On diagrammatic economics and social sciences, science and insanities.THE SOLUTION FOR THE ECONOMIC CRISIS© Wilfred Berend...
Sane sensemaking., as opposed to insane sensemaking prevailing in our current society, is thekey to move on to a new ecoso...
To me, sensemaking is composed of language and mindmaking, and both are influencing eachother. Language, again, is much br...
Evilnesses are ALWAYS based on badness, either of the persons committing the evilnesses orother persons or living creature...
But, solving the current problems with our economic system and the money system is NOTenough. Although the meta-semeiotica...
To translate this seemingly general discussion towards more practical occurrences in oursociety at large, I want to make s...
differences are indeed insane and leading to damages of people. In that situations andoccasions, of course resistance is v...
Like David Boje stated in the quote of him I mention before, there are several types ofantenarrative, being the Vampire an...
And, actually, also there I can use another quote of David Boje. I use quite a lot of him as Ivalue his work a lot and als...
Apart from that, the issue that most of sensemaking in our current society and universes ISinsane and reductionist does re...
Then based on this sane sensemaking and resulting understandings, of course you need to act.But, as insane sensemaking is ...
I hope that most readers reading this discourse will by now understand that the meta-semeiotical perspective is the most e...
One of the biggest frustrations is the fact that I UNDERSTAND that not only the currenteconomic crisis in the US of Americ...
time now, their means haven’t kept up with what the growing economy could and        should have been able to provide them...
for the middle incomes will mean taxing the higher incomes more, or the other solution beingcreating more debts like the l...
In our current, insane economic system, PEOPLE will have about same amounts of moneybut mostly even LESS to spend if price...
But also, is it actually true that in the official business sphere’s we did not have inflation thatmuch??? According to th...
The general message of the great Jacques Derrida has been, in my opinion, the most importantmessage of getting a sense for...
As far as inflation and deflation are concerned, there are not only differences in the wayplurisigns are assembled or unde...
The problem is, that a lot of economists and governments but also most people still not graspwhat is going on, simply beca...
Just imagine the following. 1 falconer hunts 1 sick rabbit each 2 days in a large field. Like allfalconers do. There is ju...
REFERENCESBoje, D.M. (2008), Storytelling organizations.Boje, D. M. (2001a). Narrative methods for organizational and comm...
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  1. 1. On diagrammatic economics and social sciences, science and insanities.THE SOLUTION FOR THE ECONOMIC CRISIS© Wilfred Berendsen/W.T.M. Berendsen, September 2010During the last couple of years, I have been developing my meta-semeiotical body ofunderstanding called Practicism. Meta-semeiotics being my notion and invention to solvesome shortfalls of both metaphysics and semiotics. As both metaphysics and semiotics arebased on the wrong fundaments, being a reductionist and limited perspective leading todamages and even insanities in our society at large. Meta-semeiotics is able to solve all of thisproblems, in both our (social) sciences and practises. But also the fundaments of meta-semeiotics are not only important and worthwhile for social sciences and practises. Asactually the fundament of it, being expressed in my notion of holoplurality, is fundament forEVERYTHING in our universes. EVERYTHING. Meaning that also physics, formerlycalled natural philosophy (like in the work “the theory of natural philosophy” by RogerJoseph Boscovich”), can and should profit for the insights reflected in my notion ofholoplurality.. The interesting issues about Boscovich’s work are 1) that indeed at that timesthey seemed to have understood that also physics should be grounded on the fundaments ofnature and the structure and nature of our universes and 2) that actually it seems to be the casethat also here Boscovich did grasp at least parts of this while mainstream current physics stilldoes not even to his extends. But, 3) also Boscovich did only understand parts and still notenough. Just like people like Peirce and Nietzsche.The shortfalls of semiotics but also the damages and many problems in our current society arethe results of a limited, reductionist way of thinking and sensemaking currently present inabout all of social sciences and realities. Meaning that about all of actions in our socialrealities are being based on reductionist sensemaking leading to a lot of harms in our societyat large. A better, more complete kind of sensemaking can and will solve A LOT of problemsand damages in our current society. It can and will drastically improve our society at large andimprove ALL of social sciences and practises. But also physics and all other sciences can andwill improve if only the understandings of the sole true fundament being holoplurality arefully grasped and become mainstream also in this sciences.
  2. 2. Sane sensemaking., as opposed to insane sensemaking prevailing in our current society, is thekey to move on to a new ecosocial society. It is the key for most sane and great changemanagement throughout the whole of our society and practises. I am change manager byprofession, but to become the greatest change master I had to first understand this and developmy phronitical meta-semeiotic body of understanding called practicism being based on thisunderstanding and a lot of insights based on phronesis. But, the most important insight I got isthe understanding of the fundament for ALL of our universes and the fact that the language ofsemeiotics is best way to express this. The relatively new developments in physics callednano-management are, in some ways, actually another way of using the language andunderstandings of semeiotics. The way signs are connected but also the fact that and how theycan be disassembled and reassembled in other, better ways. But also there a meta-semeioticalstance and understanding would improve the nanoscience and therefore also there createbetter potentials for our realities in our universes at large.The meta-semeiotical perspective is simply the best and also enough because of the followingreasons. First of all, solely the understanding about our universes as such is not enough. As ofcourse, we also need to understand ourselves. And the influences and links between ourselvesand our universes at large. And other living creatures within. The link between us and theother people within is made with sensemaking and language. Sensemaking is here muchbroader than the general notion of it. As it is MY notion of sensemaking, which involvesmuch more than the general notion of it.
