 1969 Social Sciences and General Education, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WashingtonEmployment HistoryProfessor (Tenured), Prairie View A&M University/The Texas A&M University, 2004-2012 (SuccessfulPost-Tenure Review, 2010)Professor (Tenured), McNeese State University, Professor, 1990-2004Associate Professor & Director of Student Teaching and Field Experiences, Salisbury State College, 1980-81Associate Professor, Central Washington University, 1978-1980Professor, Webster University, 1987-1990Academic Dean, Louisiana Business College, 1986-1987Associate Professor, Northwestern State University, 1984-1986Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge, 1981-1984Superintendent of Schools, Preston Community School District, Preston, IA, 1976-78Principal, Wilton Community School District, Wilton, Iowa, 1973-76Principal, Amana Community School District, Amana, Iowa, 1972-73Fellowship, Special Area Research Administrative Assistant, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa 1972-73Teacher, Peninsula Public Schools, Gig Harbor, Washington, 1970-71Teacher, Renton Public Schools, Renton, Washington, 1969-71
    • Faculty Vita 2Student Teacher, Seattle Public Schools, Washington, 1969Peer-Reviewed Scholarly ActivitiesBooks2011Kritsonis, W. (2011). RESEARCH (Practical Applications). Temecula, CA: The Alexis/Austin Group.2009DeMoulin, D.F., & Kritsonis, W.A. (2009). A statistical journey: Taming of the skew. Murrieta,CA:Alexis/Austin Group.2008Kritsonis, W.A., & Mary Ann Springs (2008-09). Effective teaching in the elementary school. Murrieta, CA: TheAlexis Group.Monographs/Chapters2012Kritsonis, W.A. (In Progress). A postmodernist approach to education and student achievement. In B.I. Irby,G. Brown, & R. Lara-Alecio, (Eds.), The handbook of educational theories. Charlotte, NC: Information AgePublishing.Articles2011Butler, N.L., Pirog, R., Kritsonis, W.A., & Herrington, D.E. (2011). Teaching Italian to Polish higher schoollearners. Personality-Centered Approach to Foreign Language Teaching, 167-168.Butler, N.L., Silbering, B., Wojcik, P., Kritsonis, W.A., & Herrington, D.E. (2011). Teaching Spanish to Polishsecondary school students. Personality-Centered Approach to Foreign Language Teaching,168-170.2010Blackbourn, J.M., & Kritsonis, W.A. (2010). The question every teacher educator must ask. National FORUMof Teacher Education Journal, 20(1&2), 27-32.Hines, M.T., & Kritsonis, W.A. (2010). The interactive effects of race and teacher self-efficacy in theachievement gap in school. National FORUM Multicultural Issues Journal, 7(1), 1-14.Ononugbo, I., Akpan, V.I., Osho, G.S., & Kritsonis, W.A. (2010). Housing needs for the low-income people ofEnugu metropolitan area of Nigeria: Policy issues and challenges. International Journal of Management,Business, and Administration, 13(1), 1-41.2009Butler, N.L., Davidson, B.S., Pachocinski, R., Griffith, K.G., & Kritsonis, W.A. (2009). Internationalperspectives: Polish post-secondary vocational schools and Canadian community colleges: A comparisonusing an information technology conceptual model. Social Context of Education, 159-170. University ofLjubljana, Faculty of Arts, Ljubjana, Slovenia.
