Computer Game Graphics


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Computer Game Graphics

  1. 1. ComputerGameGraphics
  2. 2. Pixel Art is a form of digitalartthat is created through Pixel Artrastergraphics software. This wasa popular graphic style forolder computer games andmobile games.Also known as a Bitmapgraphic, pixel art isconstructed of a collection ofmany coloured dots. Thiskind of graphic can restrictdetail and resizing can blurthe definition of the art.
  3. 3. The beauty of pixel art is thekind of crisp image you cancreate and is perfect for Pixel Artcreating an isometricviewpoint which refers tosome form of parallel wherethe viewpoint is slightlyrotated to show other sidesof the game environment .This is a great way of givinga 3D effect and is used in themassively popular PC gameMinecraft.
  4. 4. Concept art is a subset ofillustration and is supposed Concept Artto represent an idea for acharacter, object orenvironment from variousangles and in various ways.Concept art is essentially theblueprint that allows otherartists working on the sameproject to continue on andhave a clear visual of howthese game assets are goingto turn out in the finalproduct.
  5. 5. Concept art is also anincredibly important way of Concept Artcommunicating an ideaclearly and this is a keyfactor if a game project willor will not get the fundingthey need to continuethrough the creatingprocess.
  6. 6. Texture art in the film,television and the game Texture Artmedia is when a texturemapping which is mainly inthe form of 2D is overlaidonto a polygon mesh tocreate a realistic 3D model.This kind of graphic art isused to define the surfacequality of a 3D model. Mostof the time these texturesare made from scratch buttextures can also bephotograph and apply themto the appropriate model.Adding a variety of texturesis also important.
  7. 7. The background or‘environment’ of a video Background Artgame can change massivelyfrom each game and gamegenres. For example somegames like platformers willhave a background that forthe main part is justaesthetical whereas an opensandbox game will have alot more interactiveenvironment.2D backgrounds might scrollacross the screen as theplayer moves along toportray a changingenvironment.
  8. 8. The use of printed media invideo games is very Print Media Artimportant as it is used forthe box art of the game (theart on the cover of the gamecase), posters and otherforms of advertisement.Art in this form of mediausually portrays artwork farhigher than the capabilitiesof the actual videogame as itis supposed to hypepotential customers for itsrelease. Box art canvary depending on theregional release.
  9. 9. Posters and advertisementsfor video games usually Print Media Arthave dynamic and vibrantart that is really supposed tocapture the essence of thegame it is marketing.Now with more and morevideo games beingdistributed this kind ofprinted artwork is moreessential than ever for theaudience to get a capture ofthe game the developerswant them to play.
  10. 10. – Pixel Art Image (Slide 1) – Super Mario Pixel Image (Slide 2) – Pokémon Blue Image (Slide 2) – Pixel Art Information (Slide 2) – Pixel Art Information (Slide 2) – 3D Isometric Image (Slide 3) – Minecraft Image (Slide 3) – Isometric Information (Slide 3) – Concept Art Image (Slide 4) – Guild wars Concept Image (Slide 4) – Concept Art Info (Slide 4) – Concept Art Info (Slide 4,5) – Bayonetta Concept Art (Slide 5) – Concept Art Image 2 (Slide 5) – Texture Art Information (Slide 6) – Texture Art Information (Slide 6) – Texture Art Image (Slide 6) – Rock Texture Image (Slide 6) – Background Art Image 1 (Slide 7) Background Art Image 2 (Slide 7) – Box art Information (Slide 8) – Uncharted 2 Box Image (Slide 8) – StreetFighter II Image (Slide 8) – Xenoblade Chronicles Image (Slide 8) – Final Fantasy XIII 2 poster (Slide 9)