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  1. 1. URI Intramurals 101:Sports, Registration/Information, & Play Areas
  2. 2. What areIntramural Sports?  Intramural sports are an integral part of campus life giving students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to come together for competition and camaraderie. The Intramural Sports staff invites you to get involved and be part of the action. A variety of individual and team sports/activities are planned ranging from regular league competition to more informal tournament activities and one-day events which are intended to serve the varied interests of the URI community.
  3. 3. No activity is too far-fetched or outrageous. The philosophy for Intramural Sports is to provide alittle for everyone in order to get the most for all. Participation in the Intramural Sports Program isvoluntary. Injuries and their resulting costs are the responsibility of the participant. Each participant is advised to carry personal health and accident insurance.
  4. 4. URI Intramurals 101: SPORTS
  5. 5. What Sports are Offered In the Fall? Flag Football Tournament  Ice Hockey League 7 on 7 Flag Football League  5 on 5 Basketball League  Competitive Outdoor Soccer League  Recreational  Men’s  Women’s  Co-Rec  Indoor Soccer League Softball League  Men’s  Men’s  Co-Rec  Co-Rec  Floor Hockey League 6 on 6 Indoor Volleyball League  Men’s  Men’s  Co-Rec  Co-Rec  Co-Rec Inner Tube Water Polo Dodge ball League League FALL 2010 Intramural Sports
  6. 6. What Sports are Offered In the Spring? Ice Hockey League  Outdoor Soccer League  Men’s 5 on 5 Basketball League  Co-Rec  Competitive  Recreational  7 on 7 Flag Football  Womens  6 on 6 Volleyball League Indoor Soccer League  Men’s  Mens  Co-Rec  Co-Rec  Floor Hockey League Co-Rec Inner Tube Water Polo  Men’s  Co-Rec Golf Scramble  Kickball League  Softball Tournament* Weather Permitting  Dodgeball LeagueSPRING 2011 Intramural Sports
  8. 8. How Can I Register a Team? All registration information and  Submitting an entry form does not forms are available ONLINE. guarantee a spot on the playing schedule. Team entries forms must be submitted at the Intramural Sports  All teams must have at least one Office (M-F 10am-5pm) prior to representative attend the the mandatory Captains Meetings mandatory Captains Meeting at for each sport/event. The Memorial Union for each particular event. Check the IM Calendar of Events for specific entry deadlines.  Team entry fees will be collected at the mandatory Captains Dont wait until the last minute to Meetings. submit team entry forms as space may be limited for certain  Teams that do not attend the programs. Teams will receive Captains Meetings will not be scheduling priority on a first come, scheduled. first served basis.
  9. 9. Where can I find Registration Forms? 1. Go to the URI website and locate the Athletics & Recreation Tab
  10. 10. Where can I find Registration Forms? 2. Click on Athletics & RecreationThe page that loads has various links to different areas in Athletics and Recreation. Locate Intramural Sports And Click on it
  11. 11. Where can I find Registration Forms? 3. This is the Intramural Sports page Here you can find out about schedules, meetings,cancelations, and sports rules, and also find registration forms. Scroll Down
  12. 12. Where can I find Registration Forms?4. You can find the registration form for every sport on this page Print it out. Fill It out COMPLETELY
  13. 13. Where can I find Registration Forms? Be sure to take a look at Due Dates, Fees, and Start Dates to avoid problems.Here’s an example of a registration form. Please fill it out properly.
  14. 14. Registration Form Areas in Red NEED to be filled out  Team Name  League Type  Captains Information  Alternate Captain  Participants  If you do not have enough players to meet the requirement, don’t panic. Students can sign up the day of your game at the fields. Rosters freeze once Playoff’s begin.  Captain’s Signature
  15. 15. Participant Eligibility Participants are responsible for their own eligibility. Team captains are responsible for checking the eligibility of their individual team members. Inquiring about eligibility in advance precludes unnecessary delays and potential disqualifications. The Intramural Sports Program will check the eligibility of players if a team captain lodges a formal protest or if the Intramural Sports Program has reason to believe any player in question is not eligible.
  16. 16. Participant Eligibility Students  Faculty & Staff
All student participants must 
All participants must have be enrolled (full or part- paid the recreation fee in time) at the University of order to be eligible for Rhode Island and have participation in the paid the recreation fee in Intramural Program. order to be eligible for participation in the Intramural Program.
  17. 17. Participant Eligibility Intercollegiate Athletes  Club Sport Athletes
"Active" members of an 
A maximum of three (3) club intercollegiate team(s) are sport members may not eligible to participate in participate in the same or that sport or related equivalent sport in which activities (e.g., Varsity they participate. baseball players may not participate in IM Softball). Any person that appears on the official varsity team roster is considered to be part of that intercollegiate team.