    • Faculty Vita 3Butler, N.L., Pirog, R., Elcome, C., & Kritsonis, W.A. (2009). Are some topics uncomfortable for Polishsecondary school students. Perfection of Foreign Language Teaching at Universities and Schools, 14, 8-9.Vyatka State University of Humanities, Kirov, Russia.Holmes, P., Holmes, J., Herrington, D.E., & Kritsonis, W.A. (2009). Where have all the heroes gone? Solvingthe puzzle of gang violence in our communities and schools. National FORUM of Teacher EducationJournal, 19(3), 1-6.Hughes, T.A., Butler, N.L., Kritsonis, W.A., & Herrington, D.E. (2009). Primary and secondary education inCanada and Poland-compared: International implications. Social Context of Education, 159-170. Universityof Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Ljubjana, Slovenia.2008Herrington, D.E., & Kritsonis, W.A. (2008). Essential reflections for non-profits and schools prior to writingand submitting grant proposals. National FORUM of Applied Educational Research Journal, 21(3), 1-4.Herrington, D.E., Kritsonis, W.A., & Tanner, T. (2008). National recommendations for deconstructingeducational leadership courses: Re-centering to address the needs of students. National FORUM ofEducational Administration and Supervision, 26(4), 1-8.Hines, M.T., & Kritsonis, W.A. (2008). An in-depth analysis of the cognitive and metacognitive dimensions ofAfrican-American elementary students’ mathematical problem solving skills. FOCUS on Colleges,Universities, and Schools, 2(1), 1-14.Ivy, A., Herrington, D.E., Kritsonis, W.A., & Tanner, T. (2008). The challenge of building professional learningcommunities: Getting started. National FORUM of Educational Administration and Supervision, 26(4), 1-7.Jedlicka, K., Herrington, D.E., & Kritsonis, W.A. (2008). The persistence of teacher under-utilization ofcomputer technology in the classroom. National FORUM of Teacher Education Journal, 18(3), 1-5.Kritsonis, W.A. (2008). Functions of the dissertation advisor. FOCUS on Colleges, Universities, and Schools,2(1), 1-6.Kritsonis, W.A., & Marshall, R.L. (2008). Doctoral dissertation advising: Keys to improvement of completionrates. National FORUM of Educational Administration and Supervision Journal, 25(3), 74-82.Editor-in-Chief, National FORUM Journals, Houston, Texas (Since 1982). National refereed, peer-reviewedjournals. A group of professional refereed journals. Edited 71 issues since 2008.National FORUM of Educational Administration and Supervision Journal (17 Issues)National FORUM of Applied Educational Research Journal (12 Issues)National FORUM of Special Education Journal (5 Issues)National FORUM of Teacher Education Journal (12 Issues)International Journal of Scholarly Academic Intellectual Diversity (5 Issues)National FORUM of Multicultural Issues Journal (5 Issues)International Journal of Management, Business, and Administration (5 Issues)National Journal: Focus On Colleges, Universities, and Schools (5 Issues)Schooling (5 Issues)Presentations2011Kritsonis, W.A., & Kritsonis, M.A. (2011, April). Recommendations for publishing in national refereed, peer-reviewed journals. Presentation conducted at the meeting of the 10thAnnual 2011 Region 6-TexasNational Association for Multicultural Education Conference, Eastfield College, Mesquite, Texas.
    • Faculty Vita 42010Kritsonis, W.A., Collins, D., & Kritsonis, M.A. (2010, April). Publishing in national refereed, peer-reviewedjournals according to APA sixth edition updates. Presentation conducted at the meeting of the 9th Annual2010 Region 6-Texas National Association for Multicultural Education Conference, The University of NorthTexas, Denton, Texas.Creative Projects2012Region 6-Texas National Association for Multicultural Education. (2012). National FORUM of MulticulturalIssues Journal, 9(2). Houston, TX: National FORUM Journals.Walter, G.W. (In Progress). Me, God, and my tennis shoes. A teen’s guide to a closer walk with God.Houston, TX: National FORUM Journals.2011Region 6-Texas National Association for Multicultural Education. (2011). National FORUM of MulticulturalIssues Journal, 8(2). Houston, TX: National FORUM Journals.2010Region 6-Texas National Association for Multicultural Education. (2010). National FORUM of MulticulturalIssues Journal, 7(2). Houston, TX: National FORUM Journals.Student Paper AdvisingPrairie View A&M University: Dissertation Chair2011Sheri