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Division of Israel

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Bible Class Maps

  1. 1. INDEX  Assyrian Empire Bible Class Atlas  OVERALL MAPS Index   Babylonian Empire Persian Empire Video Projector Maps  Bible Lands Overview  NEW Testament  Important Ancient Lands  Alexander the Great Version 3.01  Continents & Land Masses  Roman Empire  OLD Testament  Israel in the New Test  Garden of Eden  Childhood of Jesus  Noah’s Ark 1 This is FREEWARE. Feel free to copy  Paul-1st Missionary  Noah’s Ark 2 and give to your friends. For more Journey  Noah’s Ark Mt. Ararat FREE GRAPHICS for the Sunday School  Paul-2nd Miss. Journey  Tower of Babel worship and sermons visit:  Paul-3rd Miss. Journey  Abraham’s Journey  Paul to Caesarea  Abraham Journey to Egypt  Paul- Journey to Rome  Abraham in Canaan email:  Wandering’s of Jacob  Paul- Letters to Church  Joseph’s Journey to Egypt  Corinth/Athens 1 - 2 – 3  Joseph’s Family to Goshen  Thessalonica / Berea  Route of the Exodus  7 Churches - Revelation Provided by:  Exodus Major Events Map  Modern Israel  Twelve Tribes of Israel  OTHER  Nations of Canaan  Blank Maps of Israel,  Solomon’s Israel Sinai & Bible Land Area,  Tabernacle - 1 - - 2 - - 3 - Greece, Turkey, globe  Solomon’s Temple  Measures: Cubit , Cubit2,  Herod’s Temple Reed, Weights © Terry Taylor 2004  Divided Kingdom  Tips / More Resources
  2. 2. Program Tips  INTERACTIVE MAPS: When run in the “presentation” mode, this map set is interactive. That is, the index is hotlinked to the maps. This allows you to simply click on a map in the index & instantly jump to that map set. To go into interactive presentation mode simply click on the presentations icon at the bottom left hand corner of the screen or pick “Slide Show/Play” from the menu bar. Click on “INDEX” to return.  FAST KEYS: On the keyboard the “Home” key takes you to the first slide, the “End” key goes to last slide, “PgUp” & “PgDn” keys take you forward & backward one slide at a time. To switch to another program hold down the “alt” key & press “tab”.  EDITING MODE: If you want to copy images into your own slide presentations then simply click on the image that you want and then cut and paste it into your own presentation. There is no fee for this use. A few rules do apply. See the last slide for requirements. More Tips If while running in the interactive mode you got to this slide by accident press the “PgUp” key or click here to go back to the index : INDEX
  3. 3. More Tips and Tricks • 1. FONT SIZE: This program is designed for video projection and uses large fonts for maximum visibility. Prior to using in your class or sermon, try viewing the slides from the most distant seat in your room to make sure that the image is large enough to read the text. • 2. EDITING: To make it easy for you to copy these maps into your own presentations the map graphics and text are “grouped”. If you want to make significant changes to the map then click on “Draw” and chose the “ungroup” feature to allow full editing capability. • 3. INFORMATION: There is considerable map background information in the “Notes” mode of this presentation. Simply click on the icon or click “View/Notes Page” from the menu above. • 4. IMPORTING: These maps can be imported into some other software packages such as Corel Presentations. Be aware that some formatting will be lost and images will need to be edited and corrected after importing. INDEX