  3. 3. To me, sensemaking is composed of language and mindmaking, and both are influencing eachother. Language, again, is much broader than the general notion of it. To me we also talk withobjects indeed, and there I partly agree with I think Bruno Latour. I did not really read any ofhis discourses till now, but think to understand that indeed he agrees that we communicatewith objects and objects are part of communication. But also there, I think to understand thatmy perspective is different in the sense that also this part of language (the way wecommunicate with and through objects) is much broader and different than the wayunderstood by Bruno Latour and whoever is off same opinions. Simply and mostly becausethey still lack to understand the sole true underlying structure of our universes but also theinterconnectednesses and structure and nature of plurisigns themselves. And, again, theconnections with our languages and sensemakings.Meta-semeiotics is about plurisigns being connected or not. Assemblages of signs that canand will be disassembled and re-assembled at about any moment and time . The source andtool for doing so being our sensemaking and languages. A semiotical perspective is notenough and even wrong, as semiotics is based on the wrong perspective and wrong contentsstill. Meta-semeiotics is not only different because of the meta-, but also because of thesemeiotics. This semeiotics is different from Peircean semiotics, exactly because of thedifferent nature and contents of the meta-perspective of meta-semeiotics. Meta-semeiotics isgrounded, again, on the sole true structure and nature of all of our universes. But, besides that,also the intentions and (types of) values and virtues are VERY important there. Every contentneeds a framework, and every universes of plurisigns involving living creatures will needvalues and virtues to survive. The loss and lack of values and virtues in some parts of oursociety can be sensed and experienced while reading the newspapers. People being attackedon the streets and killed for nothing actually. Increase of violence. Governments giving up alot of their virtues and values or not even having them at all. We live in an era of everdecreasing values and virtues, while exactly these are a VERY important part of our societyand universes at large! WE LOOSE OUR VIRTUES AND VALUES, at least some peopleand persons do to ever increasing extends, AND BY THAT WE LOOSE OURSELVES ANDOUR INNER NATURE. IMPORTANT PARTS OF NATURE ITSELF. And a lot more. Thereasons of this are, like always, plural. But, all because of and being based upon oursensemaking. In this case a kind of sensemaking being diagrammatic and REDUCTIONISTand (therefore) INSANE, DESTRUCTIVE, WRONG and EVIL by nature.
  4. 4. Evilnesses are ALWAYS based on badness, either of the persons committing the evilnesses orother persons or living creatures in our societies at large. And although the great FriedrichNietzsche DID understand that evilness is often actually badness, I doubt whether heunderstood this. Being the realizations that evilness actually ALWAYS is based on badness.And that evilnesses will COMPLETELY disappear once badnesses do. The interesting thinghere is that badness is maybe easier to fight than evilness is, but also it matters a lot whetherpersons are evil or bad. As, of course, we can not really blame persons for being bad, whilewe can blame them for being evil. Evilness is about intentionalities of living creatures to dosomething wrong, while badness is about living creatures doing something wrong while notreally purposefully intending to do so. At the moment they do something wrong, it might bewith an intention yes. But, this intention is maybe based on either the contexts they are in atthat certain moment of time, and/or the badness of their own sensemakings. Incomplete,reductionist sensemakings can lead to evilness and injustice, but also badness of other peoplecan. IN the end, this is ALL about wrong, incomplete sensemaking!Sensemaking, human sensemaking, has actually always been at least partly insane and bad tillthis moment of time in our human histories. Because of the nature and structure of it, but alsobecause of the levels of values and virtues in our sensemakings. This fact of our sensemakingbeing partially insane will probably continue for long still, but it will help A LOT if at leastour economics and money system will be based on SANE sensemaking and the resultingunderstandings and possibilities for a whole new kind of economics and money system. As atcurrent even a lot of sane sensemaking IS there but just can not be fully expressed andexplored because of the oppressing nature of the limits of our current INSANE economics andmoney system. We all face numerous occasions in our lives where we would want to act inways more according to our understandings and also feelings, feelings of our own andfeelings for other people, but fail to be able to do so because of limits of money or limits inour structures and universes causing us to loose too much money or possibilities to earnmoney if we follow the (more) sane roads.
  5. 5. But, solving the current problems with our economic system and the money system is NOTenough. Although the meta-semeiotical perspective and understandings can and will solvethem, and a lot more. Like I said before, my meta-semeiotical body of understanding calledpracticism can and will not only solve the current crisis but also a lot of other problems insociety at large. It should and will become the fundament for ALL of sciences and practises,but for problems to be solved and our society and people within to grow and flourish likenever before, this should be better sooner than later. As insane sensemaking is currentlyprevailing in about all of our (social) sciences and therefore also practises. My meta-semeiotical body of understanding called practicism, and also my methodology of phronesisantenarrating, is not just another alternative. It is the ONLY RIGHT and SANE one. It is thefundament and key for moving on to a much saner, greater society. For ALL of us.
