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7 steps-to-migrate-your-seo-strategy robin-neyt
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7 steps-to-migrate-your-seo-strategy robin-neyt


Many people underestimate the consequences of launching a new website, and how this can negatively affect your search engine rankings when not handled correctly. In these slides Robin tells us how to …

Many people underestimate the consequences of launching a new website, and how this can negatively affect your search engine rankings when not handled correctly. In these slides Robin tells us how to avoid these negative consequences.

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. 7 Steps to migrate your SEO strategyRobin Neytwoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 2. Hi! I’m Robin.woensdag 29 mei 13
  • 3. I work at WijsA digital Agency in Ghent/Gentwoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 4. ‣ Situation‣ What’s the problem?‣ A blueprint‣ Start: the new website‣ Before the launch‣ Launch of the website‣ What if it goes wrong?Tweet-style Summarywoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 5. Situationwoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 6. ‣ Everybody wants a new website‣ It should be bigger, better, fancier,...‣ Nobody thinks about the consequences!Situationwoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 7. What’s the problem?woensdag 29 mei 13
  • 8. ‣ website that’s been around for quite a while‣ has a lot of domain authority‣ has a lot of unique backlinks‣ is top of mind with customersAll this can be lost easilyWhat’s the problem?woensdag 29 mei 13
  • 9. We need a strategy!woensdag 29 mei 13
  • 10. ‣ Think first, act later! (Usually goes wrong...)‣ Create a masterplan!‣ Follow it to the letter! (Usually goes wrong...)‣ Put it to the test!‣ Keep a close eye on the results!How should we tackle the problem?woensdag 29 mei 13
  • 11. A blueprint for the masterplanwoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 12. Start: The new websitewoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 13. It should be bigger, better, fancier...woensdag 29 mei 13
  • 14. Watch out for exoticfunctionality!woensdag 29 mei 13
  • 15. The website should also be SEO friendlywoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 16. ‣ Ideal moment for a new keyword research‣ Use keyword research to create new site architecture‣ Visitor point of view‣ Not too much jargon‣ Visitor has a problem and searches for a solutionKeyword Researchwoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 17. ‣ Don’t lose good functionality that was present in the previous website‣ If it works, don’t break it (Your IT is going to love this)‣ Just make it better‣ Now is the time to make adjustments‣ Costs, timing, campaigns,...‣ Make sure web copy is ready in time‣ Don’t do everything last minute!Requirementswoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 18. ‣ Search Engine Friendly URLsBad URL: URL:‣ Use keywords in the URLs‣ Avoid excessive use of JavaScript and CSS‣ Make sure goals/conversions are trackedTechnical requirementswoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 19. ‣ URL‣ Title <title>‣ H1‣ Menu item in navigationShould be possible to edit all items individuallyOn-page elementswoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 20. ‣ Make sure goals/conversions are tracked‣ Prepare event tracking‣ Make sure every form has an unique thank you page → different URLs‣ Monitor the performance of the new website‣ After a few weeks → enough data to evaluate the migrationConversion trackingwoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 21. Before the launchwoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 22. Create a redirect plan!woensdag 29 mei 13
  • 23. ‣ Create overview of the current site structure‣ Determine the most important pages of the current website‣ Different tools you can useSite structurewoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 24. ‣ Check the URLs of the top landing pages(e-commerce, leads)‣ Check the URLs of the pages with most pageviews (traffic)Google Analyticswoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 25. High amount of pages?woensdag 29 mei 13
  • 26. Sort pages by authority!woensdag 29 mei 13
  • 27. ‣ Use a tool like Open Site Explorer‣ www.opensiteexplorer.orgCheck page authority to determine valuewoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 28. ‣ Merge the important URLs from your current site‣ Both the ones you selected and the top landing pages inAnalytics‣ As specific as possible‣ Keep number of consecutive redirects to a minimum301 redirects to the corresponding pages on the new websiteCombine all datawoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 29. Don’t forget 301 redirect fromnon www to wwwwoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 30. ‣ Too many URLs to redirect everything manually→ Time & cost efficiency‣ Check new vs old URL structure → Try to automateExample:Old URL: and URL:‣ If not possible → Redirect to parent categoryWhat with blog posts?woensdag 29 mei 13
  • 31. ‣ Everything in detail → Costs a lot of money‣ Only the top pages → Chance you’ll miss traffic‣ Don’t forget about‣ active campaigns, newsletters, affiliates, offlinecampaigns, backlinks, tools301 redirects: The dilemmawoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 32. Tips & trickswoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 33. ‣ Don’t launch the new website in phases→ Not efficient for IT and marketing‣ Make checklists‣ Meetings & progress check‣ Continuous follow-up‣ Marketing & IT have to work as 1 teamTips & trickswoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 34. Launch of the websitewoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 35. ‣ Be sure everything is prepared and ready‣ Checklists ready‣ Launch on Monday or Tuesday‣ Preferably in the morning‣ Whole team ready to monitor and take actionLaunch of the websitewoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 36. ‣ Do a manual check of the redirects‣ Header check to make sure the right type of redirect is used‣ Monitor Google Webmaster Tools for spider problems and crawl errors‣ Pause the Adwords campaigns and change destination URLsLaunch of the websitewoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 37. Header checkhttp://www.seoconsultants.comwoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 38. Google Webmaster Toolswoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 39. What if it goes wrong?Don’t blame each other :)woensdag 29 mei 13
  • 40. ‣ Normal after a site migration‣ May not last forever‣ Check 301 redirects‣ 301 redirects point to the right pages?‣ Check web copy: copied? Not SEO friendly?‣ Is staging website online and indexed?‣ Old website still online?‣ Some products/services no longer exist?Drop in rankings?woensdag 29 mei 13
  • 41. ‣ Analytics setup is OK?‣ Goals are implemented correctly?‣ E-commerce is activated?‣ E-commerce transaction code is implemented?‣ Certain products/services no longer exist?Drop in leads/sales?woensdag 29 mei 13
  • 42. What you need to rememberwoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 43. ‣ List the most important pages‣ New website must be SEO friendly‣ 301 redirects & optimization‣ Planning is the key to success!‣ Prepare the launch‣ Use checklists‣ Follow-up of the launch is essential!‣ Testing!What you need to rememberwoensdag 29 mei 13
  • 44. Questions?Robin 29 mei 13