  4. 4. Bible Lands Overview Bible Lands • Southern Europe • Middle East • Asia Minor • North Africa © INDEX
  5. 5. Lands of the Bible Important Ancient Lands Important Ancient Lands Macedonia Rome Greece 7 Churches Medo of Asia Mediterranean Persian Canaan & Israel Babylonian Empire Egypt © INDEX
  6. 6. Lands of the Bible Continents & Land Masses Continents & Land Masses Southern Europe Asia Minor Mediterranean Sea Middle East Northern Africa © INDEX
  7. 7. Garden of Eden Garden of Eden Mediterranean Garden Israel of Eden Egypt © INDEX
  8. 8. Noah’s Ark 1 Noah’s Ark Mount Mediterranean Ararat Israel (Future) (Turkey) Egypt © INDEX
  9. 9. © Noah’s Ark 2 Mount Ararat Turkey Mediterranean Sea Cyprus Israel NASA Photo INDEX
  10. 10. Noah’s Ark Mt. Ararat  A view from space Mt. Ararat of Snow covered Mt. Ararat and Little Ararat inactive volcanoes located in eastern Turkey. Mount Ararat rises over 3 miles above sea level. This mountain is the traditional resting place of the Ark. NASA Photo © INDEX
  11. 11. Tower of Babel Tower of Babel Israel Tower (Future) Mediterranean of Babel Egypt © INDEX
  12. 12. Abraham’s Journeys Abraham’s Journey Canaan Mediterranean Haran & Ur of the Chaldeans Egypt (Iraq) © INDEX
  13. 13. Abraham’s Journey to Egypt Abraham’s Journey to Egypt Canaan Mediterranean Sea Nile Delta Egypt Sinai © INDEX
  14. 14. Abraham in Canaan Abraham’s pastures Canaan Lot’s pastures Hebron Sodom INDEX
  15. 15. Jacob left his Father’s home and Wandering’s of Jacob went to Haran to flee from Esau and to get a wife. He had the vision of the Canaan stairway to heaven. Years later he returned along the same route. Dead The Hebron Sea Wanderings of Isaac’s Home Jacob INDEX
  16. 16. Joseph’s Journey to Egypt Joseph’s Journey to Egypt Canaan Mediterranean Sea Nile Delta Joseph sold to caravan Potiphar & Pharaoh Sinai Egypt © INDEX
  17. 17. Joseph’s Families Journey Joseph’s Family to Goshen to Goshen Due to the Famine Fertile Nile Delta Canaan © Egypt INDEX
  18. 18. Great Sea Route of the Exodus (Mediterranean) Canaan Nile Delta Sinai Peninsula Egypt Traditional Route of the Exodus Mt. Sinai NASA Photo © Red Sea INDEX
  19. 19. Traditional Exodus Major Events Map Route of Great Sea Jericho the Exodus (Mediterranean) Canaan Nile Delta 12 Spies Sinai Peninsula Quail/Manna Egypt Mt. Sinai Mt. Sinai © Red Sea INDEX
  20. 20. 12 Tribes of Israel Twelve Tribes Twelve Tribes of Israel of Israel Manasseh Asher River Naphtali Zebulun Manasseh Issachar Gad Jordan Gad Ephraim Ephraim Dan Dan Benjamin Jericho Mt.Nebo Jerusalem Benjamin Reuben Simeon Judah © INDEX
  21. 21. Nations of Canaan Other Nations Hittite Empire • Canaanites • Hittites River • Philistines Canaan Jordan • Phoenicians Ammon • Moabites • Ammonites Jerusalem Moab • Edomites Edom • Midianites Midian © INDEX
  22. 22. Solomon’s Solomon’s Israel Israel Shechem River Jordan Solomon’s Israel Israel Jerusalem © INDEX
  23. 23. Tabernacle Schematics 1 Tabernacle Most Holy Holy Altar Place Place Laver Courtyard © INDEX
  24. 24. Israelite Camp & Tabernacle Tabernacle Schematics 2 North Naphtali Asher Dan West East Manasseh Levites Issachar Benjamin Zebulun Ephraim Tabernacle Judah Rueben Simeon © Gad South INDEX
  25. 25. Tabernacle Schematics 3 Tabernacle Table of Shewbread Laver Altar of Incense Bronze Ark of the Altar Covenant Menorah (lampstand) Most Holy Holy Place Place © INDEX
  26. 26. Solomon’s Temple Solomon’s Temple 20cu (30 ft) Store Rooms Most Holy Holy Place Altar Place Sea of Bronze 10cu (15 ft) Approx 90 cubits (135 ft) © INDEX