L. Miller-Williams, PhD (Cohort 5), An Investigation of the Impact of Atypical Principal PreparationPrograms on School Accountability and Student Achievement in High-Poverty Schools. Graduated:December 2011Mary Ann Springs, PhD (Cohort 4), Living Legacies: A Phenomenological Study of African American MaleEducational Leaders at a Historical Black College and University in Texas. Graduated: August 2011Elias Alex Torrez, PhD (Cohort 4), The Impact of Smaller Learning Communities on Closing the AchievementGaps Among Student Population Groups in Texas High Schools. Graduated: May 20112010Desiree Adair Skinner, PhD (Cohort 3), High School Counselors’ Roles as Perceived by High SchoolPrincipals and Counselors in Texas. Graduated: August 2010Steven Norfleet, PhD (Cohort 2), A Mixed Methods Study of Student Experiences with School PracticesDeemed Important to African American Student Achievement. Graduated: May 20102009Debra Denise Watkins, PhD (Cohort 3), Educational Leadership Directives: Analyzing the Effect of anIntegrated Curriculum Model on Student Achievement Based on the Ways of Knowing Through the Realmsof Meaning. Graduated December 2009Donald Ray Brown, Jr., PhD (Cohort 3), Reducing Recidivism Rates for African American Males Enrolled inMiddle School Disciplinary Alternative Education Programs. Graduated: August 2009
    • Faculty Vita 5Rebecca Duong, PhD (Cohort 3), A Study of the Factors Related to the Academic Achievement of EighthGrade Hispanic Limited Proficient Students in a Major Urban School District. Graduated: August 2009Monica G. Williams, PhD (Cohort 3), Engagement Levels of Historically Black College and University Leadersin Entrepreneuralism through Fundraising. Graduated: August 2009Robert Marcel Branch, PhD (Cohort 2), The Impact of Recruitment and Retention of Hispanic Teachers onthe Academic Performance of Hispanic Students in Selected Texas Schools. Graduated: May 2009Jennifer T. Butcher, PhD (Cohort 3), An examination of Factors Related to the Job Satisfaction and Retentionof Alternatively Certified Teachers. Graduated: May 2009Michelle Cloud, PhD (Cohort 3), Factors Impacting Student Success in Grades 6-8 During School of ChoiceTransition at Two Middle Schools. Graduated: May 2009Eunetra Ellison-Simpson, PhD (Cohort 2), A Mixed-Method Analysis of the Effectiveness of TutoringPrograms in Public Schools. Graduated: May 2009Rhodena Townsell, PhD (Cohort 3), Rural African American Administrator Career Trajectories. Graduated:May 20092008Janetta Gilliam, PhD (Cohort 2),The Effects of Student Engagement and Other Factors on the Retention ofAfrican American Freshmen Students Attending a Public Historically Black College and University in Texas.Graduated: December 2008Clarence Johnson, PhD (Cohort 2), Impact of High School Mathematics Curricula on the Mathematics TAKSExit-Level Performance of African American Students. Graduated: December 2008Nasrin Nazemzadeh, PhD (Cohort 1), Social Presence in Online Courses: An Examination of PerceivedLearning and Satisfaction. Graduated: December 2008Grace Thomas Nickerson, PhD (Cohort 2), Factors that Impact the Academic Achievement of MinorityStudents: A Comparison among Asian American, African American, and Hispanic Students in Large UrbanSchool Districts. Graduated: December 2008Frances Craig Worthey, PhD (Cohort 1), Mixed Method Investigation of the Retention and Placement ofWomen in Non-Traditional Fields of Study in Higher Education. Graduated: December 2008Yolanda E. Smith, PhD (Cohort 2), Differences in Professional Development Training Between OneCorporation and One Large Texas Public School District. Graduated: May 2008Prairie View A&M University: Dissertation Committee MemberErin M. Espinosa, PhD, An Evaluation of the Influence of Gender and Mental Health Need on Juvenile JusticeSystem Processing. Graduated December 2011 (College of Juvenile Justice & Psychology)H. P. Hyder, III, PhD (Cohort 1), The Interplay among Student Mobility, Student Achievement, Attendance,and Socioeconomic Status in Texas Middle Schools. Graduated December 2011Jennifer Renee Trombley, PhD, The Kansas City Youth Peacemaking Circle Project (KCYPCP) – ThePotential to Reduce Violence and Provide Healing: A Real Possibility with a Restorative JusticePeacemaking Circle. Graduated August 2011 (College of Juvenile Justice & Psychology)Porchaneé A. White, PhD (Cohort 3),The Role of Principals and Teachers in the Engagement of AfricanAmerican Students in Reading. Graduated May 2011
