Wikilogia's Story and Experience in Promoting Internet Collaboration and Open Source Culture


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A short talk presented at OuiShare Drink Damascus #1, at Wikilogia Hackerspace

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Wikilogia's Story and Experience in Promoting Internet Collaboration and Open Source Culture

  1. 1. We all had dreams...We all had dreams...
  2. 2.… dreams of access
  3. 3.… of developing our communities
  4. 4. contributing to humanity!
  5. 5. Wikilogia started because webelieved those dreams are closerthan any other time
  6. 6. Guess Why?
  7. 7. Tada!
  8. 8. We were able to explore the emerging trendas it was actually happening and as it wasexplored
  9. 9. We wrote the first collaborativeencyclopedia about the subject inArabic
  10. 10. We spread awareness!
  11. 11. Diverse interest groups andcommunities emerged
  12. 12. Wikisghar: Collaborative Wiki forKids
  13. 13. Wikitechie: Web 2.0 and SocialPlatforms
  14. 14. Fablogia: Open Hardware andDigital Fabrication
  15. 15. WikilogiaMED: Open Knowledgeand Medicine 2.0
  16. 16. Damascus Girl Geeks: WomenEmpowerment with Technology
  17. 17. LEN: Peer Learning English, thegateway to the open source world
  18. 18. We continued to grow...
  19. 19. ...and grow!
  20. 20. ...and diversely grow!
  21. 21. We made a big shift fromWhat? and Why?[is collaboration, sharing and open source]to How?[can we really start to make it happen here!]
  22. 22. So we thought it was agood idea to start ahackerspace the idealplace to start DOING it!
  23. 23. And we actually did!
  24. 24. We started as one-day-a-weekhackerspace
  25. 25. People showed up weekly!
  26. 26. Learned together...
  27. 27. ...and did things together!
  28. 28. After two years of hard work, we think webuilt a promising model for local communitydevelopment
  29. 29. Our challenge is to keep itgrowing and make itsustainable...
  30. 30. There are lot of people who arefollowing us and excited about ourexperience!
  31. 31. We think we are closerto our ambition ofreplicating Wikilogia,e.g.WikilogiaXYourArea!
  32. 32. But wait, there are otherchallenges awaitingOpen and Collaborativeculture as well...
  33. 33. What we did was starting toempower communities
  34. 34. Empowering the coming generationand fixing education is a key foropen source and collaborationfuture
  35. 35. Startups are the means for applyingour new ideas into society andmanaging the accommodating risks
  36. 36. Open Source and Collaboration isnot just about community andindividuals, it is also aboutcorporations and institutions
  37. 37. We started out in ahard time of Syriashistory. We hope ourefforts are one ofmany to build apromising future.Wissam Al Jazairy
  38. 38. Please help us by beingawesome and joining us!
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