  6. 6. To translate this seemingly general discussion towards more practical occurrences in oursociety at large, I want to make some little side-step towards social judgements. This kind ofjudgements are possibly the hardest issue for human and non-human living creatures. Butmostly for us humans. Also because of the insanities of mainstream sensemaking, socialjudgements are not only the hardest to make but also we make a lot of errors there most of thetimes. Leading to more or less harms to PEOPLE. Even judges in courts make A LOT ofmistakes there, sometimes but I fear in a lot of cases even leading to innocent people beingprosecuted. Convicted of a crime or any other criminal offense. While actually having donenothing really wrong really. I am sure this happens much more often than people realize. Alsobecause police officers, most of them, are actually not capable enough to execute good soundjudgements based on the right and sufficient time and efforts of great sensemakings andresearch.Another example of social judgements based on the wrong fundaments and therefore leadingto false judgements or accusations can be found everywhere in our society at large. In ourrelationships with other living creatures like with animals and other people. Abouteverywhere in our society there is at least some aspect and level of badness based onincomplete sensemaking. Fights and disagreements are often the result of incompletesensemaking. Either in thoughts or in our communications. Problems of humans are alwaysthe result of incomplete sensemaking. Like stated before, also virtues and values areimportant. But also, of course, we have our feelings and emotions. Which are often leading usto the wrong directions if we do not let sane sensemaking prevail. And, there are manyoccasions and even reasons for letting our feelings and emotions prevail. But, sanesensemaking is COMPLETE sensemaking based on the RIGHT SANE FUNDAMENTS.Being the fundaments of holoplurality. This sensemaking also takes into regards virtues andvalues, but also emotions and feelings. If we let one of them prevail without taking enoughregards and notion of other important plurisigns, we might end up with insane reductionistsensemaking leading to damages in our society at large. This will always be the case in ouruniverses to certain extends, but the issue here is that sensemaking itself should always bebased on SANE COMPLETE sensemaking. Then, we can make our choices, which will bedifferent for different people. And, this differences will lead to clashes still. But this is in theend always because of insane sensemaking, as for whatever reason there is lack of insightabout motivations and reasons for the differences. Wisdom is about either understanding thisdifferences, or just respecting them. Or not respecting them because of the insight that these
  7. 7. differences are indeed insane and leading to damages of people. In that situations andoccasions, of course resistance is very well justified. Even fierce resistance. But always withthe attitude of being prepared to listen and not only to talk.So, based on SANE sensemaking, we can and might decide in certain circumstances to notfollow the results of our sensemaking but choosing another road. But, this always results insome reductionist factor in our sensemaking (as EVERYTHING in our human universes ispart of our sensemaking, whether it is our thoughts or our storytelling or other realities in ouruniverses as such). Our storytelling, but also our antenarrating is part of our sensemaking. But, as our social sciences and practises are currently mostly based on INSANE incompletesensemaking, also our storytelling and (ante) narrating is. Phronesis Antenarrating is a tooland methodology for transforming insane sensemaking into sane sensemaking. By alsotransforming reductionist representia (the plural of representamens) in what I call Phronesisrepresentia.David Boje, one of the greatest experts on storytelling, distinguishes between Vampire andLazurus antenarrative : “ I have been developing the idea that antenarrative is a bridge of transformation between living story (&pre-story) and narrative. It occurs to me now since the 2001 book, that antenarratology is the study of two processes. One you might callVampire, sucking the blood out of living story, all that co-creation, and reducing it to a beginning, middle, end (linear) narrative. The other islike Lazarus, being raised from dead narrative abstraction to live again, in living story.Type 1 Antenarrative: It’s the Vampire handing spaces of living story over to formalized place.Type 2 Antenarrative. It’s the Lazarus resurrection of living story space from places of dead narrative cadavers.Storytelling, for me, is defined as the heterogeneous practices in the interplay of narrative, story, and the two antenarrativesforces. “ ( David Boje, 5th of April 2008, http://anarchlyst.wordpress.com/2008/04/04/the-friday-tea-time-blog-11/)I myself just like Lazarus a lot. And, although a vampire antenarrative might not be bad at all,it has to be grounded at least on lazarus mindmaking. As lazarus is not solely aboutantenarratives, but about a lot more. This is just one of the understanding I wrote down insome other piece I wrote about phronesis antenarrating, to be found in the references of thiswriting. Phronesis antenarrating is a guidance for narrating and storytelling based on SANEsensemaking, supplementing what is told with what is thought and BEYOND. Phronesisantenarrating being guided by pluriflection, which is way different from other kinds ofreflection. And not only different, but way superior and more excellent than any type ofreflection and mindmaking. And antenarrating is just one of the parts of sensemaking, and theother parts of sensemaking complement narratives.
