Technical Files Presentation


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Technical Files Presentation

  1. 1. Image resolution is a term for the amountof detail an image holds. This term appliesto raster images, vector images, filmimages and other types of images. Higherresolution means more detail and it canbe measured in various ways.Pixel resolution refers to the pixel countin digital imaging. To describe pixelresolution is when pixels are measured inthe first column (width) and secondcolumn (height) for example an imagespixel resolution might be 640 x 420.Another popular way of citing pixelresolution is by the number of pixels in animage.
  2. 2. There are two kinds of computergraphics, raster graphic (which iscomposed of pixels) and vector graphic(which is composed of paths). Rasterimages are more commonly known as abitmap.A raster graphic uses a grid of individualpixels which can be a different shade andcolour. Whereas vector graphics usemathematical relationships betweenpoints and paths, connecting them todescribe an image.Bitmaps are best used for photographsand images with subtle shading and needa higher resolution than vector art whichis more suited for page layout, type, lineart and illustrations.
  3. 3. File format is the specific format in which Format that did not require a patentan image is save. Each file format has its license. It supports grey scale, palate basedown unique characteristics, advantages images and non-palate based images. PNGand disadvantages. By defining the file was designed for transferring images ontoformat it will be possible to determine the internet and not for high quality many bits per pixel it can hold andany other additional information. JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Groups) is a lossy compression technique for coloured• BMP (Bit-map) is the standard raster images which can reduce its file size to 5% file format for a Microsoft Windows but can lose some detail in the application compression. It is the most common file format used by digital camera and other• GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is photographic capture devices. another bit-mapped graphics file format which is used by the internet and online message servers. GIFs support colours and various resolutions and also includes data compression.• PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a bit-mapped graphic that was originally made to replace the GIF as an image file
  4. 4. • Tiff (Tagged Image File Format) is a file • AI (Adobe Illustrator File) is a file format for storing images and is extension for a vector graphic file popular among graphic artists. format used in Adobe Illustrator a Originally run by a company called popular vector at application. Aldus it is now under control of Adobe Systems. It is widely supported by • EPS (Encapsulated Postscript File) is a image manipulation applications. graphic file format for exchanging images, drawings or even whole page• PSD (Adobe Photoshop File) an image layouts. An EPS file holds internally a file created by Adobe Photoshop, a description of such an object using the popular image-manipulation program. Postscript page description language. It may include image layers, adjustment layers, file information, key information and other Photoshop elements.• PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format created by Adobe systems and is now an open standard for electronic document exchange. When you covert documents, forms and graphics they look just like they would if printed but can also add interactive buttons, shields, audio and video.
  5. 5. File compression often comes in the formof a zip file. This compression system isvery hand as it lets you reduce the overallbits and bites in a file. This is so it can betransferred over the web quicker or takeup less space on a disk.Image compression is essentiallyminimizing the size in bytes of a graphicsfile without affecting the quality of theimage to a unacceptable level. Aspreviously mentioned in the slidesbeforehand two most commoncompression graphic image formats arethe JPEG and GIF format. When a text fileor program can be compressed withoutthe induction of errors up to a certainpoint is called a lossless compression. Asingle error can cause a lot of damage tothe meaning of a file usually a small losscan be quite noticeable.
  6. 6. Image capture devices are devices such ascameras and scanners that take an imageand pixelate it so it can then bemanipulated in computer programsoftwares.They share the same technology andtakes light and focuses it via the lenseonto the sensor made of silicon it ismade up of tiny photisites that aresensitive to light. A photosite is usuallycalled a pixel and there are millions ofthese in the sensor light.Unfortunately photisites are colour blindAnd can only display the intensity of thelight that hits its surface. In order to get afull colour image the sensor has to use afilter to look at the lights in its threeprimary colours. I combines them tocreate the full spectrum.
  7. 7. Image optimizing is using the mostcompressed yet visually acceptable imagein the correct file format for the correctpurpose.Jpeg optimization is a lossy form ofcompression as the image information is Un-optimized Imagedegraded or lost. Jpeg compression isexpressed in terms of percentage so a100% is at it’s highest quality while lowestpercentage loses tonal information andimage detail.GIF works by mapping the image to colourpalette. The maximum number of colours Optimized Imageavailable is 256 to 216 this is a smallnumber of colours but it adds to the factthat GIF is a lossless compression file asrelatively speaking with already a smallnumber of colours compression doesn’tcause to much loss of image information.
  8. 8. You can store media files in manydifferent places the most common beingthe internal hardrive of the computer butcan also be stored in a company network A personal example is when I createddrive, a pen drive for carrying files over to some arcade machines in Lightwavea computer not part of a network or an modeller then took them over to layout Iexternal hard drive which usually has a lot needed to make sure that all themore memory then a pen drive. A new customized surfaces I had created forand very popular way of storing now is by them were in the same folder as thecloud or skydrive. project otherwise they would have not showed up on the arcade machine leavingManaging your assets are very important them in blank coloursin professional settings so your media iswell organized by appropriate name anddate as well as the appropriate media fileif needed to be passed on to anothercolleague. In terms of using a softwaresuch as Adobe Premiere or LightwaveLayout files are linked to a project sotherefore need to be kept in an organizedFolder otherwise assets in a project couldgo missing or might not be updated.