Case Study: Professional Development at the AHRI - Lyn Goodear


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Presented by Lyn Goodear, as part of the Wiley Professional Learning seminar, 'Across the Professions'. For info visit or follow us @WileyProLearn

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Case Study: Professional Development at the AHRI - Lyn Goodear

  1. 1. Professional Development Across the Professions Lyn Goodear, National Manager Professional Development andDeputy CEO of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)
  2. 2. “Education over the Internet is going to be so bigit is going to make email look like a rounding error.” Source: President of CISCO, JT Chambers
  3. 3. Presented at the Wiley seminarProfessional Development Across the Professions Melbourne, 1 March 2012 #pdmelb
  4. 4. The brief: A ‘micro’ case study: The HR Profession . . . and how AHRI approaches the challenge of „professionalising the HR profession
  5. 5. Every year, around 1 million workers change jobs, with ¼ also changing industriesDid you know? Source: Julia Gillard‟s speech – Feb 6 2012, Building a New Economy Absenteeism hits the bottom line of some of our big brand companies by as much as $30 million in „lost‟ wages each year* Low productivity is estimated to cost some of our big banks as much as $2-$3 billion each year* *Source: Macquarie Economics Research – ESG Evaluating Employee Engagement - 28 June 2011
  6. 6. Did you also know …That where a business has high engagement scores, they will experience on average:• 12% higher customer satisfaction ratings• 6% higher profitability• 18% higher productivity• 25-49% lower voluntary staff turnover, depending on the sector;• 49% fewer safety incidents• 27% less inventory shrinkage for relevant sectors• 37% lower absenteeism• 60% fewer quality issues Source: 2009 Gallop study of 152 organisations across 44 industries in 26 countries with almost 1 million employees
  7. 7. Changing legislationAnd the The goes list Changing technologies and ways of workingon… Changing workforce demographics and there‟s more …
  8. 8. The challenge:“I love working with people, so have decided to make my career in HR”
  9. 9. About AHRI• 60+ years national association representing HR professionals in Australia• 18,000+ members in the Australia & Asia Pacific region• 550 leading Australian organisation members• 500+ events per annum with over 10,000 attendees• Member of the World Federation of People Management Associations & the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resources
  10. 10. “Shaping the future of theprofession through our members” • Represent and lead the HR profession to improve standards, practices, and impact • Build capability, enhance professional effectiveness and be a career partner for our members
  11. 11. Professional Recognition Framework PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP TYPE CRITERIA FOR MEMBERSHIP - AHRI accredited or relevant undergraduate qualification; OR Member (MAHRI) - Equivalent knowledge, skills and experience (minimum four years) - AHRI accredited or relevant postgraduate qualification + five or more years of relevant work experience; Certified OR Professional - Equivalent knowledge, skills and experience (minimum eight years) (CAHRI) - AHRI accredited or relevant postgraduate qualification - Eight or more years of HR experience with a minimum of two years in a strategic management or Fellow (FAHRI) leadership position - Equivalent knowledge, skills and experience - Demonstrated contribution to the HR profession
  12. 12. Specialist Forums & EventsThe PD The response Research papers, publications, submissions and monthly magazine - HRMonthly Mentoring Programs and Awards Professional education programs & short courses Conferences, Conventions and World Congress Social media including: Twitter, Facebook, AHRI blog and LinkedIn
  13. 13. CPDedgeA secure online system to: - create personalised professional development plans - automatically record all registered AHRI CPD activities - allow for the recording of any other CPD activities in one online location - produce a summary of all CPD activity
  14. 14. Type 1 Formal educationThe PDThe mix Type 2 Learning activities Type 3 Conferences/seminars Type 4 Presentation of papers Type 5 Industry involvement Type 6 Service to the HR profession Type 7 Informal learning
  15. 15. EvidenceThe technicalities The Internal audit procedures Non compliance Regrading Peer Review
  16. 16. And what have we found?
  17. 17. Checking in … A „micro‟ case study: the HR Profession . . . and how AHRI approaches the task of „professionalising the HR profession‟ Any questions…?
  18. 18. One more incentive . . .“Low-skilled, low-paid workers have seen their jobs disappear offshore. Now it‟s the turn of educated professionals” Source: Matt Barrie, owner of the and BRW‟s inaugural entrepreneur of the year in 2011 GoodWeekend, Feb 25 2012