Aberrant no exile plot


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Aberrant no exile plot

  1. 1. Chapter 1 – The Shackles of AbnormalityAround the world it was discovered that within the human race there are those that have withinthem a rare dormant gene that could give them extraordinary abilities. Now with the technologycalled the Brace, a shackle type device which when attached to the nerves of those with thedormant genes will control their body’s functions and bring out those gifts. Governments all aroundthe world started to use them as assets for war and secret services. However civil conflict began tobreak out in many countries where those without the abilities were starting to be treated likesecond class citizens and after a reckless ability user massacred hundreds of them the Britishgovernment saw how lethal they had become and shut the program down. In 2016 the aberrants aretreated like criminal scum getting sent down for the slightest transgressions and given no prospects.Illaine is one of those aberrants and after her older brother was taken down last year for recklessbehaviour she wants nothing more than to keep her head down and make some kind of lifer forherself. Working at the local supermarket barely pays the rent for her tiny bedsit and the only solaceshe has is her local pub “The Two Headed Horse” which is a hangout for all the local aberrants.Chapter 2 – The Unwanted, now WantedThe Two Headed Horse is run by a normal couple with a sixteen year old aberrant son called Bradleyand they know that the amount of aberrants they keep in one place is considered illegal so everytime the inspector comes they make sure it is deemed safe. On the day of the inspection they askone of the locals Illaine who they knew from when she was young to pick up their son from school.At school Bradley once again has been thrown into the locker for using his ability where he notices ayoung girl shivering in the corner only a year seven he wonders what she could’ve done to end upthere. A teacher comes to release him at the end of the day but leaves the year seven there and asBradley walks past the year seven classroom he witnesses the destruction which the girl must havecaused and overheard the headmaster and an aberrant hunter saying they had a special place forher. As he and Illaine approach the pub they notice a swarm of police surrounding and they witnessBradley’s parents be roughed into a police van. Illaine immediately knows they will be looking forBradley also so she decides to take him to her brothers flat deep into the city as it Is safer than herbedsit.Chapter 3 – Lost Sheep in the CityIn the high street a girl in strange clothing, surrounded by a flock of sheep is hurrying she is beingchased by a gang of aberrant hunters who are the few aberrants still employed by the governmentto capture or kill other aberrants who are deemed reckless or dangerous to society. As she entersthe bus station they surround her and she is forced to confront them. Immediately the sheep aroundher start to run at them and transform into wolves. The hunters counter attack and a battle breaksout in which she is injured heavily she barely manages to escape into the males public toilets. Whereshe is found by a boy called Bradley. He sees how beaten up she is and carries her out of the toiletsto where his companion Illaine is waiting. He asks her if they can take the girl with her and Illaineknows she will be nothing but trouble and notices the hunters rapidly approaching so she agrees tohelp her get back on her feet but nothing more.