  8. 8. Like David Boje stated in the quote of him I mention before, there are several types ofantenarrative, being the Vampire and the Lazarus ones. But, like he says, this are processes.The one being the process of Vampire leading to BME (beginning, middle, and endnarratives) narratives (lineair narratives), the other one being Lazarus leading to what Bojecalls the living story.I like this statements of him a lot, for several reasons. Some of them I mention in my mainwriting on Phronesis Antenarrative (see the references), but some of them I just now realizeand understand more. So I will try to mention them here.Fact is, that my Phronesis Antenarrative is actually an enchanting methodology that isforming the bridge and key for turning Vampire narratives into Lazarus ones. It is a Lazarusmethodology. Simply because it is based on sane sensemaking, and sane sensemaking is aboutcompleteness and living stories. This also requires taking into regards feelings, emotions,virtues and values and also morality. At current times, a lot of virtues and values andmoralities are LOST. Not only in our society where quite some young persons are shot by orharmed by other young persons , but also in business life where people are more and morebeing treated as resources and treated as trash that organizations have to get rid off once theycan not be valuable for the organizations anymore. Let alone the people who can not be“used” at all by organizations for reasons they have no real impact on themselves, or peoplewho can not be “used” anymore because of damages done to them by other so-calledprofessional people. We more and more live in a consumer society, where even people arejust part of production and consumption. Nothing more, nothing less. At least that is the mainunderlying message and accepted way of doing for a lot of our education and ourorganizational life. Our organizational life is disenchanted in almost extreme ways, based onDevil antenarratives and also Devil (reductionist, INSANE) sensemaking. This might soundjust negative way of thinking and seeing, but it is just the way it is. It is our factual reality.And it is now spreading also towards private lives. Morality lost, virtues lost, like a vampiresucking the life out of our society at large.It is high time that more and more people become to realize this and that we NEED to fightthe devil of reductionisms and incomplete, insane ways of doing. If we do not want to indeedbecome a lost generation ourselves and have our future generations being lost (even more).
  9. 9. And, actually, also there I can use another quote of David Boje. I use quite a lot of him as Ivalue his work a lot and also he initiated/invented the notion of Antenarrating. While myinvention and notion of Phronesis Antenarrating is an extension of and specific type ofAntenarrating. Anyway, some other text written by Boje is the following:Stories can be prisons. Once we are inscribed in stories, characterizations and live out its plot lines, we get enmeshed with other folks whoexpect us to act, talk, and walk a certain way. In the family we have certain roles to play, certain scripts that get acted out over and overagain.”“Michel Foucault defined the panoptic gaze as a bultiple, automatic, continuous, hierarchical, and anonymous power functioning in anetwork of relations from top to bottom, from bottom to top, as well as laterally, to hold an enterprise together (Boje, 1995: 1027)”. (DavidBoje, http://peaceaware.com/McD/papers/storytelling_survival_manual_boje_2005.htm)Now, here Boje is (of course) right arguing that stories can be prisons. But, also structures andprocesses in our society at large can and WILL be. Simply because Vampire antenarrativesbut also Vampire structures and processes are the result of Lineair thinking and diagrammaticthinking. This linair, BME, diagrammatic thinking is both insane and limiting and damagingus. CS peirce, the past US philosopher who initiated semiotics and also pragmatism (he calledhis version pragmaticism), said that our thinking was diagrammatic. And, actually, he wasright. But what he did not mention and probably did not understand to the fullest, is that bythat our sensemaking is too limited and also oppressing and damaging.
  10. 10. Apart from that, the issue that most of sensemaking in our current society and universes ISinsane and reductionist does require us sometimes to take SEEMINGLY bad or evil actions toactually erase other badnesses and evilnesses out of our society at large. For instance, livingup to values and virtues can lead to conflicts because of badness of other actors grounded inand based upon incomplete and/or even insane sensemaking of this other actors.. Thisconflicts can escalate, but even if they do not and other actors involved issue a falseaccusation against some actors living up to values based on SANE sensemaking, this can leadto a lot of unjustified injustice being initiated by lawyers. Based on misunderstandingsbecause of lower level police officers not being really capable to judge and find out the realtruths.Here, I want to use some Nietzsche quote‘HOW COULD anything originate out of its opposite? For example, truth out of error? or the Will to Truth out of the will todeception? or the generous deed out of selfishness? or the pure sun-bright vision of the wise man out of covetousness? Suchgenesis is impossible; whoever dreams of it is a fool, nay, worse than a fool; things of the highest value must have a differentorigin, an origin of THEIR own—in this transitory, seductive, illusory, paltry world, in this turmoil of delusion and cupidity, theycannot have their source. But rather in the lap of Being, in the intransitory, in the concealed God, in the ‘Thing-in-itself— THEREmust be their source, and nowhere else!’—This mode of reasoning discloses the typical prejudice by which metaphysicians of alltimes can be recognized, this mode of valuation is at the back of all their logical procedure; through this ‘belief’ of theirs, theyexert themselves for their ‘knowledge,’ for something that is in the end solemnly christened ‘the Truth.’ (Nietzsche, BeyondGood and Evil, Page 7)Although Nietzsche DID grasp that indeed not only good can evolve out of evil but evensome evilness or seemingly non-logic actions might be needed to erase other evilnesses orillogics in our society at large, he probably lacked the fundamental and great understandingthat ALL evilnesses are based on badnesses caused by INSANE, incomplete sensemaking.And that once you know and understand WHAT is wrong in this sensemaking (like I alreadydo for longer times) you can create or explain the sole great way of sensemaking (like I did inmy meta-semeiotical body of understanding called practicism and also explained a bit more inmy discourses on phronesis antenarrating) and by that fighting the devil (being grounded ininsane incomplete sensemakings).
