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Killing creativity
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Killing creativity


7 tips to stop killing your creativity!

7 tips to stop killing your creativity!

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  • 1. Seven Quick Tips to
  • 2. 1.- Spending time with negative people? You are killing your creativity!Quick Tip: Follow inspiring leaders on Twitter, see who they follow and what theytweet about. Follow people from diverse backgrounds to expand your views.
  • 3. 2.- Watching TV on your spare time? You are killing your creativity!Quick tip: Check your local newspaper for current exhibitions on differentgalleries, or plays happening at the Theatre, they’re also a great date!
  • 4. anneyhall.tumblr.com3.- Napping much? You are killing your creativity!Quick Tip: Every time you feel like taking a ‘siesta’, have a cup of teainstead, and let your mind roam free a few minutes, this should do the trickbetter than a nap would.
  • 5. Benjamin Franklin’s Daily Schedule4.- Is your schedule predictable? You are killing your creativity!Quick Tip: Find a meetup happening tonight in your city! Sign-up forworkshops, volunteer, join a MOOC, travel!
  • 6. 5.- You don’t have a journal? You’re killing your creativity!Quick tip: Go to the closest bookstore (or Amazon) and buy a nice pen andjournal –carry them always. If you don’t know what to start writing about, trydrawing something, or number the pages!
  • 7. 6.- Do you believe in others more than yourself? You are killing your creativity!Quick tip: Think back on the goals and ideas you had in the past, write themdown, and find out why you did not pursue them. Was it because ofnegative feedback from friends or family? Learn from this exercise, start anew list, and commit to it!
  • 8. 7.- Do you think in a linear way? You’re killing your creativity!Quick Tip: Brainstorm two opposite topics (black and white, love and hate, talland short, communism and capitalism, etc) and play with them for a while…tryto find as many relationships as possible: you’ll find that opposites are moresimilar than you thought of at first.
  • 9. Read the entire post at the WikiBrains blogFollow us @WikiBrains, and join the Knowledge Revolution!