    • Faculty Vita 6Jaya Bolestridge Davis, PhD, Disproportionate Minority Confinement: A State-Level Test of the Racial andSymbolic Threat Hypotheses. Graduated December 2010 (College of Juvenile Justice & Psychology)La’Shonte Nechelle Iwundu, PhD (Cohort 3), Impact of Human Resources’ Practices on Teacher Retention.Graduated August 2010B. Dean Lanham, PhD, Common Contributing Social Risk Factors of Juvenile Delinquency: Evidence forSocial Control Theory. Graduated July 2010 (College of Juvenile Justice & Psychology)Scott Howard Belshaw, PhD, Contributing Factors to Suicide Ideation: An Examination of Sexual Abuse andOther Risk Factors in Adolescent Females Under the Supervision of the Texas Juvenile Justice System.Graduated August 2009 (College of Juvenile Justice & Psychology)Margaret Curette Patton, PhD (Cohort 3), Factors Influencing Greatness in Economically-Challenged MinoritySchools. Graduated March 2009Cheantel Adams, PhD (Cohort 1), An Analysis of Texas Schools’ Crisis Management Planning. GraduatedDecember 2008Cheng-Chieh Lai, PhD (Cohort 2), The Effectiveness of Computer Assisted Language Learning Programs forEnhancing English Learning among Students of Limited English Proficiency. Graduated December 2008Melody Ann Wilson, PhD (Cohort 1), The Impact of the Public Pre-Kindergarten Montessori Program onKindergarten Texas Primary reading Inventory Scores: Principals’ and Teachers’ Perceptions of ItsEffectiveness. Graduated April 2008Sam Houston State University: Dissertation Committee MemberRhonda L. Johnson, PhD, The Relationship between Attitude and Academic Achievement among Seventhand Eighth Grade African American Males. Graduated: May 2011Bipin Sharma, PhD, The Differences between First-Generation American-Born Asian Indian Hindus andImmigrated Asian Indian Hindus on Measures of Acculturation, Self-Concept, and Attitudes TowardCounseling: A Mixed Methods Study. Graduated July 2010Professional CredentialsSchool CredentialsIowa Credentials:Teacher, Life, 1973Elementary Principal and Supervisor, Life, 1973Superintendent, County and Local, Life, 1975Washington Credentials:Teacher, Life, 1969Elementary and Secondary Principal, Life, 1978Superintendent, County and Local, Life, 1978Louisiana Credentials:Teacher, Life, 1989Elementary and Secondary Principal, Life, 1989Superintendent, Life, 1989NTE: Passed Educational Leadership: Administration Supervision, 1989Passed Education in the Elementary School, 1989
    • Faculty Vita 7Texas A&M University System Training99003: Reporting Fraud, Waste and Abuse (TrainTraq) -12/11Moodle Training -10/1199001: Ethics (TrainTraq) - 6/16/1199001: Ethics (TrainTraq) -12/1099002: Creating a Discrimination-Free Workplace (TrainTraq) -12/10CITI Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative Training ModulesStudents in Research –SBR-8/31/10History and Ethical Principles – SBR-8/31/10History and Ethical Principles -8/31/10Defining Research with Human Subjects –SB-8/31/10The Regulations and The Social and Behavioral Sciences – SBR-8/31/10Basic Institutional Review Board (IRB) Regulations and Review Process- 8/31/10Assessing Risk in Social and Behavioral Sciences –SBR-8/31/10Informed Consent –SBR-8/31/10Informed Consent-8/31/10Privacy and Confidentiality -SBR -8/31/10Social and Behavioral Research for Biomedical Researchers-8/31/10Records-Based Research-8/31/10Genetic Research in Human Populations-8/31/10Research With Protected Populations - Vulnerable Subjects: An Overview-8/31/10Research with Prisoners –SBR- 8/31/10Vulnerable Subjects - Research with Prisoners-8/31/10Research with Children –SBR-8/31/10Vulnerable Subjects - Research Involving Minors-8/31/10Research in Public Elementary and SecondarySchools-SBR-8/31/10Vulnerable Subjects - Research Involving Pregnant Women and Fetuses in Utero-8/31International Research – SBR-8/31/10International Research- 8/31/10Internet Research –SBR- 8/31/10Group Harms: Research With Culturally or Medically Vulnerable Groups-8/31IFDA-Regulated Research-8/31/10Human Subjects Research at the VA-8/31/10HIPAA and Human Subjects Research-8/31/10Workers as Research Subjects-A Vulnerable population- 8/31/10Conflicts of Interest in Research Involving Human-8/31/10The IRB Member