  11. 11. Then based on this sane sensemaking and resulting understandings, of course you need to act.But, as insane sensemaking is mainstream in our social sciences and practises, leading toVampire (ante) narrating and storytelling, more and more people even feel bothered or noteven dare to play Lazarus. Resistance to change is in general not much appreciated, even if itcould enchant the organization and the people living within a lot. But, like I mentioned,sometimes we simply have to resist and maybe even forcefully and persistent to transformBME and dualist reductionist understandings into LIVING stories again.Just practically. We are constantly working a lot. But then, during our lives, somehow A LOTof the values that we add to our society and lives get lost. WHY is that the case??? Theanswer to that is actually quite simple. We loose the money and things we get from otherpeople like presents, help and even money we win or inherit during our lives. We loose thegreat improvements of humankind. We loose the great actions of some people to play lazarusand IMPROVE and rebuild well build in our society. Because of the other processes beinglazarus. Lazarus being the result of INCOMPLETE and INSANE sensemaking. At current,the VAMPIRE is soaked up in our society at large. Even while some of our mindmaking isquite full of lazarus, this will not help if our narratives and storytelling are Vampire. If ourstructures, processes and value systems are mostly of a destructive, reductionist natureinstead of actually adding some great extra’s by means of LAZARUS processes.
  12. 12. I hope that most readers reading this discourse will by now understand that the meta-semeiotical perspective is the most excellent, great one and the sole RIGHT one. Like statedbefore in this short argument, sane sensemaking is ONE of the major fundaments for a sanegreat and complete meta-semeiotic and phronetic body of understanding. My body ofunderstanding called practisism or practicism being the greatest body of understanding everdeveloped in history. It is also the most excellent one that can EVER be developed in history,as it is simply the most excellent fundament and perspective possible.Practicism is ready for practice, and completely developed by me by now. But still I will needto explain aspects of this body of understanding in more detail. And work towards getting itinto the mainstream. Into mainstream social sciences and into mainstream social practices.This is costing me a lot of time and effort, a lot of trouble but also a lot of frustration.Frustrations as I UNDERSTAND and know this is the sole right way to go for ALL of socialsciences, but also mainly because I UNDERSTAND that it can and will solve A LOT ofcurrent damages to PEOPLE in our current society. While the same people are actuallymaking it hard and difficult for me to get them out of the matrixes and towards more sane andgreat sensemaking. Simply because they are constantly judging my understandings based onmore reductionist, WRONG sensemaking leading to completely different but inferiorunderstandings.It is like me having grown and climbed out of Plato’s cave and the ones being insideconstantly struggling against me wanting to help them to also get out and see the light. Butsolely because they did not really see the light yet and therefore do not realize that it isactually a much better situation for them.Mainstream sensemaking is, like I constantly argue, based on INSANE and reductionist waysof sensemaking. The reason being , that simply some important steps and pieces of sanesensemaking are MISSING. But, to completely understand this, one HAS to move towardssane sensemaking, Being based on another perspective. As most people either do not have thetime to read my pieces or simply do not understand because of not moving towards this sanerkinds of sensemaking, I keep struggling against much larger groups and forces into oursociety at large. While understanding MY understandings are not only far more superior, butalso MUCH needed in society at large.
