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Graphite at CityGrid - LA DevOps April 2014
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Graphite at CityGrid - LA DevOps April 2014


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High-level description of CityGrid's use of Graphite for collecting/displaying metrics, along with some interesting use-cases.

High-level description of CityGrid's use of Graphite for collecting/displaying metrics, along with some interesting use-cases.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Graphite at CityGrid if you can’t measure it, you can’t fix it Wil Heitritter Director, Tech Ops Los Angeles DevOps 2014/04/28
  • 2. Magnum esse solem philosophus probabit, quantus sit mathematicus -Seneca
  • 3. Objectives - Introduce Graphite to new users - Show what we like, what we hate - Present some interesting use-cases - Generate discussion
  • 4. Before Graphite Ganglia • Predictable interface • Text “metrics” to store versions • Slow • Couldn’t pick and choose metrics to see
  • 5. Why ganglia sucked - Clusters had to be pre-configured - Multicast vs. Unicast - Data Retention - Static Web Interface (can’t pick and choose) - Static Host List
  • 6. What did we think wanted? Ease of adding metrics Ease of sending metrics Powerful metric display Retain ganglia-style cluster dashboards Long-term configurable metric retention
  • 7. Graphite!
  • 8. What is Graphite? a highly scalable real-time graphing system which collects numeric time-series data is managed by carbon and stored as whisper files and visualized through web interfaces or queried via the API
  • 9. Graphite: what we like Sending metrics is simple Retrieving metrics is simple Dashboard creation and sharing… is simple Many functions() 120MM+ metric values received daily Backfilling past metrics is simple Expandable - different frontends
  • 10. Graphite: what sucks Dashboard ownership/promotion No ganglia-like standard dashboard Data retention… is NOT as simple as we thought
  • 11. CityGrid’s Graphite Implementation
  • 12. Metric Naming Business Metrics - These are metrics that are not specific to a specific server - Format: business.${hierarchical}.${path}.${here}.$metric - Example:
  • 13. Metric Naming Server Metrics - These metrics are specific to a particular server (just like ganglia) - Format: servers.${class}.${f_q_d_n}.${metric} - Example: servers.rvw.aws1prdrvw1_subdom_cityg_com.LW_api_reviews_QPS
  • 14. Sending metrics Sending directly from metric scripts - /etc/graphite.conf - May need to spread out sending if in volume Collecting from gmond every minute - Metrics are spread out to prevent spiking - False data (gmond acts as a cache)
  • 15. Impact of staggered sending
  • 16. Sending is simply... echo $metric $value $timestamp | nc $relay $port
  • 17. Performance carbon-cache/carbon-relay SSD replication within minutes
  • 18. Maintenance Changing retention - Filling holes - whisper-fill $source $destination Backups - Dashboards - Metrics
  • 19. Graphite Use-Cases
  • 20. Single Metric
  • 21. Combined Metrics
  • 22. Key Metrics Dashboard Examples of Key Metrics - QPS - Processing Time (Max/Mean/Distribution) - Metrics about sub-requests - Network usage - CPU/load
  • 23. Key Metrics Dashboard
  • 24. Nagios Integration check_graphite_target!highestMax( servers.mai.@HOSTNAME@.LW_map_return_code_5*_ratio, 1 )!5!10
  • 25. How about Pie Charts?
  • 26. Ad-Hoc Dashboards Demo
  • 27. What NOT to do
  • 28. Trying it out for yourself
  • 29. Quick Setup Install & Start # pip install # pip install whisper # pip install carbon # pip install graphite-web start it up... send it a metric: echo business.test.metric1 1 `date “+%s”` | nc localhost 2003 OK, it’s almost that easy...
  • 30. Discussion