Module - "What Every New IRB Member Needs to Know”- 08/31/10Professional ExperienceApril 28, 2012 - Professor, Scholar, and Pioneer Publishing, Honored by the 11th Annual 2012 Region 6Texas National Association of Multicultural Education Conference at Texas A&M University-College StationMarch 3, 2012 - Attended the “Soaring Higher: Embracing the Uniqueness of Diversity” (Dr. ThomasParham) 20th Annual Waymon T. Webster Professional Growth Conference, PVAMU (Whitlowe R. GreenCollege of Education)October 22, 2011 - Attended the "The 21st Century Leader: A Catalyst for Change” Legal Issues Conference,PVAMU (Whitlowe R. College of Education)July 26, 2011 - Attended the 6th Annual Curriculum Conference, PVAMU (Whitlowe R. Green College ofEducation)March 5, 2011 - Attended the “Spirit of Healing and Helping” (Susan Taylor) 19th Annual Waymon T.Webster Professional Growth Conference, PVAMU (Whitlowe R. Green College of Education)
    • Faculty Vita 8April 16, 2010 - Attended the 6th Annual Research Symposium, PVAMU (College of Juvenile Justice &Psychology)March 6, 2010 - Attended the “Essence of Self-Love” (Dr. Julianne Malveaux) 18th Annual Waymon T.Webster Professional Growth Conference, PVAMU (Whitlowe R. Green College of Education)October 15, 2009 - Attended the Royce West Forum & Lecture Series, PVAMU (College of Juvenile Justice& Psychology)March 7, 2009 - Attended the “Seeking the Sakhu: To Be African, To Be Family, To Be Awesome!” (Dr.Wade Nobles) 17th Annual Waymon T. Webster Professional Growth Conference, PVAMU (Whitlowe R.Green College of Education)July 26, 2008 - William H. Parker Leadership Academy Hall of Honor Award, 2008 Prairie View A&MUniversity/The Texas A&M University System (Voted by Graduate Students for Outstanding Teaching)March 1, 2008 - Attended the “Helper, Know Thyself: The Influence of Ethics” (Dr. Na’im Akbar) 16th AnnualWaymon T. Webster Professional Growth Conference, PVAMU (Whitlowe R. Green College of Education)PhD Courses Taught at PVAMU/The Texas A&M University SystemEDUL 7073 Special Topics in Higher EducationEDUL 7003 Fundamental Components of Strategic ThinkingEDUL 7013 Strategic Planning in Educational LeadershipEDUL 7033 Dynamics of LeadershipEDUL 7043 Organizational Development and ChangeEDUL 7063 Philosophy of LeadershipEDUL 7403 School Law for AdministratorsEDUL 7083 Internship Superintendent/Principal/Higher Ed.EDUL 7213 Educational Laws and PoliciesEDUL 7253 Ethical Decision MakingEDUL 7263 Critical Issues in Educational LeadershipEDUL 7273 Human Resources ManagementEDUL 7333 Grant WritingEDUL 8003 DissertationMaster’s Courses Taught at PVAMU (Master’s Level)ADMN 5513 Superintendent InternshipADMN 5003 Fundamentals of School AdministrationADMN 5013 Theory, Practice and ResearchADMN 5023 Public School LawADMN 5033 School Business ManagementADMN 5043 The School PrincipalshipADMN 5053 Administration of Special ProgramsADMN 5063 Problems in Educational AdministrationADMN 5083 Special Topics in Educational Administration/Passing the PrincipalTExES ExamADMN 5153 ResearchCNSL 5163 ResearchProfessional Service Activities2012 - Guest Speaker, Brookline Elementary School, Aldine Independent School District, Houston, Texas2011- 2012- Hospitality Committee for the Department of Educational Leadership & Counseling
    • Faculty Vita 92008 - 2011- Member (Elected by the Faculty), Promotion and Tenure Committee2011 - Guest Speaker, Brookline Elementary School, Aldine Independent School District, Houston, Texas2011 - Guest Speaker, Lone Star Cy-Fair Community College, Cypress, Texas2010 - 2011 – Sponsored and Published the National FORUM of Applied Educational Research Journal, 28(1& 2) for the University of Memphis (Guest Editor-Reginald Leon Green, Professor of EducationalLeadership, College of Education)2010 - Guest Speaker, Frances Elementary School, Aldine Independent School District, Houston, Texas2008 - 2009- Member, Educational Programs: Graduate Programs Compliance Certification Committee forthe Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Reaffirmation of Accreditation ProcessComprehensive Standard 3.6 and the Core Requirement Standard 2.72008 - Member (appointed by the Dean of Whitlowe R. Green College of Education), College of EducationAdvisory committee on Post-Tenure Review2008 - Faculty Mentor to New PhD Doctoral Faculty- Dr.Tyrone Tanner