  13. 13. One of the biggest frustrations is the fact that I UNDERSTAND that not only the currenteconomic crisis in the US of America and beyond (current being now, the year of 2010) canand will be solved if only governments can and will understand what I do and ACT on it, buteven that the acts and changes in economics resulting from my understandings would mean ALOT of improvements in our society at large and A LOT less damage and problems forPEOPLE.I already understand for long, that the CAUSES of the financial crisis are LACKS of money.There is simply TOO LESS MONEY given the GROWTH of people and our societies. Weare constantly growing, but also entities in our society like organizations are constantlygrowing. Nicer buildings, better machines, better transportation means. All needing, ofcourse, MORE MONEY. I am actually quite lucky that just today, the 4th of September 2010(the day I write this piece of this discourse), I actually saw a rather excellent piece about theeconomic crisis. Excellent at least in the analysis of the causes of the crisis at least in the US.What is still missing in that particular analysis, is the SOLUTION of the crisis and then notbeing based on the closed money system but according to the solution I already offer and didcommunicate for a while on my facebook account. Being the solution of creating more moneybut without putting any debts against it. Something I will elaborate about a bit more in thefollowing parts of this discourse.For now, I want to mention the article I talk about. Which is an article that appeared in the“The New York times” on 2 september 2010. It is written by Robert Reich, who has been asecretary of labor in the Clinton administration. Currently, he is a professor of public policyat the University of California, Berkeley. This is an excellent great university in the US.The article of 2 September 2010 in the New York Times by Robert Reich has the name “Howto end the great recession”, but actually the solutions proposed by him are not the right ones.Something I will explain later on in this discourse of myself. Anyways, apart from that, theanalysis of the causes is quite good. I will mention some of the insights reflected in this articleby mentioning some quotes” - “That’s because the real problem has to do with the structure of the economy, not the business cycle. No booster rocket can work unless consumers are able, at some point, to keep the economy moving on their own. But consumers no longer have the purchasing power to buy the goods and services they produce as workers; for some
  14. 14. time now, their means haven’t kept up with what the growing economy could and should have been able to provide them.” - “Eventually, of course, the debt bubble burst — and with it, the last coping mechanism. Now we’re left to deal with the underlying problem that we’ve avoided for decades. Even if nearly everyone was employed, the vast middle class still wouldn’t have enough money to buy what the economy is capable of producing.” - “This time around, policymakers had knowledge their counterparts didn’t have in 1929; they knew they could avoid immediate financial calamity by flooding the economy with money.”For now, I want to comment on this quotes a bit but also I want to state that this is by far noteverything of the whole article of course. The whole article MIGHT still to be found here::http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/03/opinion/03reich.html?pagewanted=1&_r=2&ref=opinionFor me personally only the first page is most interesting, as this handles about the causes ofthe crisis and actually this is a very good great analysis as 1) it supports what I alreadyunderstand for long and 2) even gives great figures and some additional insights there.The second page on the other hand, is not even less interesting but should in my view becompletely forget. Simply because it arguments to create more money, but in the WRONGways. Creating more money IS the solution for the economic crisis, but creating it WITHOUTputting any debts against it. Meaning not based on a closed money system and the currentrules of the money game, but based on new rules for the money game. In fact, I will want tochange the money game but also a lot of other “games” in our society.But on his remarks in the article mentioned above I just want to add the following. The firstquote perfectly reflects the core problem, being that middle and lower incomes did notsufficiently team up with the growth of our economies. Or, in other words, the growingamount of people and also the growth of products that are offered to them does of courserequire MORE MONEY. A LOT more than has been offered to them the last couple of years.The reason for it, is quite simply, our closed money system. Meaning that actuallygovernment can not really create more money. Only the perception of it. More money for thepeople will mean less money for the government for other needed services, or more money
  15. 15. for the middle incomes will mean taxing the higher incomes more, or the other solution beingcreating more debts like the lower incomes have also done to partly increase the neededamounts of money. But of course, creating debts is NOT the solution. And of course, creatingdebts will in future cause the governments to collapse just like the inhabitants of theircountries did before them. EVENTUALLY THE DEBT BUBBLES OF GOVERNMENTSBURST AND WITH IT THE LAST COPING MECHANISMS. And what then???? Actuallyexactly THIS understanding is why the solutions offered in the article by mr. Reich are notonly not sufficient, but also the WRONG ones. Instead, what we need as solution, is what Ialready preach for long (as it simply IS the sole right and great solution!) and what I will talkabout below (again) in more details. IF this solution is actually grasped at least in time,nothing will be wrong at that time. But till that time, A LOT of harm is done for people stillnot grasping and understanding. MY GREAT UNDERSTANDINGS FOR MOVING TO AMUCH GREATER SOCIOECONOMIC ORDER AND GETTING THE PROBLEMS ANDCAUSES UNDERLYING THE FINANCIAL CRISIS REALLY SOLVED NOTPERCEPTUALLY FIXED WITH THE UNDERLYING PROBLEMS NOT ONLYSTAYING INTO EXISTENCE BUT ACTUALLY WORSENING.My main understanding is, that to solve the crisis in the US, simply A LOT more money justHAS to be created. But not by means of the old, ineffective ways of creating money. The wayof creating being different because it has to be based on creating money based on theperspectives and understandings of practicism. This resulting in the understanding of anothermoney system then the one currently practiced by mainstream economics and prevailing inour society at large. From about every actor in our society I constantly get to hear thatcreating money is NOT the solution, BUT this argument of them is based on reductionistsensemaking and the wrong perspective and understanding of money. Based on a reductionistmoney system (the one being mainstream now) and reductionst understandings of economicsand concepts like inflation and other DAMAGING and REDUCTIONIST economicmetaphorical religions
  16. 16. In our current, insane economic system, PEOPLE will have about same amounts of moneybut mostly even LESS to spend if prices of goods and services rise. While the same peoplewill get LESS to spend if prices of goods and services decrease. As, in the end, less peoplewill be hired if turnover of companies decrease. While the average wages of people will notincrease when prices rise. This developments are all bad and damaging for society at large, forPEOPLE into our societies. And actually this circumstances are the reasons for both inflationand deflation to be bad developments. They really do not have to be, but in current closedmoney system AND the way entities in our society respond to increasing and decreasing pricelevels DOES lead to bad situations. The way to remove the bad results is quite easy andstraightforward and should be executed by the only parties being capable of doing so, beinggovernments. But, to reach this, they have to first understand that the mainstream economicreligions they are still believing in and where they are still basing their actions upon, areactually insane and have led them and US into very bad situations in the first place. Then,they should get to understand what practicism and my invention of Phronesis Antenarrating isall about. By that, getting the sole true right and sane understandings. Not only abouteconomics, but basically about a lot more. Practicism and Phronesis antenarrating is key andfundamental for ALL of social sciences and practises. It can and will solve the economiccrisis and A LOT more problems in society at large. And it can and will improve all of socialsciences , whether this are the sciences of psychology, law, economics, management and/orany other social sciences. The only simple but difficult development needed for that, is thatmy understandings and body of knowledge of practicism is getting to be studied and thenimplemented in mainstream social sciences and practices.At current, deflation is already happening. Maybe not that much yet into the official businesssphere and prices, but it IS happening and HAS been happening for quite a while in theprivate sphere. Being the sphere of private selling and buying. And the offering of services ofpeople to other people. The so-called inoffical, black circuits become less and less. While it isnot being realized that also this circuits or even mainly this circuits and activities are veryimportant for some parts of our economies and especially the people within. While in the pasta lot of people could work in “free” time and earn some additional, NEEDED money withthat, the number of people who can not is growing and growing. For several reasons.