  27. 27. Herod’s Temple Herod’s Temple Royal Most Holy Place Porch Holy Main Temple Place Approx 670 cubits (1000 ft) Court of Priests Altar Temple Court of Israel Courtyard Gentile’s Court Court of Women © Approx 1000 cubits (1500 ft) INDEX
  28. 28. Divided Divided Kingdom of Israel Kingdom Syria Samaria River Divided Israel Jordan Ammon Kingdom Jerusalem Judah Moab Edom © INDEX
  29. 29. Assyrian Empire Assyrian Empire Assyrian Empire Judah 824 BC Egypt 640 BC © INDEX
  30. 30. Babylonian Empire Babylonian Empire Median Empire Mediterranean (Medes) Judah Egypt Babylonian Empire © INDEX
  31. 31. Persian Empire Persian Empire Mediterranean Persian Judah Empire Egypt © INDEX
  32. 32. Alexander the Great Alexander The Great The Empire of Alexander Mediterranean Judah Egypt India © INDEX
  33. 33. The Roman Empire spread from Great Britain to Israel and included Spain and Asia Minor. Roman Empire Britain Rome Roman Empire Judah © INDEX
  34. 34. Sidon Caesarea Tyre Philippi Israel in the New Testament Capernaum Bethsaida Sea of Galilee Nazareth Israel in Jordan River Caesarea • Samaria the New Joppa Testament Jericho Jerusalem Hebron Dead Sea Gaza New Testament Israel © NASA PHOTO INDEX
  35. 35. Childhood of Jesus Sea of Galilee Nazareth The Jordan River Childhood of Jesus Jerusalem Bethlehem Dead Sea Egypt Jesus’ Childhood Israel © NASA PHOTO INDEX
  36. 36. © 1st Missionary Journey Acts 13 & 14 Paul-1st Missionary Journey Antioch (Pisidian) Modern Day Turkey Iconium Perga Lystra Attalia Derbe Antioch Mediterranean Sea Seleucia Paphos Salamas Cyprus Satellite Image - NASA INDEX
  37. 37. Paul’s Journeys Paul-2nd Missionary Journey Rome Philippi Thess Athens Corinth Ephesus Mediterranean Sea Caesarea Israel Jerusalem Egypt 2nd Missionary Journey © INDEX
  38. 38. Paul’s Journeys Paul’s 3rd Journey Paul-3rd Missionary Journey Rome Philippi Thess Athens Antioch Corinth Ephesus Mediterranean Sea Israel Caesarea Jerusalem Egypt 3rd Missionary Journey © INDEX
  39. 39. Paul’s Journey To Caesarea Paul to Caesarea Sea of Galilee Caesarea Paul’s Jordan River Journey to Antipatris Caesarea Jerusalem Dead Sea Acts 23:1-35 © NASA Photo INDEX
  40. 40. Paul’s Journeys Paul’s Journey to Rome Paul- Journey to Rome Rome Corinth Malta Mediterranean Sea (Shipwreck) Caesarea Israel Jerusalem Egypt Paul’s Journey to Rome © INDEX
  41. 41. Paul’s Letters to Churches Rome Philippi Thessalonica Galatia Colosse Corinth Ephesus Mediterranean Sea Israel Egypt © Paul’s Letters to Churches INDEX
  42. 42. Corinth/Athens C O GREECE R I Athens N Aegean Sea T Corinth H --- Achaia A T H E N © Mediterranean Sea S Photo Courtesy of NASA INDEX
  43. 43. Corinth GREECE Corinth C O R I N T H Achaia © Photo Courtesy of NASA INDEX
  44. 44. Photo Courtesy of NASA Athens GREECE A T Athens H Aegean Sea E N S © INDEX
  45. 45. MACEDONIA T Thessalonica H Thessalonica E S S A Berea N O L I C A / B E R E A INDEX
  46. 46. 7 Churches of Asia 7 Churches of Asia (Revelation) 1 2 4 3 1 Pergamos 6 5 2 Thyatira 7 3 Sardis 4 Smyrna 5 Philadelphia 6 Ephesus 7 Laodicea © INDEX
  47. 47. Modern Israel Syria West River Jordan Modern Bank Tel Aviv Modern Jordan Israel IsraelJerusalem Negev(Negeb) © INDEX
  48. 48. Use this to Make your own map. Sinai/Egypt Blank Map INDEX
  49. 49. Use this to Make your Sinai/Egypt Blank Map own map. INDEX
  50. 50. Israel Blank Map Use this to Make your own map. INDEX
  51. 51. Use this to Make your own map. Bible Lands Blank Map © INDEX
  52. 52. Use this to Make your own map. © INDEX
