Aberrant no Exile Pitch


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Aberrant no Exile Pitch

  1. 1. For my assignment I decided I was going to create a graphic novel usingthe ever growing popular Japanese art style manga while takinginspiration from western comic artists and illustrators.I also intend to create an animated opening that would be for the animecounterpart of my graphic novel.However in order to prepare for this I first researched into the targetmarket and the audience of manga in Great Britain while also findingwhat is popular and sells and why.
  2. 2. I did this by:• Going into Manchester to ask all the popular retail chains who sellmanga about what they find popular and what is trending•Creating and handing out surveys in Manchester and around collegefinding out about the general audience and age range.• Researching from secondary sources about Manga and Animedemographics and genresThis research gave me a clear idea of my....
  3. 3. This part of the market are the trend- setters who will goThis part of the out there way to findmarket generally new manga andaccess their manga anime to watch andthrough the internet are more likely to payand find out about for their manga.manga and animethrough friends
  4. 4. My graphic novel is for ages 16-20 as from survey results this is the agerange that read manga in Great BritainWhen talking to places such as Forbidden Planet they told me that themore popular manga’s get publicity from their anime counterpartswhich just confirms that the animated trailer is a good marketingtechnique.Even though the shõnen demographic is aimed at boys in Japan overhere they seem to be the most popular manga and anime and areaccessed by both genders. So I will follow the guidelines of thisdemographic.
  5. 5. Aberrant no Exile (Exile of the Aberrant) is set in an inner city area which will bebased off of Salford and areas of Manchester. It will be set in this time periodalthough technology and science will have advanced further then in real life.Around the world governments have discovered that within the human racethere are a few with a rare dormant gene and by using advanced technologythey created a brace which attaches itself permanently to these peoples armsand brings out their extraordinary gifts.With these new gifts the Aberrant as they are called became governments toolsused for right and wrong against other nations. However in Britain civil conflictbroke out between those without abilities as they felt like second class citizens.
  6. 6. Four years on and the government have scrapped the scheme leaving thosewho have permanent abilities treated like pariahs and criminals. We follow thestory of Illaine Winters who tries her best to blend into society after her brotherwas taken prisoner for being a reckless aberrant but because of the brace onher arm she barely manages to hold down her job at the local supermarket andlives in a small bedsit.Bradley ‘Bass’ Crane is a fifteen year old aberrant boy his mum and dad are notbut they own a pub called the Two Headed Horse and it an illegal hangout forthe local aberrants. One fateful day when he is picked up from school by afriend of his parents Illaine Winters he suddenly becomes a wanted fugitivewhen his parents are taken in for harbouring criminals he is now Illaine’sresponsibility to be kept from any harm
  7. 7. As Illaine tries to escape with Bradley deep into the city they come across abattered and bruised young woman who goes by the name Boanna. Herappearance and personality is quirky and strange but what is the most unusualis that she has aberrant abilities but does not need a brace because of this sheis the most wanted person in Britain and Illaine wants nothing to do with herbut Bradley insists they can’t leave her alone.Although most aberrants are now considered criminal scum there are still aselect few that are still used by the government. Their roles are bounty huntersfor rogue and reckless aberrants and one who takes this role seriously is AlfonsoMahsa. Considered one of the best he has been set the mission of capturingBoanna but after hearing first hand suspicious things from the minister ofAberrant Defence. He may not have been on the right side after all.
  8. 8. One of my main inspirations forthe story came actually from thestory The Sneetches by Dr Seussas it tells the story of the samerace discriminating each otherfor a simple star mutation ontheir belly and how their rolesbecome reversed when themachine comes into play andthat translates to the brace.I also took loose inspiration fromMarvels X-men as well as it isabout mutated people who haveto over come certain diversities.
  9. 9. Looking at older Japanese artistssuch as Hokusai you can see theclear link in modern manga howlines and strokes create textureand tone to the piece while boldblock colours make shapeswhich is how the human figurebreaks down. You can see in artwork from Isoda Koryusai how the weight of the lines done by ink accentuates boldness of features and distance which is often used in modern manga.
  10. 10. Although I still wish for mygraphic novel to be in the styleof Japanese manga and anime Ihave also looked at takinginspiration from graphicnovelists such as Frank Millerwhose dark graphic style reallyappeals to me. From this I havedecided that I also wanted toshow the difference betweenthe aberrants and the normalpeople visually as well asthrough the story.