  17. 17. But also, is it actually true that in the official business sphere’s we did not have inflation thatmuch??? According to the figures of governments, yes. But according to reality based onvalid figures and facts…by far no! The biggest inflation that happened at least in theNetherlands I think is the inflation of really effectively to be earned wages (the real wagesearned) compared to house prices for the lower incomes (the parties that are actually mostimportant to take into regards regarding inflation). At least in the Netherlands, factoryworkers now mostly being able to work less than in former times but also of course theinfluences of flex working and the fact less will be earned in the private selling and buying,has lead to the fact that most factory workers especially in younger years will not be able toget a mortgage to buy a house. It is not only the lower incomes, but also the fact that more andmore young people have debts from studying. As of course our current society requires themto study a lot, without the required returns for all of them. I guess on average quite a lot donot earn it back especially in the first couple of years. It would be very valuable and evenneeded although to have figures there to proof my estimations there.But it is certain that overall, especially the lower incomes can and are earning less and lessadditional income. Meaning that they have less and less additional., NEEDED money tospend. So of course, the spending of money is lacking. And this will only grow given both thedevelopments in our society but also mainly the misunderstandings and resulting lack of greatactions of governments. Governments have to compensate for the decrease of moneyavailable for entities in our society to spend. These entities being not only the citizens, butalso organizations in our society and also governments themselves. In the past years, we allhave tried and actually did compensate for the LACK OF MONEY by increasing our debts.But of course, that is not a long term solution and it even got us into the problems and theeconomic crisis. The economic crisis of current times is NOT a result of wrong actions ofbankers and banking. It is the result of lack of understandings of governments of what isgoing on in our society at large. Being the downfall of our society because of a LACK OFMONEY. IF only more money is created but also given to the right entities in the right ways,economies and our society and PEOPLE will grow and flourish LIKE NEVER BEFORE.
  18. 18. The general message of the great Jacques Derrida has been, in my opinion, the most importantmessage of getting a sense for and putting stress on differences. By getting a perspectiveconcentrating on and getting aware of this differences, instead of being concentrated onsimilarities. Also with deflation and inflation, it has to be understood WHY they happen. Butalso it has to be understood that there are MANY different types of deflation and inflation,depending on a lot of differences that can prevail or being absent in the so-called contexts ofinflation and deflation. Although I am of the opinion that contexts actually do not exist, thenotion is useful. But actually this contexts are about plurisigns not being taken intoconsideration or taken into considerations. If they are, it leads mostly to a much morecomplete and great situation. (LAZARUS). If they are not, problems will arise (DEVIL)…likethe problems resulting from the insane reductionist ways of understanding and thinking ofmainstream economists and governments.
  19. 19. As far as inflation and deflation are concerned, there are not only differences in the wayplurisigns are assembled or understood/taken into regards (which is another, better way to talkabout the rather pre-historic and inferior notion of context), but also there are differences inthe contents of inflation and the causes of inflation and the differences in the WHY and HOWof changes in prices. But also it matters a lot whether this inflation or deflation takes place inthe public or private sphere and for what actors in our society at large.As far as the contents of inflation are concerned, there are of course numerous circumstancesand situations that can lead to inflation or deflation to happen. And, of course, each situationwill be DIFFERENT. If prices rise while people already have less to spend and also this pricerise will not be balanced with an at least same level of rise of wages, of course the economy ingeneral will go down. But, if on the other hand prices rise but wages increase even morebecause of that (something which should be perfectly possible while at same time increasingthe profit for the organizations concerned), the general economies and societies at large willjust improve because of this measures being taken. So, in general, that is just the great way togo for all of us. If only economists get to understand that and governments get to listen, wewill ALL profit from that. In numerous ways.But what most governments do not understand, is that in general prices have increased a lotwhile wages stayed lower. I am talking here mainly about prices of houses and the mortgageswe can get to buy a house. We all know that most people now do not like to marry or be witha partner, but instead want to be single. And although even the wages might have been risingmore than prices of houses have, it matters a lot whether we have to pay for them solely orwith a partner. Also of course, it matters a lot whether we would also have the need or will tobuy a lot of other products, or not. If we do not, while organizations and people are capable ofproducing a lot more products and at much faster rates, this organizations will just have lessmoney to spend on wages and other products even if the prices per product is a lot. In the end,just some products being sold at a low price will of course matter more than less products oreven no products being sold at a much higher price. Or even both situations will not reallymatter that much in case wages of people are lowered. But, if same wages of people decreasewhile they are able to get a surplus on that wage by means of taxes or additional income, ofcourse the situation changes again. Just like our situations change considerably if we areeither not capable ourselves or the context being market does lead to us not being able to earnas much money beside our normal jobs as we did in the past.
