A Brief History of Wikis

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What does Wiki mean? Where did Wikis come from, whats the story behind it? Is there more than just Wikipedia? …

What does Wiki mean? Where did Wikis come from, whats the story behind it? Is there more than just Wikipedia?

Find out a bit more about what Wikis are, and join the knowledge revolution!

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  • 1. A Brief History of Wikis!
  • 2. Titlewi·ki /ˈwikē/ Noun A Web site developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content.
  • 3. Title But “wiki” actually means “quick” or “fast” in Hawaiian. How did this word become so ubiquitous for collaborative editing?
  • 4. TitleIn 1995, Ward Cunningham created a site to facilitate quick communication between software developers. When searching for a name, he remembered the wiki wiki shuttle at the Honolulu Airport… so the site was named WikiWikiWeb and the story of Wikis began!
  • 5. TitleBefore the Internet was available, there were those who envisioned similar collaborative systems, such as: • Vannevar Bush’s “Memex” - 1945 • The collaborative hypertext database ZOG -1972 • Apple hypertext system HyperCard - 1987
  • 6. TitleThe WikiWikiWeb was an instant hit, quickly growing into a dynamic community of programmers embracing the “wiki culture”, contributing ideas and suggesting software improvements. From 1995 to 2000, Wikis across a variety of fields (WikiWiki Clones) began to emerge.
  • 7. In 2001, Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger decided to create Nupedia, a web-based collaborative encyclopedia with a seven- step approval process by experts and PhDs to control the content of articles before being posted. With 21 articles approved the first year, the project failed.
  • 8. TitleWikipedia was a side-project of Nupedia. But, being a wiki, it had 18,000 articles the first year compared to Nupedia’s meager 21.
  • 9. The Internet allows for massive collaboration, to a degree never imaginable before, wikis are just one aspect of it. The potential to change the world collectively is at our reach. Knowledge wants to be free, not controlled.
  • 10. Inspired? Read the entire post at the WikiBrains blog Follow us @WikiBrains, and join the Knowledge Revolution!