  18. 18. Free Agents We encourage all  Free Agents can also attend participants to join the URI the Captains Meeting and Intramuralsports Facebook ask someone there if you page, especially Free could join there team. Agents.  URI Intramurals CANNOT Information is posted on the force anyone to put you on Facebook Groups. there team, so the best way is to get a group of friends Free Agents can go on the and register your own team. Facebook page and post a message, asking to join a team.
  19. 19. Rosters You are allowed to be on  Teams are allowed to add ONE Intramural team per players to their roster at any sport. point during the regular season. If theres gender specific leagues like Men’s and Co-  Once playoff’s begin, rosters Rec you can play on ONE are frozen and no members team in each league. can be added. Once you play for a team,  Any player that plays on two your on their roster and teams will cause the second cannot play for any other team they join to Forfeit team in that league. every game they participated in.
  20. 20. Forfeits and Defaults Any team that fails to appear  If a new deposit is not for any scheduled contest will received, your team will be be charged a forfeit fee. removed from the schedule. GAME TIME IS FORFEIT  Any combination of 2 forfeits TIME. There is no grace and/or defaults results in loss period. of playoff eligibility. If your team forfeits a game, a  A Default is better than a new deposit must be paid Forfeit. If you cant make it, let within 48 hours or before the us know: next scheduled game,  Games Mon – Fri call the IM whichever comes first. office before 12pm the day of your game.  Games Sat – Sun call the IM office before 3pm the Friday prior to your game.
  21. 21. Bring Your ID’s As a student at the University of Rhode Island, you are required to carry your ID whenentering the Mackal-Keaney-Tootell Complex or its considerred Tresspassing. NO ID? = NO PLAY We will not delay games if participants do not have their ID’s or go get them. GAMETIME IS FORFEIT TIME.
  22. 22. Where is the Intramural Sports Office? Mackal-Keaney-Tootell Complex
  23. 23. The Intramural Sports Office is located in Keaney, but for you to enter Keaney, you need to go through Mackal Field House and present your ID at the Front Desk.
  24. 24. Where is the Intramural Sports Office? After presenting your ID at the front desk, take a right.
  25. 25. Where is the Intramural Sports Office? When you come across this corridor, stay on your right and walk down the hallway.
  26. 26. Where is the Intramural Sports Office?Walk straight down thehallway, and it will lead youinto the Keaney Lobby.
  27. 27. Where is the Intramural Sports Office? Continue to walk straight through the Keaney Lobby into the hallway on the left.
  28. 28. Where is the Intramural Sports Office? Walk straight down this hallway until you approach the blue door (ROTC).
  29. 29. Where is the Intramural Sports Office? When you notice this blue door (ROTC office) take a left.
  30. 30. Where is the Intramural Sports Office? Walk straight down this hallway, the Intramural Sports office will be the second office on your left.
  31. 31. Where is the Intramural Sports Office? You have arrive at the Intramural Sports Office. COME IN!
  32. 32. URI Intramurals 101:Play Areas: Indoors
  33. 33. Play Areas: Tootell West Sports played in West Include: Basketball Volleyball
  34. 34. Play Areas: Tootell East Sports played in East Include: Dodgeball Floor Hockey Indoor Soccer
  35. 35. Soccer Flag Football Softball/Ki ckball URI Intramurals 101: Play Areas: Outdoors
  36. 36. Play Areas: Football Fields Trees Football Field 1 Football Field 2 Soccer StadiumFlag football is played here. There are 2 fields located straight ahead when exiting the Mackal-Keaney-Tootell Complex. They are next to the Soccer Stadium and in front of the trees.
  37. 37. Play Areas: Soccer Fields Soccer Field 2 Back of Baseball Field Soccer Field 1Outdoor Soccer is played here. There are 2 fields: one behind the baseballfields (above) and one next to the shed and left of the baseball field, when exiting the Mackal-Keaney-Tootell Complex.
  38. 38. Play Areas: Soccer Fields Soccer Field 1 White Shed Baseball Field Soccer Field 2 Soccer Field 2: Left of Baseball Field, Next to White Shed.
  39. 39. Play Areas: Softball/Kickball Soccer Fields Football Fields Softball/Kickball Softball/Kickball Field 2 Field 1The first Softball/Kickball field is located to the right of the football fields andstraight ahead, when exiting the Mackal-Keaney-Tootell Complex. There is fencing behind home plate, making it easy to find.
  40. 40. Play Areas: Softball/Kickball Behind TreesSoftball/KickballField 2 Softball/Kickball URI Field 1 Softball Softball/Kickball Field 2The second Softball/Kickball Field is located to the left of the URI Softball field and behind the first IMS softball field and trees. The blue shed can will you towards the right direction.
  41. 41. QUESTIONS!?!?
  42. 42. Call us at 874-5972, Join the Facebook page: URI Intramuralsports or go to our website at