  20. 20. The problem is, that a lot of economists and governments but also most people still not graspwhat is going on, simply because of reductionist sensemaking. This could be also expressedby means of the metaphor of a road. The things outside of the road that can have a hugeinfluence on what you are doing when for instance travelling to some holiday destination, canbe of HUGE importance for the travel. For instance, it would be good to know that actuallythe place you go to will be hit by a huge hurricane about the time you will be there. Or thatyou better return, either because your house will burn down if you do not or some hours lateran accident will happen because of whatever that is actually being also announced on theradio which you did not turn on. But, if you do not know or just do not take regards of thisimportant anothernesses, you will just stay inside of diagrammatic or well just limitedthinking. This is not even only about limited thinking, but also thinking based on the wrongunderlying framework or fundaments.As an expert in Phronesis Antenarrating and my high interests in storytelling and (ante)narrating, I am of the opinion that storytelling and (ante) narrating is part of sensemaking. Justlike physical objects in our realities are. The universes of our thoughts and the universes ofour realities are not distinct universes, but interconnected and actually just part of the sameunified whole. But, the only way to understand that is by forgetting about the boundaries andunderstanding that there is only one underlying structure and nature of all of our universes.We as living creatures are often fooled by words and objects and also stories in our society atlarge. As I remark in one of my other discourses, people are often concentrating onfirstnesses. Part of this concentration of firstnesses (plurisigns) is that we often only see theobjects, representamens or stories without realizing there is A LOT more connected with it.But , more dangerously, people are often imprisoned by words and structures. And, evenwrong structures and words are often taken for granted (accritically indubitable beliefs andinsanities) leading to damage and insanities in our society at large. Also, of course, this issueis largely limiting the possibilities of mankind.But, as storytelling is also part of sensemaking, I will here give some story to hopefullyenable another perspective on money and economics and supporting my argument that a lot ofcurrent mainstream economics and also the acts of governments is limited and also severelylimiting the possibilities for humans and the quality of our universes at large.
  21. 21. Just imagine the following. 1 falconer hunts 1 sick rabbit each 2 days in a large field. Like allfalconers do. There is just a bit too less for all the falconers and their birds to catch the mostlysick rabbits. Then, at certain times, there is a major huge development. Falconers followanother kind of sense making and grow in other ways. Instead of one they have more birds.And hunt MUCH more rabbits. But, the rabbits do not grow as quick with them. While thefalconers hunt on there is some problem at certain times. OF COURSE. As the rabbits GREWto LESS. Then, some farmer just gets some rabbits from another farmer on loan and just fillsthe big field again a bit. So the falconers continue and just say everything is OK again. OFCOURSE, this is pure fiction. As the falconers still grow even more. Did the rabbits grow?Do they?Finance has to realize that money is a catalyst for growth. Money also actually not really trulyexist. It does, and it does not. But based on rules of the game we set up. This rules canactually be changed quite simply, but only if we want to do so. This willingness to do so alsolargely depends on the underlying sensemaking. Meaning that wrong, incompletesensemakings like the ones in current mainstream thinking, can and in this society DO lead toresistence to changes in the money system while actually this changes will lead to theGREATEST effects for ALL of parties involved. But, because of INSANE, incompletesensemaking, the parties that CAN effectuate the changes do PERCEIVE these changes to bebad for them, and therefore they do not effectuate them. Like the elephants all way down, inthis case we have insanities all around, like plural butterfly effects leading to HUGE damagesto PEOPLE based on insane arguments and reasonsTo conclude this long argument, once again. WE NEED MORE MONEY. And perceptually“creating the money while actually just creating debts against them meanwhile keeping thesame amounts of money or about the same or at least (far) less than is needed given theGROWTH of our society and people within is NOT the solution. In fact, it will eventuallylead to much bigger problems at same time, just moving the problems ahead to the future thenhaving all of them around about same times. Like we had and actually still have although it ispartly covered now by the PERCEPTIONS of short time measures. So what is needed is tocreate money without putting any debts against that, then giving this money to the people.Either just once or several times. But of course, one BIG large amount at once will solve theproblems much quicker then just trying this out and having it followed just a bit later on. ABIG but foremost REAL adjustment is needed in our economies!
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