  53. 53. Use this to Make your own map. © INDEX
  54. 54. Use this to Make your own map. (Greece) INDEX
  55. 55. Photo Courtesy of NASA GREECE Athens Use this to make your own map © INDEX
  56. 56. Use this to Make your own map. INDEX
  57. 57. Earth from Space NASA Photo INDEX
  58. 58. B This is a sample page from “The World of the Bible” a Cubit Diagram Sample I PowerPoint Sunday School B Series from L E Finger Span Handbreadth  Length Measurement © INDEX
  59. 59. Noah’s Ark Size  The ark was 300 cubits long (450 Feet), 50 cubits wide (75 feet) and 30 cubits tall (45 feet) Gen 6:15 INDEX
  60. 60. Length - Reed  The“Reed” was used for longer measurements. INDEX
  61. 61. BIBLE WEIGHTS 10 Gerahs = 1 Beka Gerah 60 Minas Beka 50 Shekels = = 1 Talent 1 Mina 2 Bekas = 1 Shekel Mina Shekel INDEX
  62. 62. RESOURCES For Sunday School Teachers using Computers • Free graphics and backgrounds for Sunday School teachers. • How-to guides for using video projectors, PC/TV converters and other electronic equipment. • Reviews of software and hardware for use in the Sunday School. • PowerPoint based Sunday School literature. • “The Christian’s Personal Growth Class” 300+ PowerPoint slides and a 30+ page teacher’s guide. “Acts” 650+ PowerPoint slides & a 60+ page teacher’s guide. “Romans” 300+ PowerPoint slides & a 30+ page teacher’s guide. “Misc” set and images 300+ slides, also 1Cor, Gal, Eph, Phil, Col and more! Get nearly 4000 PowerPoint slides and over 100 printable pages of teacher’s guides total for a budget price. (Available 2004). • Visit at: email: INDEX
  63. 63. About The Author Terry Taylor is the webmaster of “” a website of resources for Bible Teachers who use the computer in the Sunday School (over 1 million visits). He is available for teaching classes and seminars about using the computer in the Sunday School. Terry Taylor 609 Country Club Ln Carterville, IL 62918 (618) 985 - 4527 email: INDEX
  64. 64. Bible Class Electronic Slide Shows SCRIPTURE/TOPIC: Copyright & Business Info Bible Class Atlas SERIES: Maps for the Sunday School NUMBER OF SLIDES: 64 Date: 8/6/2004 FILE NAMES: Readme.txt & BATLAS30.ppt CATEGORY: Copyrighted Sunday School Literature These electronic slide shows provided by Terry Taylor. Microsoft PowerPoint (R) was used to create the show. Typically, teacher's notes in text files are included in the packages. You can download Microsoft’s free PowerPoint viewer from on the Internet if needed. Contact me at for more information or at 609 Country Club Ln Carterville, IL 62918. Email with suggestions, comments or for more information. This slide show is a type of Sunday School literature and is copyrighted in regards to slide layout, text and arrangement. “Microsoft” and “PowerPoint” are copyrighted by the Microsoft Corporation. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO COPY MAPS OUT OF THIS SET AND REUSE IN SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES PROVIDED THAT THE MAPS ARE INCIDENTAL TO THE COURSE MATERIAL. YOU MAY NOT RESELL ANY OF THESE MAPS AS PART OF MAP SETS WITHOUT THE WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR, TERRY TAYLOR. See Title page for cost and other restrictions. No warranty or guarantee is implied. This is freeware. Some images based on NASA satellite photos. Use of these images does not imply NASA endorsement. Shareware distributors may charge a nominal distribution fee for this software. Web Site: A variety of other electronic slideshows and software is available. © 2004 INDEX